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ABC Monsters: The Complete Series DVD Will Bring Your Young Learner on a Fun Phonics Adventures from A-Z (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a screener from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

NCircle Entertainment Holiday DVDs for Kids! #Win ...

When it comes to teaching my girls to read, they both learned differently.  Savannah for the most part taught herself, through educational DVDs and shows that emphasized phonics and memorizing sight words.  For my youngest, it was more of a hand holding process, and I waited until she was really ready to want to learn to read, as I knew if I had forced it she would struggle more and not find reading enjoyable.

When Bella was ready to learn, I utilized a sampling of educational DVDS and series that taught letter sounds and phonics and simple spelling to teach little ones to read and sound out words.  One series that I really loved and found that helped Bella immensely was ABC Monsters.  She was drawn to the six cuddly characters who live within the walls of Capital Castle.  Through phonics games, sing alongs and more, little ones will learn the alphabet in a fun new way.  

Bella couldn't get enough of this series.  And, at the time I was waiting for new DVDs to be released from NCircle Entertainment, as they were broken up into a handful of letters from the alphabet on each DVD releases.  But, thankfully, the folks at NCircle Entertainment just released the complete season of ABC Monsters onto one DVD, so no more waiting for all 26 letters to be released.   The new DVD has a run time of 575 minutes and has the stories broken up, so that you can watch in increments and pace your child's learning.  

I highly recommend this phonics series, and have seen firsthand how it can take a non-reader to a reader, and get my daughter excited about learning, through this fun phonics adventure.

More about this series:

"Enjoy the complete series of ABC Monsters! Embark on one phonics adventure after another while learning each letter of the alphabet in this complete set!
Twenty six cuddly ABC Monsters live within the walls of Capital Castle. Each monster represents a letter of the alphabet but should any of the monsters go missing for longer than a day, all the letters will be wiped out from every book in Capital Town! So it's very important to make sure that all the ABC Monsters are safely back in Alphabet Gardens before the sun goes down. However, this isn't as easy as it sounds. The ABC Monsters are naturally curious creatures and often wander off from Alphabet Gardens to try and find new and fun items, inevitably getting themselves lost in the process. When Alice, Brian and Cherry Berry set out to find the ABC Monsters, they learn to spell multiple items that start with that ABC Monsters letter as well as play other phonics games and sing songs!


  • •Exemplifies our commitment to providing entertainment that educates;.
  • •Engaging and vibrant box art and animation uses song and dance activities to teach vital problem solving and language skills
  • •Lays the foundation for pre-k kids to have a solid start in letter recognition and reading with interactive writing activities.


Thanks to the folks at NCircle Entertainment, one lucky Inspired by Savannah reader will have a chance to win a copy of the newly released ABC Monsters: The Complete Season. To enter, please complete the entries on the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck!

Disclosure: I was sent a screener from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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