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Easter Gift Guide -- Skwooshi -- The No Mess Dough for Kids That Will Never Dry Out (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Kids Can Imagine and Play With New Creative Dough

Skwooshi, the parent approved imaginative dough is now at retail

"The whole family is all smiles with Skwooshi. Parents love the new, creative, mess-free dough that keeps their children occupied for hours. Kids love to skwoosh it and stretch it as far as their imagination will take them.

Skwooshi is the cool new compound from Irwin Toy that stretches, molds, and shapes into amazing detail with no mess and will never dry out.

“The challenge for parents today is engaging their children in hands-on creative play,” said George Irwin, CEO, Irwin Toy. “My family has been making toys that create lifelong memories for over 80 years, and Skwooshi brings innovation to basic play and has an edge that many other toys on the market today can’t compete with.”

Skwooshi allows children to explore a whole other world of play and lets their imagination skwoosh freely. With 10 colors available, there is no telling what creation will be brought to life. Individual packs as well as larger activity sets available for maximum fun and creativity.

“Skwooshi is amazing,” said Laurie Schacht, Toy Insider Mom. “Not only does it provide kids with hours of hands-on creative play, but parents can have peace of mind while their children play with a mess-free, scent-free and boredom-free toy.”

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My Thoughts:

Savannah loves it when I made homemade play dough for her sculpt, mold and use her container of cookie cutters with. But, like most kids, she forgets to put the dough back in the Ziploc bag when done.  So, the next time she goes to play with it, it is dried out and has to be tossed.  And, usually when this happens, I am busy with Bella and can't stop what I am doing to whip up another batch of play dough for her to play with.  

So, when I heard about a new mess free dough from Irwin Toy called Skwooshi, I was curious to try it.  In addition to being a mess-free dough, it is also scent free which I personally, and like the package says, it never dries out.  I made sure to put this to the test and recently left the Skwooshi dough out of its container overnight, to find it in the same condition we received it -- ready to be molded and played with.  I couldn't believe this -- a play dough that doesn't dry out.  Now I never have to worry about tossing dried out dough again, thanks to the Skwooshi dough line. With the colorful colors and activity sets that this brand offers, my girls will have hours of fun playing with this dough.  And, if they forget to put the dough in the storage container, they don't have to worry about it drying out. :-)  Insert me doing a happy dance here. :-)

Of the new Skwooshi products available, I was recently sent their Action Set, which included green and red dough and molds to make a train and ship.  In addition to this action set, there is another Skwooshi action set from Irwin Toy that comes with a car and rocket vehicle action molds for your kids to play with.  

The first time the girls tried out the Skwooshi dough, they were surprised at how it felt dry and not as soft as their other play doughs.  But, as they started working with it to mold and sculpt, they found that it worked better than the others, especially when it came to the fine details of the vehicles and people inside. You would never see this with the other play doughs.

In addition to using the two vehicle molds, which are included with the action set, my girls couldn't help but each grab an end of the Skwooshi and pull.  They let out giggles and smiled, as they saw the dough stretching right before their eyes.  Again, this is another feature you wouldn't expect to see with other softer doughs.

Overall, the girls are loving the new Skwooshi dough. And, Savannah is saving up her allowance money so that she can purchase the other action set with the car and rocket ship, as well as some of the individual packs, which come in 10 different colors.  She wants a bigger selection of colors, so that she can create fun ponies, animals and more.  I will not lie, I am also loving this mess-free, never dries out dough, and love sitting down with the girls to use it with them. :-)

So, with Easter only a few short weeks away, why not make a point to pick up one of the action sets, or an assortment of colors available in the individual packs from Skwooshi, to add to your child's Easter basket.  

And, get ready for them to have fun sculpting, molding and stretching this new mess-free dough until their hearts content.  My girls and I love it, and I know you and your children will too!

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Kids Getting Older Younger—Or Younger Older?

Skwooshi is recommended for children 4 years and up and ranges in price from $2.99 to $29.99. Now available at retail stores including Toys R Us, as well as online at

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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