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More New Releases from Candlewick Press to Pick Up and Enjoy Reading with Your Children (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the publisher in order to write up an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

As promised last week, I wanted to share a few more recent releases from Candlewick Press with you, in case you are looking for new books to share with your children at bedtime (or anytime!).  In addition to the other Candlewick Press children's books I shared with you last week (click here in case you missed my post/reviews to read it now), the following children's books have been putting a smile on my girls' faces, and getting them excited about books and spending quality time reading together.

And, here are the books that have made bedtime reading with the girls fun these past few weeks --

Never Too Little to Love


"Tiny Too-Little loves someone who’s very, very tall, and Tiny wants a kiss. What if he stands on his tiptoes on top of a thimble? What if he stands on his tiptoes on top of a matchbox on top of a thimble? Clever cut-away pages show Tiny’s precarious pile growing higher and higher as this comical, cumulative tale of a mouse in search of a kiss shows that you’re never too little (or too big) to love."

My Thoughts:

When I previewed this book before sharing with the girls, I just knew it would be a hit with them.  This cute interactive book has fun cut-away pages that as you turn the pages, has objects piling one on top of another until they...come crashing down.  The little mouse in the story named Tiny Too-Little is so adorable.  My girls couldn't help but keep pointing at the mouse and letting out "Ohh how cute" or "Be careful" as he tried to climb the objects that piled up.

The fun cut away pages really kept the girls engaged, and the illustrations alone are eye pleasing and leave you lingering on each page to take in the detail of the objects and the cute little mouse.  This is definitely one book worth picking up and sharing with little ones, as it does a great job in reminding little ones that they are never too little to love or be loved.

We can't go a night without reading this book.  And, by the end of the story, the girls are covered with kisses that I have given them, from head to foot.  Then, they lean in and give me a great big bear hug, followed by a wet kiss.  Ahhh, now that is bliss and true love!

Princess Penelope and the Runaway Kitten


"Princess Penelope’s kitten got tangled up in her mother’s yarn and then scampered off! Join Princess Penelope as she follows the pink glittery trail through the castle to the courtyard maze and stables as she searches for her runaway kitten. Graphic artwork from a rising star in children’s books paired with a bouncy rhyme and fun visual search will make this a favorite for princesses of all ages. 

Follow the pink glittery trail of yarn with Princess Penelope as you search for her runaway kitten!:

My Thoughts:

I don't know what it is, but Savannah is infatuated with cats.  We have never owned a cat, and have always had a house full of little dogs.  But, whenever we see a cat outdoors, she can't help but want to run over and pet it. And, whenever she sees a cat in a book or on television, she can't take her eyes off of it.  She loves cats so much, she asked Santa for a bucket full for Christmas.  Santa ended up bringing her a bunch of plus cats and little cat figure toys to play with -- which she carries around with her everywhere in a little purse.  So, when Savannah saw this book, not only was she drawn to the book because of the pink glittery cover, but the little white cat made her want to flip through the pages on her own (which she continues to do almost daily).

The cute storybook is great for young children, as it has a fun interactive component to it.  As I read the story to the girls, they help me trace the yarn ball that the cat unravels and sprawls everywhere.  Who knew that a tiny cat could make such a mess with yarn.  As you flip through each page of these easy to follow along story, you see more windy glittery pink yarn left behind by the cat, who is searching for something. What is she searching for you ask?  Don't worry, I will not ruin the ending.  :-)  You will just have to pick up a copy of this book to find out.  

Sidney, Stella, and the Moon


"Twins Sidney and Stella love doing everything together. Everything except share. When a quarrel over a bouncy ball spells cosmic disaster, the twins must face their biggest-ever challenge: working together to find a new moon!

Sidney and Stella do everything together . . . except share!"

My Thoughts:

I have been sharing about how my girls are not only going through the terrible two's and three's stage, but they don't like to share.  Santa ended up bringing double of each toy to prevent fighting, but they somehow still manage to fight when they are playing and see the other with a toy they want.  I can't wait until this stage passes, along with the recent hair pulling and slapping that has been going on (you would think I was raising wrestlers).  So, when I read this book and saw how it was about two kids not sharing, and how they had to work together to replace the missing moon, I knew this would be a great book to share with the girls, as a way to reiterate the importance of sharing and getting along nicely.  While the girls loved the story (they are both crazy about the moon and twinkle stars), it hasn't done much with getting them to share.  "Hopefully in time this to shall pass"...and the girls will be able to enjoy the meaning behind this story, in addition to admiring the beautiful illustrations.  I have to say that besides the "Never Too Little to Love" book, this is my favorite of the recent Candlewick Press releases.  I will definitely be keeping an eye out for more Emma Yarlett book to pick up and share with the girls.

So, what are you waiting for?  Head on over to Candlewick Press to check out these and other recent and upcoming children's books to pick up and share with your children.  They will be publishing a handful of Peppa Pig books this year (which my girls are eagerly waiting for), as well as other great books.  I can't wait to share more reviews of their new releases with you, so stay tuned!

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the publisher in order to write up an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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