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Must Have Books for PJ Masks Fans This Holiday Season (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent review copies from the publisher in order to write up an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Simon & Schuster

A couple night ago was a big milestone for Savannah.  She read a Level 1 Ready-to-Read book all by herself.  Not only was I so proud of her, but I wish you could have saw the twinkle in her eyes when she got to the last page and realized what she did. She was so happy and excited for herself, as she has been practicing her sight words and building her vocabulary for the past couple of months.  Even with pneumonia, she was able to achieve this big milestone, which I was so proud of.  

So, what book did Savannah read all by herself?  None other than the new Time To Be A Hero book featuring her favorite PJ Masks characters. 

Time to Be a Hero

This new Ready-to-Read Level 1 book arrived on bookshelves last week on 11/8, along with two other books -- Meet the Heroes…And the Villains, Too! and To the Cat-Car! (Read on to hear my thoughts on these books, too).  Both of my girls love PJ Masks, which airs daily on Disney Jr., and my girls always make a point to clear their calendars from schoolwork or activities to be able to watch the episode.  If they can't see it, we record and they watch that night.

When the girls aren't watching PJ Masks on television, they can now read these three new books from Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing.  I can say after just finishing shopping for the girls for Christmas, that PJ Masks is going to be a hot product line this holiday season.  Some of the toys my girls wanted have already sold out just days after they were released.  There are still a handful of PJ Masks toys coming soon (that my parents will try and get for the girls), that I know parents and grandparents will be rushing to the stores and looking online to purchase.  

Here is more about Time To Be A Hero book and the two other books that hit store shelves last week, and are worth checking out if you have a PJ Masks fan in your house.  They will make for great stocking stuffer gifts or to add to other PJ Masks gifts you pick up. :-)

Time to Be a Hero

Time To Be A Hero
(By Daphne Pendergrass; ISBN 9781481486484; 11/08/16)
Join your favorite heroes as they work together to save the day in this Level 1 Ready-to-Read based on PJ Masks, the hit preschool series airing on Disney Junior!
Also available in paperback: 9781481486477

Meet the Heroes . . . and the Villains, Too!

Meet the Heroes…And the Villains, Too!
(By Maggie Testa; ISBN 9781481486507; 11/08/16)
Learn all about your favorite heroes and baddies in this sweet tabbed board book based on PJ Masks, the hit preschool series airing on Disney Junior!

My Thoughts:

Both of my girls loved this book, which introduced kids and adults to the PJ Masks characters, including the villains.  My girls loved yelling out Catboy, Owlette and Gekko, as well as the villains, as I flipped the pages of this book,  We learned about their special powers and how they contribute to the story line of this popular animated series on Disney Junior.  This is one book I see the girls pulling from the shelf time and again to flip through. And, my youngest, Bella, who loves to draw, loves tracing the PJ Masks and villains or trying to free hand her favorites to color in.

To the Cat-Car!

(By Daphne Pendergrass; ISBN 9781481487252; 11/08/16)
Race toward justice with this board book shaped like Catboy’s Cat-Car with wheels that really move!

My Thoughts:

Even though my girls are 5 and 6 years old, they loved this unique cat-car book.  They loved how you could race the car around the floor or table, as it has rolling wheels built into the board book.  I can see this book being a hit with little ones especially.

While toys are always nice for kids, why not give the gift of reading this holiday season?  These three new PJ Masks books are sure to be a hit like they have been with my girls, and are a perfect bedtime or anytime read with your child.  And, if your child is learning how to read, why not share the Time To Be A Hero book with them, and help them gain the confidence of reading as they read all about their favorite PJ Masks characters in this fun and quick read.  My girls can't wait for my PJ Masks books to be released so that we can pick up and add to their growing book collection.  And, Savannah is loving being able to read one of her favorite books by herself, to us or her stuffed animals at bedtime.  So proud of our girl!

Disclosure:  I was sent review copies from the publisher in order to write up an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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