Friday, June 13, 2014

Gather the Family Around the Table for Dinner and Games with the KFC Game Night Bucket (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent KFC checks to use to purchase the new I SPY Game Night bucket at KFC from the vendor.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

"America’s favorite fried chicken chain, KFC, celebrates the family values upon which the Colonel built the brand with the launch of its new interactive menu item, The KFC Game Night Bucket featuring I SPY; because the family that plays (and eats) together, stays together."

"Family experts have verified that families who game together reap significant benefits such as academic development, self-confidence and resiliency, and increased family cohesion."

KFC’s Game Night Bucket includes a free I SPY game and bonus I SPY posters to allow families to enjoy time together over dinner. The beloved I SPY franchise has been engaging, educating and entertaining children and families around the world since the first I SPY book was published in 1991.

Having grown up and lived in the New England area my entire life, I am used to the ever changing weather.  There is a saying "Don't like the weather?  Wait 15 minutes and it will change."  You may laugh at this, but it is true.  Some days it looks like it will be a sunny, hot day, but then the clouds roll in and we can have a hail storm in June.  Or, you plan for a rain out and it becomes the start of a heat wave. Because of this, during the summer months it is hard to plan a weekly dinner menu, as you don't want to me in the kitchen cooking in the oven when it is hot out, heating the house up even more.  So, I have learned to leave a little buffer room and will only buy a couple days of food early on in the week, that way in case we opt to eat of and keep the house cool, we have that option, without wasting food.  

Just the other day, I had planned an oven baked chicken dinner as it has been cold for a few days.  But, like I said, give it 15 minutes and the weather will change.  By lunch time the sun was out and the outdoor thermometer was inching up and then stayed in the low 80's -- not weather for baking in the over for an hour or longer.  Thankfully, the folks at KFC sent along KFC Chicken Checks (their equivalent to a gift card, but in paper check form), so that my family and I could try out the new KFC Game Night Bucket, made up of 12 of KFC’s famous Extra Crispy™ Tenders, four dipping sauces, four biscuits, two large side items and a free I SPY game, right on the bucket, for you to play during dinner! Need more than 12 pieces to fill your family?  Not to worry as you can order a 20 piece Game Night Bucket.  

Because we only have 4 people in our family, we opted for the smaller 12 piece bucket, and have a few pieces leftover.  A couple of months ago, I shared how KFC was doing a  20-piece Dip'Ems bucket with 6 dipping sauces, which let families dip until their hearts content to find which KFC dipping sauces were their favorites. 

The KFC favorite Dip'ems® Bucket contains 20 Extra Crispy™ Tenders accompanied by six sauces. KFC Dip'ems Tenders are all-breast meat, freshly-prepared and hand-breaded- and with signature sauces like Honey BBQ, Creamy Ranch, Creamy Buffalo and Honey Mustard, along with the return of Orange Ginger and Bacon Ranch sauces for a limited time. (Photo: Business Wire)

My husband and I both agreed that the creamy buffalo sauce was our favorite, while Savannah ended up liking the honey mustard and Bella's chose the creamy ranch.  So, when it came to asking for dipping sauces for this new KFC Game Night Bucket, I was all ready with our family's favorite sauces to request. :-)

Now that the girls are older and are sitting at the table in their own chairs, I make a point to each three meals a day with them there.  They are always excited to have Daddy come up from work, and help him set the table so that we can eat, and they can share all about their day with him.  I grew up eating dinner at the table with everyone in my house, and continue to do the same with my kids.  There is someone about being able to take time out of everyone's busy schedule to sit down together, catch up on the happenings of the day, and just enjoy a good meal together, whether it is homemade or take out.

Savannah has taken to the I SPY books Santa had brought her, as she loves going on scavenger hunts or looking for hidden things.  So, when she saw the I SPY poster until the lid of the KFC bucket, she couldn't wait to play the game.  We told her that she had to finish her meal first, and then we would clear the table and all play.  What a fun time we had.  

The poster was 2-sided, which made the seek and find aspect of the game that much more fun.  Bella, while only 2 1/2 yrs. old was able to find a couple of the objects, and then spent the rest of the time admiring the images and pointing to things she knew and telling us what they were.  What a great word building game this is for little ones.  I had fun pointing to objects to see if the girls knew what they were.  And, if they didn't, we would practice saying the words.

I will not bore you again by raving about how tasty KFC’s famous Extra Crispy™ Tenders were, as I did that with my post in April.  But, I will say, this new Family Game Night Bucket really made for a great dinner without the hassle of cooking and cleaning up the pots and pans.  And, with the days expected to be getting hotter, don't stress over what to make the family for dinner.  Instead, why not visit your local KFC and pick up the new Family Game Night Basket, which will be available for a limited time -- so, don't delay.  Not only will you enjoy great food and company, but you will have fun playing everyone' favorite I SPY game together. 

Disclosure:  I was sent KFC checks to use to purchase the new I SPY Game Night bucket at KFC from the vendor.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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