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Finally Relief From My Child's Eczema Breakouts...Thanks to CLn Skin Care (Review) #MC #CLnSkinCare #sponsored

Disclosure:  I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting #MC for CLn Skin Care. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

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The last place you want to spend a child's birthday is at the doctor's.  But, that was the case last year, when I first noticed what looked like a rash all over our youngest daughter, Bella's body.  She kept scratching at her knees, lower back, elbows and tops of her hands the day before.  I had tried putting anti-itch creams on her, but when she woke the next day, her birthday, the irritation had turned into red, flaky, rough patches, which were too itchy and uncomfortable for Bella to handle. So, instead of having a family party for her as planned, we spent the day at the doctors, hoping to get answers and provide relief for our birthday girl.  

When the doctor told me she had eczema and that usually it is hereditary, I was confused. No one in my family or my husband's family suffers from eczema, so why was our daughter suffering from this.  But, I was relieved to know what it was and that there were ways to treat it.  Unfortunately, there was not a miracle pill she could take and be cured of her eczema.  Instead, she will have to deal with outbreaks when they happen. There is, however, a slight chance that as she gets older, that she will outgrow it.  I am crossing my finger for this, as I hate to see her suffering and her skin looking all irritated when she has a flare up.  Not fun. :-(

While there are prescription ointments for severe eczema flare ups, due to Bella's dark Latin skin, these can cause pigment coloration.  So, because of this, I am choosing to use this option as my last, as I don't want to have her having to deal with spotty skin due to topical eczema creams we used.  Instead, I have been relying on over-the-counter products that include bath soaks, body washes, body lotions and anti-itch creams and ointments, to help bring relief to Bella's eczema, when it is present.  I also make a point to limit the number of baths she has when having a flare up, as not to dry out her irritated skin further, while adding in oatmeal baths for relief.

As a parent, it is heartbreaking to hear your child ask you to make the itching stop, when you can't.  And, watching Bella scratch like crazy and causing sores is the worst.  Unfortunately, many of the over-the-counter eczema products we have been using either have stopped working as well as they originally did, or proved to not offer any relief from the start.  So, I continue to look for products that can be used on a child's sensitive skin, to treat eczema outbreaks.  And, thanks to a product review opportunity, I have been trying out CLn Skin Care products with Bella for a few weeks now, and loving the results.  How can you not want to see your child smile like this? :-)

With the changing of the seasons and weather, I find that Bella's skin always seem to become irritated.  During this time, if left untreated, she ends up having to stay in the house, as she is not in the mood to play outdoors with her sister and friends.  And, even in the house, she is scratching more than anything else.  Ugh.  While the welcome is summer is always a season the kids and I look forward to, we have come to realize that is it also one of the toughest seasons when dealing with Bella's eczema.  The heat, her sweating and the different sun protection products always seem to trigger an eczema flare up.  So, the review of the CLn Skin Care line couldn't have come at a better time, as I was out of options and products to use, to help provide relief to a severe eczema flare up.

The folks at CLn Skin Care sent along the following two products for me to use with Bella, over a minimum of 3 weeks period:

        CLn BodyWash is designed for skin prone to eczema, acne, infection and folliculitis. It is also safe for use on children ages six months and above to help treat their eczema.

How to Apply?:

CLn BodyWash: Can be used daily from head to toe and should be lathered on for 1-2 minutes before rinsing. Moisturizers and sunscreens can be applied after as needed.

 Dermatologist tested and recommended for skin prone to rosacea, eczema, acne and other sensitive skin conditions.

How to Apply?:

CLn Facial Cleanser: Massage and lather into skin for 30 seconds and rinse. After cleansing, moisturizers and sunscreens may be used as needed.


Even though I have only been using the CLn Skin Care products for about a month now, I have seen dramatic improvements in Bella's skin.  With the first application of the CLn BodyWash, which you can use on children as young as 6 months old, and over their entire body (head to toe), I was able to see a reduction in the red,irritated skin caused by her eczema flare up.  And, because it is a non-drying cleanser, I didn't have to worry about her skin drying out further and needing to add a moisturizer to keep her skin hydrated.  While Bella was in no mood to talk, I could see that she was feeling a little bit of relief during the first bath using the CLn BodyWash.  As the days went by and we continued to use this body wash, I was able to see a significant improvement in the overall look and feel of Bella's skin.  Her eczema flare up, which on average lasts about a week and a half, was cut down to about 4-5 days.  I was over the moon with happiness, knowing that I finally found a product line that would help bring instant relief to my daughter's eczema suffering. 

Here is a before and after photo I took of Bella recently showing just how well CLn Bodywash worked.  You can see her eczema breakout first, followed by the after shot.  And, after just a few days of using CLn Bodywash, it took the redness away, and her irritated patch is almost gone.  No more itchies!

After Photos -- Note that these were taken 4 weeks after continually using product.  It is hard to get a 2 1/2 yr. to stay put for a photo, let alone a recreate photo to mimic the original one.  I have tried to take a different angles to show the leg area shown in the before photo. 

While I don't talk about it on my blog, ever since my head and neck cancer treatment, I have found myself having to deal with adult acne, which is usually worse, go figure, during the hot summer months.  So, I was happy to learn that the CLn BodyWash could also be used to help provide relief to the red, irritated skin caused by my breakouts.  And, just like when used with Bella, I found the redness and irritation fading after the first use, and continued to see it fade away and my skin improve in appearance after continued use.  Because of these amazing results, I ended up picking up another bottle of the CLn BodyWash, along with the CLn Facial Cleanser, for my own personal use. :-)

I haven't used the CLn Facial Cleanser on Bella, but have been using for myself, to help maintain moisture balanced skin.  At the first sign of a breakout, I reach for the CLn Facial Cleanser and replace it with my daily facial wash.  I love how this facial cleanser washes away dirt, makeup residue and bacteria that stays put on your face.  Unlike other facial cleansers I used before, this one doesn't sting my skin, or make it feel tight afterwards.  Having sensitive skin, I am usually reluctant to try out new products, but had to give this one a try after seeing Bella's results...and, I am so glad that I did, as I, too, was able to find relief from my adult acne breakouts with both the CLn BodyWash and CLn Facial Cleanser.  I was able to say goodbye to a vanity full of facial cleansers, ointments and body washes, and now just have to grab these two skin care products when I wash.  I love it!

Do you have a child who suffers from eczema?  Or, maybe you do?  If so, I would highly suggest trying out the CLn BodyWash, when looking for relief from your dry, irritated skin.  Seeing what it can do for my 2 1/2 yr. old daughter's eczema flare ups, as well as my adult acne breakouts, makes me not hesitate recommending it to others not happy with their current skin care regimen used for relief.

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Disclosure:  I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting #MC for CLn Skin Care. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.


  1. The problem I have is your before and after photos shows a different leg. Your before photo shows the right leg, I can tell because I see the edge of the diaper. Your after photo shows the left leg, I can tell because I see the edge of that diaper. Not cool to trick your readers.

    1. Heather, I will try and get another photo up for you. As you can imagine it is hard to get a 2 1/2 yr.old to stay still for photos. My daughters eczema breakouts are on both legs. Expect more after photos later today showing up close photos of both legs.

  2. I was just talking to my friend yesterday about her son's eczena problem and then today you have this great review. I will have to tell my friend about this product thanks so much for sharing.
    heather [email protected]