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Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Sweetlings Swirl N Twirl Minis Lets Kids Customize Their Own Whipped Clay Cupcake Characters with This Fun Craft Kit (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

There isn't a day that goes by that my girls don't do some form of arts and crafts. If we aren't doing something crafty as part of our schooling, the girls are finding something to create either with a craft kit or with supplies around the house. I love seeing them use their imaginations and artistic side to make beautiful and unique creations, that they love to show off and display around the house.  

Recently, we stopped by Target, so that the girls could walk through the toy aisles so that they could write down what they would like from Santa.  The girls kept gravitating to the different arts and craft type kits and toys.  One that they both agreed was a must add to their wish lists was the new Sweetlings line.  There was a sale on one of the donut Sweetlings sets, so I ended up picking it up to try.  And, when we arrived home, the girls were greeted with the new Sweetlings Swirl N Twirl Minis, which was sent to us from Alex Brands for review and inclusion in my gift guide.  My girls were so excited to try out the kits.


Here is more about the Sweetlings Swirl N Twirl Minis we were sent, and that you can find at your local Target as well as online at  This kit is perfect for kids ages 6+ and retails for around $15.00.  

"Sweetlings uniquely captures the current decorating food trends into an amazingly fun and addicting craft. Kids can make their Sweetlings characters come alive as they customize them with whipped clay, fun accessories and a touch of the secret ingredient: Love! 

603060-1 Swirl N Twirl Minis model

"ALEX DIY Sweetlings Swirl N Twirl Minis comes with everything you need to Frost Your World and bring 4 adorable Sweetlings characters to life! Use whipped clay icing to frost 4 plastic mini-cupcakes and add some accessories to create a one-of-a-kind Sweetlings look. Each tube of whipped clay icing has 2-colors of clay, a star shaped decorating tip and cap. Create SINGling, HOPling, MEOWling and MISS CHARMling."


Includes 3 Color Swirl Whipped Clay Tubes (0.56oz/16g each), 3 Star Tips and Caps, Glitter (0.7oz/2g), PVC Decorative Stickers, Plastic Sprinkles (0.7oz/2g), 4 Mini Cupcake Bases, Tweezers, Cupcake Stand and Instructions. Recommended for children 6 years of age and older.


My girls really had a blast creating their own Sweetlings characters using the whipped clay and decorative stickers and pieces included with this craft kit from Alex Brands.    There were enough supplies for the girls to create 4 super sweet mini friends, which they proudly displayed on the cupcake stand that comes with this set and that they were also able to decorate with the color swirl whipped clay and stickers.


As a parent I loved how this craft kit included everything the girls needed. And, the instructions were easy to follow that the girls didn't even need my help.  The four mini Sweetlings friends took about a half hour to make and decorate, and we let them dry overnight so that they could harden.  Once dry, the girls displayed them on their cardboard cupcake stand included with the kit.  

Like I mentioned, we also picked up another Sweetlings set at Target.  The girls made their very own donut Sweetlings.  The process was the same at the Sweetlings Swirl N Twirl Mini set, and included everything needed to make one cute donut friend.  I really was impressed with the whipped clay that you use for your Sweetlings friends.  It really looks like frosting you would use to decorate a cake or cupcakes.  Even though these creations are not edible, they really do look good enough to eat. :-)

DIY_603060_SweetlingsSwirlinTwirlMinis_model 3

My girls loved being craft bakers/decorators as they called themselves, when they were doing the two Sweetlings kits we had the other day.  They loved the ease of piping out the whipped clay to create fun characters, which they love showing off to family and friends who stop by. And, once these creations dry, they are perfect for displaying on a shelf or even playing with them.  

After trying out Sweetlings firsthand, my girls said they really want more of these crafts kits for the holidays.  They had so much fun, and want to add more Sweetlings characters to their growing Sweetlings display they have going on the shelf in their playroom.  Their friends always comment on how cute their Sweetlings characters look, and ask all about them. The girls don't hesitate to give a rundown about this fun craft kit and where they can buy them. :-)


If you have young crafters at home or on your holiday shopping list, why not consider picking up the Sweetlings Swirl N Twirl Minis other Sweetlings kits available from Alex Brands?  


They would make great snow day crafts, or a fun craft you and do together, or if you need something to keep your kids busy while you prep holiday dinner or get ready for the holiday season.  

To learn more about Sweetlings, head on over to the Alex Brands website today.  

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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