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Just Pretend Kids' Costumes,Tutus and Accessories Inspire Children to Play, Dream, Learn and "Just Pretend" (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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One of the things I like about having girls, is being able to buy fancy dresses for them to wear and doing their hair.  Unfortunately, this only lasted for a short time when the girls were little.  Now that they dress themselves, oftentimes choosing their own outfits (matching and mismatching), they prefer pants and shirts over frilly girly dresses. :-(  I am hoping as they get older that they will get back into wearing dresses.

While my girls will not wear dresses (except for holidays) out and about, they do love to play dress up.  They will spin and twirl around the house while wearing a ballerina costume or tutu.  My youngest, Bella, loves playing princess, and dresses up as least once a day in her Snow White or Cinderella dress, and ask me to dance and spin her around. :-)  I have been able to capture many precious moments of the girls playing dress up, that I will treasure for years to come, and can't wait to show them when they get older, and hopefully their children. :-)

Growing up did you like to play dress up?  If so, what did you like pretending to be...a princess, a fairy, ballerina, etc.?  Like Bella, I liked to dress up as a princess. I was surprised recently when my mom showed me pictures she had taken of me in my princess costume. Even better...she had kept the costume.  While I didn't remember the dress and thought it had seen better days, I was grateful for her sharing this, and reminding me how great playing dress up was back then.  I used this as a creative outlet, where skies the limit on what I could imagine.  Like many little girls, I was planning my wedding to a prince, having a tea party with my teddy bears and dolls, and even taking trips to the market with my mom decked out in my princess dress.  I didn't worry about looking silly, as I really felt like a princess when I was dressed with my dress up costumes -- much like my girls feel when they are playing dress up today.

So, when I was recently contacted and asked to review a dress up costume from a new company called Just Pretend Kids, I jumped at the opportunity.  Not only did I know that the girls would love playing dress up with the costume I would be sent to review,but I knew that I would be able to take more treasured photos of them playing dress up. And, that I did! :-) I was given the opportunity to pick the dress up costume of my choice, and ended up going with the Pansy Tutu with matching wings, wand and headband.  

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The Pansy Tutu is the purple one in the center and shown below...

Pansy Tutu

It was so hard to narrow down my choice, as there are so many beautiful costumes to choose from including the following:

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Category ImagesCategory Images

Here are a few photos I took of the girls dressed up in the Pansy Tutu from Just Pretend Kids. This outfit and its matching add-on accessories is only $54.96 -- Pansy Tutu was only $29.99, the headband is $5.99, the wand is $5.99 and the cute Pansy Collection Wings are only $12.99.

Within a few days of putting in my request, the girls received a special package in the mail -- the Pansy Tutu with matching accessories.  They were over the moon happy when they saw me taking the costume and accessories out of the bag.  I wish I had two costumes, as they are still in the phase where they don't like to share and have a hard time waiting their turn. But, this was a good exercise in sharing and waiting their turn.  

Do your children (boys and girls) love playing dress up?  If so, you will definitely want to visit the Just Pretend Kids website and browse their amazing collection of dress up costumes and accessories.  In addition to the Tutu and Enchanted Collections, Just Pretend Kids also offers cute infant rompers and animal costumes for toddlers, that both boys and girls will love playing dress up with.

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Don't let your kids dress up for only for Halloween?  Kids have so much fun pretending and using their imaginations when playing dress up, and its help them explore and learn about the world and about themselves in the process. And, the folks at Just Pretend Kids understands this, and offer the best selection of high quality dress up costumes for children.

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Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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