Monday, January 13, 2014

New Faith-Based Films from Bridgestone Multimedia Group Worth Checking Out (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

With the recent cold temperatures here in New England (and practically everywhere else in US), my family used our indoor time to not only play with all the new toys Santa brought for the girls, but also to catch up on movies recently sent for review.  It is always nice to have quiet time at the end of the night, after the girls are in bed sleeping, to catch up with my husband about the happenings of the day, but also sit down and enjoy a good movie.  We have never been disappointed with the films sent from Bridgestone Multimedia Group, as they oftentimes leave you inspired, make you take a step back and reaccess your life, or have an open and honest conversation.  While my husband is not that big into religion, he does enjoy these faith based films, as he finds himself thinking more about his beliefs.

Below are a handful of new releases that Bridgestone Multimedia Group has to offer, that would make for great family movie night viewing, or viewing with your spouse after the kids go to bed.  You never have to worry about inappropriate language or violence when you watch movies from Bridgestone Multimedia Group.  And, like I said, you will always leave feeling good about the time spent watching these wholesome faith-based films, and having open discussions about the movies and messages with family, which I love.

Fenced Off


"Josh and Anne just moved into their first house. Jack is a young, idealistic social worker who is ready to be welcomed to the neighborhood. Next door are George and Tia. Retired and ready for a slower life, George is not inclined to give a warm welcome to the new neighbors, much to Tia's chagrin.

What starts off as a day of yard work and random to-do's for Josh turns into a series of misunderstandings and confrontations. Inspired by actual events, Fenced Off explores the reality that loving your neighbor can be complicated."

The Rev


"Johnny Starr, double "nn" double "rr," was born in Georgia and adopted by the Starr family. The African-American family loved Johnny as their own and raised him to reach for the stars and follow his dreams. Just out of seminary, Reverend Johnny Starr, half preacher and half rock 'n' roll legend, finds himself leading a struggling church on the verge of foreclosure and possible takeover by unexpected conspirators.

Johnny takes action, and his flair for showbiz, along with a love for the underdog, puts Johnny in the right place at the right time, but will Johnny save the church?"

A Strange Brand of Happy


"With a push from his roommate after losing his job, David (Joe Boyd) hires an attractive life coach named Joyce (Rebecca St. James) to get his life back on track. When he accompanies Joyce's volunteer group to a retirement home, David discovers that his manipulative ex-boss and fellow volunteer, William, has a crush on Joyce, too. There, a crafty retiree encourages the pair to face one another for her heart. To hold his ground, David begrudgingly attends an open mic night hosted by Joyce where the inspiring words of a poet challenge him to ponder the existence of God and propel him further down the path of finding himself.

As his rivalry with William escalates, David makes a decision that jeopardizes his relationship with Joyce. With nowhere else to turn, David resorts to the community of retirees and discovers that sometimes finding yourself takes a search party."

The Road to Emmaus, PA


"Three skeptical friends search for God on the road from Jerusalem, Ohio, to Emmaus, Pennsylvania. In a rundown RV, Brad, Mat, and Joe reenact the biblical pilgrimage from the gospel of Luke in which two travelers encounter the resurrected Jesus on the road to Jerusalem to Emmaus in ancient Israel. What starts as an investigative experiment for the trio ends as a spiritual awakening that helps to answer some of their questions about faith, miracles, missions, and prayer.

Along the way, their faith is renewed as they meet a man healed from a rare disease, a former mayor making a difference in his community, a man living out of his pickup in search of God's will for his life, a truck driver funding his son's church in Germany, and a recovering drug addict. According to The Dove Foundation, which awarded the documentary its highest honor of five doves, "This film is inspiring and impressive. This is an awesome documentary dealing with ordinary people who see the hand of an extraordinary God move."


While we loved each of the above movies, I have to say that my favorite was "A Strange Brand of Happy."  One of the quotes in the movie has stuck with me, that I wanted to share -- "Your smiles are simply signs of just how sacred your life actually is."  Nice, huh?  Well this is what you will be saying when you watch this movie, which also stars Academy Award winner, Shirley Jones, and Grammy Award winner, Rebecca St. James.  I ended up passing this movie along to girlfriends, who shared with their friends, and each and every person who saw this romantic comedy, said it was great! I can't wait to hear what you think. :-)

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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