Thursday, January 23, 2014

Struggling to Potty Train Your Toddler...or Just Getting Started? Check Out the Fun New App, Me-ify Potty Star! That Makes This Milestone Fun! #Sponsored

Disclosure: I was selected to participate a review of this new app from MomSelect and Me-ify Potty Star.  In addition to being provided a promo code to download the app, I was also compensated for my time in reviewing and writing up my post.  However, all views shared are mine and mine alone.

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I never would have thought that potty training would be so difficult, especially with girls.  Whenever I heard friends talk about their potty training experiences, they oftentimes would say it was done in a day or a weekend.  Well, that has not been the case with my girls.  We were so close at getting Savannah potty trained when she turned two.  She showed all the signs of wanting to potty train and even went a few days sitting on the potty and going, or telling me to bring her to the potty when it was not in sight.  But, then we welcomed her little sister and she saw the extra attention and time with Mommy and Daddy, that Savannah reverted back to diapers.  Now, fast forward a year, and we are still going through a box of diapers every two weeks -- what an expense!  

While Arabella, who turned 2 back in Nov., is advanced in many ways, as she has been talking since 9 months old, can say her ABCs and count to 15, we still have to remind ourselves she is younger and may not be ready to potty train.  I don't want to rush her and get everyone frustrated.  So, as I wait for her to show us signs that she is ready to potty train, I have been working with Savannah to show her the benefits of using the potty and giving up diapers for big girl panties.  But, I think she wants to wait until sister is ready to potty train and do it together.  In the meantime, she is slowly warming up to by listening to potty training books, watching some of her favorite characters on television in potty training episodes, and now playing with a fun new app called Me-ify Potty Star from Out of the Blue Enterprises LLC.  We have been trying out different potty training antics for the past year, but something seems to grab Savannah's attention more than this fun new app does.  

"Me-ify Potty Star is the all-inclusive potty training tool for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch!This comprehensive app features a personalized eBook starring your child, 5 interactive potty games, 5 original potty songs, a reusable star rewards chart and helpful potty training tips. Developed with parenting expert Julie A. Ross and created by the producers of PBS KIDS preschool television hits, Super Why! and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, this app offers a rich and engaging learning experience that is based on developmentally appropriate potty training techniques."

Savannah had a blast helping create her own unique potty Super Star and even said her name for the recording.  
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So, now whenever she has the story read to her, she hears her own voice and name, which she thinks is neat.  If the cute interactive story wasn't enough, this fun potty training app comes with 5 interactive potty games and 5 catchy songs centered around potty training.  

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And, navigating through each of the features of this app (Available at the iTunes store for only $1.99) is easy.  I am always amazed at how quickly the girls can pick up new technology, or navigate through a new app like they do -- a little scary, too! 

Savannah has been playing with this app daily, and makes a point to show everyone who comes to visit.  Just this past weekend, my dad spent over an hour being schooled on potty training, the parts of the body, which parents can select the words they use when identifying parts so that their children will understand (which I love), and having Savannah sing him her favorite potty songs. :-)

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Just look at the cute graphics this app offers.  Kids can choose the toilet seat backing they want from a selection of design options.  This is also the same design you see on the potty star they create. In the above example, the little boy has trucks on his shirt and one on the back of the toilet seat.  Savannah ended up choosing an owl. :-)  

Because I was reviewing this app, I created both a boy and girl potty star to see if there were any differences.  The story stays the same.  But, you find when it comes to using the potty, that the little boy gets to try target practice inside the potty, and reminded not to hit the toilet seat.  Savannah couldn't help but giggle at this.  

Savannah also found the part of the story where they show how cats and dogs go potty, and how they are different from humans.  When she wasn't saying "Ehh" at the doggy going pee pee or the cat going poo poo, she couldn't help but laugh.  This was also one section that she would stay longer on or hit the page back arrow to do again.

Another fun feature of this potty training app is the reusable rewards chart that you can mark and celebrate your child's potty accomplishments with. I don't know about you, but my kids love stickers.  So, whenever I am looking for ways to reward good behavior, we turn to stickers and a rewards chart like this.  

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Like I said, while I am still waiting for the green light for the girls to let me know they are ready to start potty training, this is a fun app to keep reminding Savannah about all the fun she can have and what a milestone potty training and saying goodbye to diapers really is.  Maybe she will come to me and want to potty train again, and Bella will want to copy her big sister and follow suite.  :-)  This app is getting Savannah talking about the potty and sharing how to go potty and wash up afterwards with her little sister -- so, you never know.  I know like so many other parents with little ones in diapers that I am ready to say goodbye to diapers and hello to big girl panties. How about you?  Are you struggling to potty train your child, or waiting for signs that they are ready to start?  If so, why not check out the fun new Me-ify Potty Star app with your child?  I know you will find this app as enjoyable as my daughters have, as you embark on potty training and celebrating another milestone with your child as they grow up and become more independent.

Visit the iTunes app store to learn more about the new Me-ify Potty Star app, or to purchase and download for only $1.99 --!/id732047695?mt=8.

Disclosure: I was selected to participate a review of this new app from MomSelect and Me-ify Potty Star.  In addition to being provided a promo code to download the app, I was also compensated for my time in reviewing and writing up my post.  However, all views shared are mine and mine alone.


  1. This is so cute boy they have thought of everything. I know some friends of mine have struggled with potty training I am going to pass along this great information thanks for sharing.
    heather [email protected]

  2. This app sounds helpful. I've never potty trained a 2 year old. In my experience it's been better to wait until age 3.

  3. That sounds helpful, I think I'll suggest it to my friends. I know with my daughter she potty trained super early (beginning at 1 1/2) but then we went through a big move not long after she regressed completely and was scared for awhile. An app like this couldve been totally helpful

  4. that seems like a nice idea, but personally i wouldn't use an app. i would rather recreate the concept by making a real sticker chart!