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Say Goodbye to Tough Stains Like Grass, Sweat and Grape Juice This Summer with the Help of BIZ (Review)

Disclosure:  I was provided with complimentary product from Biz to help facilitate a review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Yay!, summer is here.  How are you enjoying the warmer weather and having the kids home from school? After a long cold winter, I have been counting down the days until summer arrived. But, I forgot that with summer comes more laundry and kids wanting you to plan out and entertain them 24/7.  Yeah, fun times, especially when you have two or more kids, all of which have different likes and they never can seem to agree on what they want to do or where to go.  Thankfully for the most part, my girls are up for trying new things, as long they together doing it.  So, I have been signing them up for themed week dance camps, and they are trying new sports like soccer and martial arts.  Because they are in so many different activities this summer, I am finding that they need to change a few times a day, into different uniforms, leotards, etc. And, don't get me started on swim suits and play clothes.  I didn't realize just how many clothes the girls had until they started changing into different outfits throughout the day, and their dirty clothes ended up in my laundry room, overflowing the basket of clothes to wash.  This is not what I pictured when I was dreaming about summer fun.  It is like I have babies all over again and am finding myself doing 1-2 loads of laundry a day. At least the view from the laundry room looks inviting. :-)

When it comes to all the summer clothes piling up in my laundry room, I am taking this all in stride, and enjoying the challenges of getting stained clothes clean. I make a game out of it.  The dirtier and more stained the outfit, the better, I say. :-)  Yep, you read that right, I am all about the girls having so much fun that they get their clothes dirty...and stinky from sweaty.  When I go into the laundry room, I survey the clothes and begin to spot treat them with BIZ®.  You may recall me sharing a post back in March when I announced I was chosen to be a BIZ® Ambassador for 2017. With this brand ambassadorship comes free product samples of their line of stain and odor removing products, and opportunities to host giveaways for my readers.  Back in March I was sent a case of BIZ® which I thought would have lasted a year or longer, but am finding that I am reaching for it for every load of laundry that I do.  

Even if there are no stains on the outfit, I still use BIZ® as it does an amazing job of removing odor (especially from my husband's work out clothes) and keeps the girls' clothing looking bright and clean looking without any fading of color.   I use BIZ® along with my go to free and clear laundry detergent and helps boost the power of this detergent up to 80%.

What is BIZ®?:

"BIZ® was the first enzyme based pre-soak and color-safe bleach that moms have trusted to remove stains from the family's laundry for more than 40 years. First invented in 1968 by Procter & Gamble researcher Charles McCarty, Biz was introduced nationally as a "pre-soak" or "color-safe bleach" and later re-positioned as a "detergent booster." In 1994 Biz, like many P&G brands, was re-released in an "ultra" formula (making it highly concentrated so that less of the product would be needed to achieve the same cleaning results)."

Why Biz is Better...

Different stains require different ingredients to eliminate them. Science shows that there is no one single ingredient that cleans everything well. So why doesn't every brand put all of these ingredients in? Probably because it costs more to do that. But BIZ® didn't cut any corners... Biz has more stain fighters than other brands. That's why it works better."


When it comes to laundry time in your house, what is the hardest stain to get out of your family's clothes?  

  • Grass
  • Dirt
  • Sweat
  • Gravy
  • Spaghetti Sauce
  • Coffee
  • Juice
  • Sauces
  • Blood
  • Lipstick
  • Dressing
  • Baby Food
  • Greasy Foods
  • Condiments
If you said "yes" to any or all of these types of stains, then you need to pick up a bottle of BIZ® and have it front and center in your laundry room, as this odor and stain remover will work wonders for you. I know, as I have been using it to remove blood stains from youngest daughter's clothes and bedding as she sneezes so hard with her allergies or picks her nose to get the crusty stuff out, that she causes at least one nosebleed  a day.  My other daughter is all about playing in the dirt and grass, that she comes in throughout the day to change out of grass stained and muddy clothes into another light colored outfit.  It is never ending in our house with fighting stains. But, I just look at it like they are enjoying themselves and having so much fun.  

And, I use the extra time in the laundry room as quiet "me time" as no one else wants to be holed up in the little laundry room on a nice hot summer summer.  So, it is a win-win for everyone. :-)

With summer in full swing and the holiday weekend upon us, why not make a point to pick up a bottle of BIZ® when you get your last minute cookout supplies at the market today or tomorrow.  And, once you give BIZ® a try and see how great it works at removing tough stains and odors, you will see why I and so many other active family's can't live without this stain and odor eliminator.  

To learn more about BIZ® including which retailers sell the BIZ® product line (including an on-the-go spot pen, liquid booster, powder and liquid) visit today.

I am loving being a BIZ ambassador for 2017 and can't wait to sample some of their other products and share my thoughts and first-hand experience using these products on my family's clothes with you all. And, be on the lookout for giveaways for BIZ products in the future. :-) In the meantime, make sure you stay connected with Biz on their social channels for news, special offers, giveaways and more...

Biz Official WEBSITE

Disclosure:  I was provided with complimentary product from Biz to help facilitate a review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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