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Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Just in Time for the Holidays....Playmates Toys Introduces Its First Action Figure Collection for Girls, Based on Hit Animated Series 'Mysticons' (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.
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Mysticons Toys

My girls stumbled upon the hit animated series airing on Nickelodeon last month while looking for Loud House or Henry Danger episode to watch.  As soon as they started watching this show, they were hooking, and have been playing catch up watching all missed episodes.  In addition to watching this fun show, the girls were eager to learn if there were toys in stores featuring their favorite Mysticons. So, when I told them that the folks at Playmates Toys had released a line of action figures and toys based on this hit series, they were so excited.  They asked if we could send along another note to Santa through their visiting elves to see if he could have the elves make some of these cool toys.  I don't know about you, but my girls love playing with their action figures and toys from their favorite shows when they are watching the shows.  They love acting out the scenes with their toys, and coming up with new ending or versions of the stories.  

Thanks to the kind folks at Playmates Toys, the girls got an early Christmas wish granted when a box filled with the new Mysticons toys arrived at our door.  The girls jumped up and down and started talking about how Santa much have got their letter and wondered why he sent them early.  I didn't want to spoil things and tell them it was for a review, so I said, I guess Santa was rewarding them for good behavior and getting on the nice list.

Here is more about the new Mysticons toy line from Playmates Toys, in case you have a fan of this hit animated series airing on Nickelodeon in your house....

"Playmates Toys announced today that its Mysticons toy line, based on the new animated action series airing on Nickelodeon, is now available at select Toys"R"Us® stores nationwide and online at both and The expansive toy line, which will become available at additional retailers later this year, features Playmates Toys' first action figures designed specifically for girls, along with an assortment of flying creatures, plush and role play items. 
"We are thrilled that the Mysticons toy line is now available, allowing fans of the series to take their mythical quests off screen and into playtime," said Pam Westman, Head, Nelvana Enterprises. "Playmates Toys has done a fantastic job of bringing the most epic and unique aspects of Mysticons to life through this line, and we can't wait to see kids gear up for their Mysticons-themed adventures." 

"At its core, Mysticons celebrates every girls' strength, confidence and character, which provides an exciting new opportunity for us to develop a truly unique toy line that empowers girls to use their imagination to create their very own mythical quests," said Gina Beebe, Senior Vice President of Girls' Marketing, Playmates Toys. "Toys"R"Us is the leading dedicated toy retailer and a destination for fun and play that kids love, so we're excited to have them be the first brick and mortar store to introduce this new toy line that delivers all of the action and good vs. evil play traditionally found only in boys action figure lines."

The Mysticons toy line from Playmates Toys features the following:
  • The Core Action Figure assortment features highly detailed and articulated 7-inch figures, including the four warriors, as well as other characters and villains from the animated series. Each figure is packed with an array of weapons and accessories. Additional figure assortments include Magic Lights Talking Figures, which bring each of the Mysticons heroes to life, and a Griffin & Figure Assortment. Each of the figures also includes a Mysticons' Topps trading card with unique codes to unlock quests in the Mysticons' Digital App.
  • The Mysticons' favorite foz, Choko, is a 7" soft, huggable plush, perfect for fans of the series.
  • With the Battle Gear Assortment, girls can become their favorite Mysticons warrior. Each role play set includes the heroes' signature weapon, avatar creature bracer and mask.

My girls had so much fun playing with the new Mysticon action figures, especially when they were watching their favorite episodes they have recorded. In addition to the action figure, each action figure set comes with a collectible Topps trading card of each character, along with accessories to help them battle and using their magic skills.  The girls thought the trading cards were cool as they usually dont' get these with their toys.  

As you can see in the photo above, the girls received Arkayna (Mysticon Dragon Mage), Piper (Mysticon Striker) and Em (Mysticon Knight). There is also Zarya to complete the 4-some set of Mysticon warriors.  The girls were able to complete their set of Mysticon chracters as they were also sent the Archer (Royal Griffin) and Zarya (Mysticon Ranger).

Now they have the 4 legendary warriors and the amazing Archer, which comes complete with battle armor and saddle.  And, if that wasn't enough the wings of Archer flap making for more fun play.  My girls loved putting Zarya on Archer and run around the room as if they were flying to battle and protect their realm from evil.  Like the action figure sets, the Archer and Zarya set also comes with a neat Topps trading cards.   

After seeing the Archer and Zarya set, Savannah is already asking and hoping Santa will bring her the Izzie and Arkayna set so that they can add to their growing Mysticons toy collection.  

We have only had these action figures for a few days, but they are a hit with the girls.  Bella even brought them to her show day for our co op the other day to show them off and talk about this popular Nickelodeon series, and how cool their new toys from Playmates Toys are.  She even acted out a scene to give people a taste of the show.  Everyone loved her interpretation of the show, and could tell how much she liked the show as she really got into it.  And, Bella introduced her friends to this show, and now they are hooked and want Mysticons toys for Christmas.

Do you have a Mysticons fan in your life?  If so, they may not be aware of the new Mysticons action figure toy line which released in early November from Playmates Toys, but would absolutely love unwrapping some of these toys from this hit series on Christmas morning.  You can learn more about the new Mysticons toy line by visiting Playmates Toys website today, including finding out which stores near you (as well as online retailers) who carry this new toy line.

They now have added role play battle gear, so that your kids can get into the show and act out the scenes dressed as their favorite Mysticons warrior. And, if your child love Choko, they will need to get this cute plush too, for sure!

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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