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Young Horse Lovers with Love the Realistic Hand-Painted Horses from the Schleich Horse Club Collection - My Girls Do! (Review) #AD

Disclosure:  This post is part of a sponsored campaign for Schleich.  I received compensation for my participation, but my review and opinions are my own.

A couple weeks ago I received an email asking if I wanted to review a sampling of Schleich horses and accessories.  I was quick to respond, "Yes" as I knew my girls would love to help me review, as they have a nice collection of these hand painted horses from past reviews and from Christmas when they asked Santa for some more.  Here are some photos I took of the girls playing with their new Schleich toys...

These are the horses and accessories from the Schleich Horse Club we were sent and that are shown in the video above....

Groom with Icelandic pony mare (41431)

Paddocks (42106)

Arabian mare (13761)

Haflinger mare (13812)

Haflinger foal (13814)

I can't get over how realistic each of these horses we were sent look.  You can tell a lot of time went into hand painting and adding all the details to these horses, right down to the manes and hooves.  They are simply stunning and a joy to look at and play with.  My girls really can't get enough of their Schleich horses, and I know these toys will grow with them and then will be displayed on their dressers to admire as they grow older and get more into horses and horseback riding. :-)


We live diagonally from a horse farm, and usually see people learning how to ride horses and horse drawn carriages ride by our house, when we aren't walking up the hill to feed the horses apples and carrots.  My girls love everything about horses, and can't wait until they get a little older so that they can sign up for riding lessons at the farm up the street from us.  They already have the horses picked out they want to ride -- Shelby and Black Beauty.  But, in the meantime, they enjoy suprirsing their horse friends with snacks or playing with their growing collection of Schleich toys.  And, if you have streaming channels like Netflix, then you probably have seen new horse shows for families to watch together.  My girls have watched all episodes of Spirit the Horse and Free Rein, and are eagerly awaiting new episodes.

This week as part of school, I did a fun theme week all about horses.  The girls painted wooden horse shoes and added jewels to them to make them sparkle.  They are now hanging above the entry way in their bedtimes to bring them good luck.  We also make a handful of horse paintings, including one we added yarn to look like a beautiful mane.  And, just last night the girls made a horse barn for their new Schleich horses to stay in.  It amazes me how kids get so excited about the simplest things like a cardboard box.  They are always asking for new toys whenever we go to a store. But, give them a box and they use their creativity to make fun DIY crafts.  

Want to make a horse barn like the ones my girls made last night and are still playing with today?  First, you will need a box -- a medium sized box works best.  Then, you will need either wrapping paper, red paint or construction paper to wrap the outside of the box.  

You will also need scissors, tape and box cutter knife.  I found that cutting the sides of the roof worked best with the scissors.  Once you have this done, you want to bring all the sides of the top of the box together to form the roof and tape together.  

Then, you want to paint or wrap the box with wrapping paper or construction paper.  

After that you want to use a couple pieces of brown construction paper to form the roof.  You will want to tape this into place and make sure you do a little fold in the center to form the roof arch. 

Now is the fun part...if you have horse or farm stickers, you can add them to the 4 sides of your new horse barn.  You could even print and cut out pictures to embellish your box.  Once the stickers are in place you will want to carefully cut a barn door for your horses to go in and out of. An adult is needed for this step.  Carefully make a door by cutting up one side and across the top and bottom of the door.  Bend the door open.  Cut the door in half to make a Dutch door.  

We came up with a few props to add to our new horse pan.  We used scrap cardboard and covered it with aluminum foil to make a pond for the horses to drink.  I also took popsicle sticks and clothespins to make horse fences.  Twine was used for a lasso, and Savannah came up with the idea of using Quaker oats in a small cup and stage as horse food.  

Once I am done with the wine in the fridge, I will be giving the girls the cork, which they can pretend is a barrel for the horses to jump over. Bella found some extra red plastic beads for apples.  I cut little pieces of green pipe cleaner and she added to the bead to make it look like a leaves of the apple. See, kids think of wonderful ideas when given a box and an idea.  Can you think of other props the girls could make using household items or crafting supplies?  Once you start thinking about props and the horse barn, you will want to get an assortment of Schleich horses like the ones we were sent to add to your staged horse barn. 

Savannah's birthday is in a couple weeks and she has decided last minute to change up her theme.  Now she wants a horse party.  We will be buying more Schleich horses and each party goer will get to adopt  a horse of their choice, name it and go home with some coloring and activity sheets that will educate the about proper horse care.  Savannah also asked for face clothes and toothbrushes for the goody bags.  She said her friends can use these when pretending to groom their horses. :-)  So, while I quickly scour the Internet for horse themed birthday party supplies and games -- we will be doing pin the mane of the horse thanks to the extra manes we made this week in class -- why not head on over to Schleich and check out their amazing assortment of horse toys for that horse lover in your life. They also tell other hand painted animals, but right now my girls are all about horses thanks to the horse toys we were sent, and I can't stop raving about the exceptional quality of these toys to family, friends and my blog followers.  You really need to see these horse toys up close to see how well-made they are. :-)

Be sure to follow Schleich on their official website and social media channels below, for special offers, giveaways, new product additions and more...

Disclosure:  This post is part of a sponsored campaign for Schleich.  I received compensation for my participation, but my review and opinions are my own.

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