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Your Kids Will Have Fun Pampering Themselves with the New Unicorn Collection from Hallu - Think Magical Bath Bombs, Body Spray and More! (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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My girls love "spa day" in our house, and thanks a recent shipment of fun Hallu bath and body products from their new Unicorn Collection (1 of a few new collections), they have been on their best behavior so they can have their weekly pampering as part of our "Funday Friday" fun.

Growing up, I used to love when my Dad would take my brothers to a movie theater detail he had for work, as that meant that it was just my Mom and I at home. We would wait until the boys left and then do a little baking, before we settled in for a girls' night in complete with a movie and popcorn.  And, before we watched the movie, or sometimes during, I would get to give my Mom a makeover.  It is funny how if you ask her about these girls' nights she is quick to bring up how I burnt her forehead with the curling iron.  I have to quickly jump in and remind her I was young and just getting the hang of the whole twirl slowly and release, and not go down to the skin and wait. :-)  But, even with that one mishap, we still had fun.  And, now 20+ years later, I get to do spa days and girls' night in with my girls, where we bake, watch a movie and I get to get pampered from head to toe, or we all enjoy pampering with face masks, cucumbers on our eyes, and nail painting.  I cherish these times with my girls as I know they will eventually grow up and not look forward to girls' night in, and I will be left remembering these fun times as they go off and change the world. :-)

Like I said, we were recently sent a sampling of products from the new Hallu Unicorn collection line, and the girls' eyes lit up when they saw all the goodies we were sent.  I took pictures but my oldest daughter erased them from the iPad before I could back them up as she wanted to make a YouTube video showing off a play her and her sister thought up.  Oh boy, I have two vloggers on my hands -- they are itching to have their own YouTube channel so that they can share their videos and get followers.  Oh how times have changed...when I was their age, I just wanted to stay up a little later and play outside with friends...not get on a phone (they weren't around back then...and make videos to share).

Here are the goodies we were sent, which would make for great last minute Easter basket fillers for young girls, tweens and even teens who love to pamper themselves and LOVE rainbows and unicorns like my girls....

Unicorn Bath Bomb

"The Hallu Unicorn Bath Bomb floats, spins and bubbles with its own sense of magical excitement! Embedded with swirls of red and blue, it transforms your bath water from typical tap to a perfectly-plush shade of purple."
  • Floats, spins, & bubbles
  • Embedded with swirls of red and blue that transform your bath water into a mystical, purple spa-radise
  • Sold individually
This was the first thing that caught my girls' eye and the thing they wanted to try first. I had showed them the following video the other day showing what happens when you drop the Hallu Unicorn Bath Bomb into the tub, and they kept asking for me to pick them up one for them to use.  

So, when they saw we were sent a sample, they couldn't wait for me to fill the tub so that they could drop this in and see it swirl around in the bath and turn the tub water colors.  This bath bomb alone would be a great Easter basket gift, or even a stocking stuffer if you are thinking ahead to Christmas gift ideas. :-)  My girls loved this Unicorn Bath Bomb, and can't wait to get more.

Foam Lotion

"Unique mousse body lotion spreads with cloud-like ease for maximum moisture. Rich in vitamin E, it adds luster to your already-glowing unicorn skin!"
  • Mousse body lotion with a fluffy, cloud-like texture that spreads evenly for otherworldly moisture
  • Rich in vitamin E for fresh, glowing skin
My girls really enjoyed this body lotion.  It came out like a cloud, so light and fluffy as it expanded in your hand.  And, it left your skin feeling smooth, and smelling great.  I ended up having to buy so that each of the girls could have their own to use after bath time.

Scrub & Butter Body Bar

"Treat yourself to a double dose of the good life. Hallu Unicorn Scrub and Body Bar delivers both hydration and exfoliation. Take rejuvenated skin on the go! It’s TSA-complaint, making it the perfect travel companion. Enriched with coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, blueberry seeds, and sea salt, your skin will feel dewy soft."
  • 2-in-1 hydrating and exfoliating body bar
  • Coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, blueberry seeds and sea salt leave skin clean and dewy soft
  • 95% naturally-derived
  • TSA-compliant
  • 12 uses per bar
Shh, don't tell the girls, but I ended up grabbing and stashing this for me to use in the shower.  I love anything shea butter, and couldn't get over the sweet smell of the blueberry seeds in this body bar.  The girls got to enjoy all the other bath and body products from the Hallu Unicorn Collection, and I was treating myself to an early Mother's Day gift.  :-)  I will definitely be buying more of these scrub and butter body bars.  They left my skin silky smooth and smelling oh so good. 

Rainbow Sugar Scrub

"Gently exfoliate and rid your body of dull skin cells with our Rainbow Sugar Scrub. Artisan-poured and laced with the natural sweetness of honey, sugar, rosehip oil, and coconut oil, it’ll leave you feeling shiny, new, and oh-so-soft!"

  • Made with natural honey and sugar to exfoliate skin, rosehip and coconut oil to soften and moisturize
  • TSA-compliant
My girls loved the rainbow colors that filled this jar of sugar scrub soaps.  They especially loved choosing a color for each bath and lathering themselves up with the sugar scrub soap, knowing that it would leave their skin silky smooth and smelling good. After a long, cold winter, they are happy to no longer have to deal with dry, flaky skin. I think they are already looking forward to summer and fun in the sun and water, and don't want dry skin getting in the way -- those are my girly girls. :-)

Body Mist
"Hallu Unicorn Body Mist adds a spritz of happy for body, hair, and clothes. With a touch of silver mica, it’s a shimmery, fragrant reminder of your magical origins… and that secret beach you keep to yourself."

  • A magical fragrance mist for body, hair, and clothes that contains a dusting of mystical silver mica 
  • Reusable bottle in the shape of a unicorn horn adds fun and whimsy to your vanity
Next to the Unicorn Bath Bomb this body mist was the next thing that caught my girls' eyes when they were unwrapping the Hallu Unicorn collection samples we were sent to review.  They loved the purple color and were quick to pick up the glitter that was floating around in the body.  They wondered if they sprayed it on their skin if it would leave behind glitter...and that it did...just like magic.  Not only did this body mist have a nice scent, but it added a little shimmer to their skin.  I shared with the girls that they could use this body mist on their body, hair and even clothes, to give themselves a dusting of magical unicorn shimmer.  From that point on, the girls have been making a point to spritz a little here and there, and everywhere when they start their day or before we leave.  And, they love getting compliments or having people pointing out the silvery shimmer on their skin and in their hair -- this prompts them to share their love for this and other products from the new Hallu Unicorn Collection. :-)

So, with Easter fast approaching, take the guess work out of what to pick up and add to your child's basket.  Instead, head on over to Hallu and check this and their other fun collections that feature fun and playful bath and body products your kids will love, and have fun pampering themselves with.  To learn more visit https://halluescape.com/ today.

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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