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Create New Christmas Morning Memories with Santa's Magic Footprints (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Santa's Magic Footprints
Christmas Scene Footprints.jpg

When I was a child, my family had a few Christmas Eve traditions.  We would be allowed to open one present, which always contained a new pair of holiday pajamas to wear to bed.  But, before we opened our one gift before Christmas, we had to prep for the night.  My brothers and I would spend the afternoon in the kitchen with my mom making and decorating holiday cookies to eat with a cold glass of milk afterwords, as well as leave a plateful for Santa, along with carrots for the reindeer.  Another tradition we had was to go outside and sprinkle magic reindeer dust on the lawn to help guide Santa's reindeer and his sleigh to a safe spot in our yard to land.  As a kid, I was all wrapped up in the magic of the holiday and never realized that the magic reindeer dust was just oatmeal and glitter.  But, to me and my brothers it was magically and really helped the reindeer.  

Flash forward to today and now I have a family of my own and love including my childhood traditions in our Christmas preparations, as well as adding new ones (like book and movie advents -- stay tuned for blog posts featuring our favorite holiday books and movies you'll want to check out in the coming days).  My girls love the reindeer dust and baking with me and my mom in the kitchen.  And, I let them open one gift on Christmas Eve which contains a pair of pajamas, holiday craft, coloring book and ornament to add to the tree.  And, this year, I will be adding a new tradition that I will do once the girls go to bed and the presents are placed under the tree.  I will be leaving Santa's magic footprints, as well as the reindeer's magic hoof prints for the girls to find on Christmas day.  


I know they will be excited when they wake and see Santa's footprint near the fireplace.  And, when they run to the window to see if they can see any sign of the reindeer, I know their eyes will light up when they find reindeer magic hoof prints out on the back deck.  

Hoof Prints.jpg

Small things like this are huge in their eyes, as their innocence and believing of Santa and the reindeer is so big.  Oh, how I miss this innocence of youth.  But, it is so worth all the trouble of shopping and wrapping gifts and all the craziness that goes into Christmas, just to see their eyes light up when they see Santa in a store, or when they find footprints and hoof prints on Christmas Day this year.

If you have always wanted to leave Santa's footprints for your children to find, but had no idea how to do it, why not place an order over at Santa's Magic Footprints today.  You will want to get your order in soon, as to make sure you get the footprint stencil in time for the holidays and because they are so popular with families of little ones that they usually sell out fast.


In addition to offering Santa's footprints, you will also find reindeer magic hoof prints and even Elf footprints.  You have the option of buying Santa's ($9.95), the reindeer's ($8.95) or the elf ($9.95) footprints individually, or as a footprint bundle (Only $24.95).  


Why not add a fun new Christmas tradition this holiday season that will delight children and make for a wonderful new memory with your children on Christmas morning when they wake to find footprints of Santa and/or the reindeer.

Prior to Christmas morning, I will be surprising the girls throughout the month of December with the cute elf footprints all around the house, as their two elf on the shelf friends, Christopher and Christina move about our house, keeping an eye on the girls.  Don't these footprints look so cute..

Elf Prints.jpg

To learn more about these Christmas footprint/hoof kits, visit Santa's Magic Footprints today --

Disclosure: I was sent sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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