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Gourmet Relish from Fourth Creek Food Co. Was All the Talk at Our 4th of July Cookout (Review) #FourthCreekFood #Tryazon

Disclosure:  I was sent samples as part of a Tryazon sampling party, in exchange for my honest opinion. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Fourth Creek Foods

Fourth Creek Red Pepper relish was created by a mom who loved hosting family and friends and filling their belly's with great food.  And, thanks to Barbara Schiavetti's son, Andrew, he has brought her red pepper relishes and recipes to the masses by creating the Fourth Creek Food Co.  Now, we can all experience this wonderful and oh so versatile pepper relish for our family gatherings, when we are looking for a gift to give foodies in our life, or simply want to add a little kick or sweetness to meals we serve our family at the dinner table.

"Our Pepper Relishes are modern twists on familiar classics, made with premium quality ingredients. Sweet, tangy and fresh tasting, their balanced flavor profile set them above their peers. The result is an extremely versatile all around condiment ideal for almost any occasion, social setting and culinary application."

“Whether we were with family or friends, at dinner, a sunset barbecue or a cocktail party, my mom’s Sweet Red Pepper Relish made anything from hot dogs to baked brie that much more memorable.”  

I am so happy that Andrew was so passionate about his mother's pepper relishes and not keep this amazing tasting relish a secret.  I tried this pepper relish for the first time over the weekend, when I had family and friends over four our annual 4th of July cookout.  At first my guests giggled as I had a table set up with the jars of relishes and chips to dip.  They said I looked like one of the lady's you see at the market handing out food samples.  

But, once they came to the table and tried the product they could see why I was so passionate, just like Andrew was, with getting the word out about the Fourth Creek Food Co. line of pepper relishes.  

They really are so tasty simply dipped with a cracker or tortilla chip, or when added to burgers or hot dogs right off the grill, and even spread on chicken or crab cakes.  

Whatever food you are enjoying or looking to cook up for your family, you can reach for these red pepper relishes -- available in original-sweet, hint of habanero - medium, habanero heat - hot -- and add a little extra sweetness or kick of heat to the dish.  And, the best part about these pepper relishes is that you don't have to be savvy in the kitchen to use these relishes as they go great with everything.  Need a little inspiration, visit the Fourth Creek Food Co.'s website and check out the recipes they have shared.  Just be warned they include photos of the dishes which will make your mouth water. :-)

I am so happy I had the opportunity to sample this product line and truly love the versatility of this relish -- can use when making a cheese dip, added to meatloaf mixture or simply top a burger or crab cakes with the relish.  

This relish has enough heat to satisfy those who love hot foods, while not deterring those who are not fans of hot hot condiments as they will enjoy the little kick too.  There are so many great recipes on the company's website to show how you you can use their pepper relishes.  

But, my go to is just to grab a container of cream cheese and mix the relish into it -- viola instant cheese dip with a kick.  This is definitely one pantry staple everyone should have in their home.  And, when thinking about housewarming gifts or items to add to food gift baskets, why not pick up the different red pepper relishes from this company to include.  Everyone who tried this relish at our recent 4th of July cookout fell in love with it, and we ran out fast. :-)

 More about Fourth Creek Food Co. Red Pepper Relishes...

Gourmet relish at its best!Tangy, delicious, versatile.Our relishes are perfect for every occasion from BBQ's to cocktail parties and everything in between!  

Sweet Red Pepper Relish

Sweet, tangy, well-balanced and versatile! This addictive pantry staple enhances every dish and occasion, all year round. Used as an ingredient or enjoyed as a condiment, our Red Pepper relish is a hit everywhere from the backyard to the cocktail party and holiday dinner table. Slather on hot dogs and grilled meats, serve with cheese and wine, toss in a stir-fry, or add to pork tenderloin and crab cakes to elevate your plates! 

Ingredients: Red Bell Peppers, Cane Sugar, Onions, Distilled Vinegar, Salt, Mustard Seed, Xanthan Gum, Citric Acid, Natural Apple Cider Vinegar Flavor. *Certified Kosher

Hint of Habanero

Sweet meets heat in this modern twist on a classic! Hint of Habanero adds just the right amount of “hot” to kick up the sweet, tangy versatility of the Original Sweet Red. Just like the original, it pairs with nearly every dish, at any occasion. This all in one condiment can be used as a party dip, mixed into a burger, as an ingredient to spice up your meatloaf, topped on grilled fish and much more!
Ingredients: Red Bell Peppers, Cane Sugar, Onions, Distilled Vinegar, Salt, Mustard Seed, Xanthan Gum, Citric Acid, Natural Apple Cider Vinegar Flavor, Habanero Pepper. *Certified Kosher

Being a busy mom on the go, the last thing I want to do is have to sit down and work on a menu plan for the week, or plan out an elaborate offering when it comes to summer cookouts.  Instead, I like quick and easy recipes and ways to add a unique spin to popular family dishes.  This is why I love these red pepper relishes from Fourth Creek Food Co..  It is easy to use the relishes as an ingredient or as a condiment. Add it on hot dogs and/or grilled meats, serve it with cheese, toss in a stir fry, or add to pork tenderloin and crab cakes! 

Here are just some of the ways you can incorporate Fourth Creek Food Co. red pepper relishes, including links to the recipes so you see how easy they are to prepare and enjoy with your family and friends this summer and going forward...

Quinoa Salad
Get the Quinoa Salad recipe HERE

Crab Cake Recipe
Get the Crab Cakes recipe HERE

Zesty Cream Cheese Dip Recipe
Get the Zesty Cream Cheese recipe HERE

Did I make your mouth water with these tasty dishes?  Sorry, but I wanted to make sure you, too, were i the know about these amazing red pepper relishes, just like Andrew wanted (hence the reason for bringing his Mom's delicious relishes to market).  Want to give these red pepper relishes a try for yourself?  Fourth Creek Foods can be purchased on their WEBSITE and other LOCATIONS NEAR YOU .  Can't wait to hear which one is your favorite and how you found new and unique ways to serve up or incorporate these pepper relishes into your family's dishes. So be sure to share with me. :-)

Follow Fourth Creek Food Co. on their social media channels below for special offers, new product additions, recipes and more...

Disclosure:  I was sent samples as part of a Tryazon sampling party, in exchange for my honest opinion. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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