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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas -- Cocoa Canard's Spooning Chocolate is Hands Down the Best Hot Chocolate I Have Tried (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

"The folks at Cocoa Canard have created what they call "The Espresso of Hot Chocolate." It's the first diary free pure non-bitter dark hot chocolate to instantly melt in a cup of hot water with such a richness that you will never miss the milk. It's a silky refined version of the pure melted dairy free hot chocolate drinks originally served in old world chocolate houses. For people who are lactose intolerant, its miracle. But it is perfect for people who just want a small delightful demitasse of warm dairy free hot chocolate in the afternoon or with a meal and not a whole mug of warm milk. Thus this is a year round product and not just for cold winter days.

What people discover with dairy free hot chocolate is that when high quality real dark chocolate is warmed and isn't overwhelmed by the presence of other ingredients such as milk, its rich, earthy, sensual qualities magically come to the forefront. Warm real dairy free hot chocolate on the pallet is something few people have ever experienced and once they do, there is nothing like it. The aroma and the flavors are not toned down by the milk and you are left with the finest pure dairy free hot chocolate drinking experience you could ever imagine."


If you follow my blog, then you know that I am huge much so that before we had our girls my husband and I would drive 2.5 hours to New York to get frozen hot chocolates in the summer and rich creamy hot chocolate during the cold winter months from some of our favorite chocolate shops.  But, once the girls arrived, our impromptu getaways to satisfy our sweet tooth or hot chocolate fix have been put on the back burner for now.  Because we just can't get up and go, I rely on making hot chocolate at home from great tasting mixes. 

Over the years, I have tried countless hot chocolate products, in a search to find just the right one that will not only warm me in during the winter, but that can be enjoyed year round.  I have found that powder mixes don't cut it when it comes to flavor.  Instead, hot chocolates with actual chocolate shavings or pieces really make for a great tasting cup of hot chocolate.  

In a recent search to find another great hot chocolate to enjoy, I stumbled across Cocoa Canard's new Spooning Chocolate.  Even before trying this Spooning Chocolate firsthand, I was sold after reading all the raving testimonials from customers. And, I especially loved how this hot chocolate is gluten and dairy free.  I know many people who have certain food allergies and miss not being able to enjoy sweets like chocolate and hot cocoa especially during these cold winter months.  

After reaching out to the folks at Cocoa Canard's, they graciously sent along their Spooning Chocolate Gift set.

Each gift set comes with a can of our Spooning Chocolate, one or two of their Spooning Mugs, and a beautiful linen stationary gift card and envelope that can be individually personalized. Inside each can is a mini-molinillo, or South American whisk, to stir up the chocolate pastilles right in the Spooning Mug with just hot water. 

What a beautiful gift set.  At first, I was hesitant to sample this hot chocolate as the set itself was one that you just wanted to admire.  But, being a chocoholic, I had to make a cup.  

After counting out 27 dairy and gluten free pure non-bitter dark chocolate pieces from the jar, I put them in this Cocoa Canard Spooning Mug and poured 8 oz  of warmed milk on top.  I let the chocolate disks dissolve for a moment, before using the mini-molinillo to combine the milk and chocolate.  Then, I was ready to enjoy. If you like your hot chocolate made with water or can't drink milk, then you would use 1/4 cup of water in place of the 8 ounces of milk.

As I lifted the cup to my mouth, I couldn't help but smell the rich dark chocolate.  And, when I tasted this Spooning Chocolate, I was blown away at how flavorful this hot chocolate was.  Out of all the hot chocolates that I have tried over the years, this is by far my favorite.  I couldn't wait for my husband to get home that night, so that he could try it...and, so that I had an excuse to make another cup for myself. :-)

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, Cocoa Canard's new Spooning Chocolate gift set (you can also buy the can of our Spooning Chocolate separate), would make for the perfect gift to surprise your sweetie with.  I will definitely be snuggling up close next to my husband on Valentine's Day as we sip a cup of Spooning Chocolate from Cocoa Canard. :-)  I already have my birthday and Christmas wish lists started and Cocoa Canard's new Spooning Chocolate is #1 on my lists.  I will definitely be stocking up and having a few cans on hand when I need a hot chocolate fix. :-)  How about you?


Surprise that special someone this Valentine's Day with the Spooning Chocolate Gift set for only $24.95 -- And, with this crazy cold winter weather, who wouldn't want to cuddle up with a tasty cup of hot chocolate and their sweetie? :-)

Please visit us at to learn more.  While there you can see our Spooning Chocolate gift sets that are to die for!  They come with our hot chocolateSpooning Mug, and our beautiful linen stationary gift card with envelope.

Don't forget to follow Cocoa Canard on Facebook to show your love of their Spooning Hot Chocolate once you try it, as well as stay up-to-date on special offers and more --

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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  1. Ohh this chocolate does sound really good.I never heard of it before, I have to check it out!