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Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Who Knew a Dice Game Could Be So Much Fun? TENZI Will Have Your Family Scrambling to Roll 10 of the Same Number While Laughing and Having So Much Fun! (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Each game includes 40 dice (ten each of four
different colors), and a rules sheet.

I have been looking for some fun new games to share with my family during our weekly game nights, as well as ones I can use with my girls as part of our homeschooling.  A recent search led me to the TENZI website where I learned about this fun dice game, the whole family will enjoy playing.  I use a handful of dice games with my teaching as I find it helps the girls with their math, especially when we are doing speed drills and they roll dice and have to count up all the dice and tell me the total.  But, this can get boring if you over and over again, so I am always on the lookout for fun games to add to the mix, and this is when I stumbled up on TENZI and thought this is the perfect dice game, and one my girls would absolutely LOVE...and that they did!

Tenzi Game dice color may vary .

I was graciously sent the TENZI game, along with the 77 TENZI game variations card deck, for my family to review.  I had read about the different variations of game play (see below for a handful of them), but I had no idea there was a card deck with so many more.  

Tenzi Game 77 Variations

This really makes TENZI a dice game that will never get boring and one my family will want to play time and again, with each of us falling in love with different variations of the game, that we will want to play.

Tenzi 2 Pack for 8 Players - Assorted Colors - 8 Sets of Ten Dice

So, what is TENZI you ask?  And, how do you play it?  Here is a brief description of game play, followed by a short video so that you can learn more about TENZI...


Everyone gets ten dice. Someone says “Go.”
Then everyone rolls and rolls as fast as they
can until someone gets all their dice on the
same number. Sure, there are a few more
rules, but you get the idea!


Like I said above, there are so many variations of playing TENZI beyond just rolling the dice and getting all 10 to be the same.  Check out some of the other way ways to use TENZI game the next time you gather your family around the table for game night...

More Fun Way to Play with TENZI Dice...

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"Instead of putting your successfully rolled dice aside, stack them one on top of the other. First player to get all ten of their dice stacked and shout “TENZI” wins!


Instead of trying to get all ten dice of one number, try to get five dice of one number and five dice of another number, and then yell “TENZI”.


Join forces and play in teams! Get all your team’s dice on one number. Or play this way – each team member goes for a different number!


Ten dice not enough for you? You’ll really have your hands full with twenty dice! Double the challenge, double the frenzy!


If you see another player roll the number you’re going for, steal those dice and give the player an equal number of your dice. No stealing on the first roll of the game, or from any player going for the same number as you!


All players declare which number they’re going for before the first roll. Or, decide on one number that everyone has to go for!


How fast are you?

Over 40 seconds……Cubie Newbie
30 – 40 seconds……..Tumbler in Training
20 – 30 seconds……..Rockin’ Roller
10 – 20 seconds………Dice Dragon
Under 10 seconds…..TENZI Master


Mix and match your favorite TENZI games. Play TEAM TENZI TOWER, or TIMED TARGET TENZI, or even MEGA TENZI TOWER SPLITZI STEALZI. Whew! That’s a mouthful.

And just in case you’re wondering, the odds of getting all ten dice to land on one number in one roll are 10,077,697 to 1."


So, as you can see TENZI is a great game for kids and families to enjoy in a variety of different game play modes.  We have been having a blast trying out some of the different play options above, with the TENZI Tower being a personal favorite of ours.  My youngest always seems to get so excited and will bump the table and manage to knock our towers when we are about to yell that I think about, she is probably doing that on purpose. :-)  

If you love having game nights at your house and are looking for a fun new dice game to introduce to your family, that is perfect for all ages, then you will want to check out TENZI today.  We have only had this dice game for a couple of weeks, but it has become a favorite in our house for our weekly Friday night game night, and one my girls will grab from the shelf during the week and play together.  I love seeing the girls play nice together and really enjoying each others company, and this can be seen when they reach for TENZI. When I see them having a blast, I can't help but stop what I am doing so that I can join in the next round.  Be warned, this game is addicting and you will find yourself wanting to play around round until you win. :-)  Come on, who can resist a dice game?  I for one can't and really love TENZI, and how it can be played so many ways, so you are never bored with the same dice game.

Tenzi Dice Game & 77 Ways To Play Tenzi

To learn more about TENZI visit  And, be sure to follow TENZI on Facebook and share your love for this oh so fun dice game by leaving a comment on their page -

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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