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Get the Kids Excited About Valentine's Day w/ Vintage No-Glue Paper Chains and a Fun Candy Matching Game from eeBoo (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

When I was a child, one of my arts and crafts to do around the holidays were paper chains.  Not only would the chain make for great decorations to hang from the windows, or even drape around the Christmas tree, but my brothers and I would also use the paper chains we made as advents to count down to different holidays.  Did you used to make paper chains or do you do this fun craft with your children during the holidays now?  Depending on the holiday we were making the paper chains for, my brothers and I would spend hours cutting out different pieces of colored construction paper and then would decorate them with stickers, color them with crayons or add fun embellishments we would glue on the strip. Once the strips were all decorated, we would loop the together and glue them closed.  I always loved seeing the chains getting longer and longer, as well as shorten and shorten when we were counting down to a particular holiday.  But, as we got older, crafts like these were considered too childish, so we stopped.  It wasn't until I had children of my own and starting enjoying the fun of holidays through a child's eyes, that I remembered how much fun making paper chains were.  And, thanks to eeBoo, I had a blast over the Christmas break introducing paper chains to my girls.  

"eeBoo is a boutique toy manufacturer that specializes in useful, beautiful and well-made educational games and gifts. Their products are sold in both Specialty Toy stores and high-end Gift Shops as well as Museum stores, Bookstores, Art Supply stores and other non-big box venues.  eeBoo creates refreshing toys and gifts that are 100% original (no licenses) and they commission their artwork from well-known and well-loved children’s book illustrators. Everything they make is meant for wholesome individual or family play. Many of their games and activities are based on old-fashioned formats which eeBoo re-invents with cheerful artwork and contemporary design.Literacy, story telling, drawing, imaginative play and basic math are among the skills that eeBoo products encourage. A good share of the eeBoo line has been awarded Oppenheim Best Toy Awards and other honors."

As times change, so do how things are done.  Gone are the days were you would sit around the table and cut construction paper into strip to decorate and then loop.  Nowadays, you can find paper chain supplies that are ready to be glued or stuck together.  While the fun and excitement of getting creative and putting your own unique look on paper chains for a certain holidays, as a parent to young children, I do love the ease and convenience of paper chains that are ready to go and don't need glue. :-)

Just look how beautiful the Valentine Paper Chain decoration kit I was recently sent by eeBoo to review:

This kit included 120 links, with 38 lovely designs, that didn't require glue.  Instead, you simply connect the loops to one another with the simple slots.  

After showing my girls how to do connect the loops, they were off and running.  And, a half later, we had all 120 loops chained together and ready to hang.  Because we still had the Christmas tree, the girls helped me decorate the bare tree with the beautiful paper chains from eeBoo.  You really have to see the lovely vintage Valentine's Day designs to appreciate this paper chain craft.  At first I didn't want to put the chain together, as they were too pretty to take out of the package and use.  But, I knew I would have to review this product to share with you, and I really was interested in seeing how easy it was to loop the chains together without using the glue, and how well they would stay together once you started to string them.

Once the tree was fully decorated, I have to say the vintage paper chains paired with the white lights of the tree made for a lovely scene.  It made me not want to take the tree down, and leave it up until Valentine's Day, so that we could enjoy it longer.  

But, I knew my husband was itching to take the tree down as Bella still was learning not to tug at the tree or sneak behind it.  So, as the tree was taken down, I ended up stringing the paper chains around the windows.  Now, every day when I wake up I get to admire these paper chains, which were so easy to put together and fun to do with my girls.  I can see this becoming a new tradition for Christmas and even Valentine's Day, and will definitely be picking up more paper chains from eeBoo.

In addition to the paper chains I was sent, the kind folks at eeBoo also sent along a fun candy matching game for the girls and I to play with.  Just like the paper chains, you can tell that the folks at eeBoo really put time and effort in creating each and every product, and the quality and workmanship is seen in the final product -- truly stunning.  Weird that I would be using the word stunning for a simple matching game, but again, you have to see this product up close to appreciate it.  From candy corn and conversation hearts, jellybeans and salt-water taffy, truffles and nonpareils, this cute matching game, which is geared towards children 5+ is a great way to help children sharpen their recognition and memory skills.  

Even though it is geared towards children 5+, Savannah had a blast playing with it.  We have been using this game as our one-on-one time together.  We first start out making sure we have all the tiles by matching up the pairs.  Then, Savannah giggles as she flips them over and shuffles them around.  Once done, we have a blast trying to find matches and seeing who has a sharper mind and can remember where a certain candy is.  While I wish I could say I had a sharper mind, Savannah continues to win time and time again -- and loves to rub it in! :-)

I am so fortunate to have had a chance to try out two product from eeBoo as I had not heard about this toy manufacturer prior to stumbling upon their website looking for unique Valentine's Day crafts and gift ideas.  And, now that I know how well-made their educational games, crafts kits and gifts are, I will not hesitate to recommend to family and friends looking for creative gift ideas and games to pick up for family game nights. 

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, why not consider picking up the paper chains I was sent to review to do with your children.  The way that this winter is going, I foresee a lot of snow days or cancellations -- so you will want to have fun crafts and game ideas ready to keep the little ones entertained. :-)  

Click here to visit the online eeBoo toy boutique and browse their selection of games, gifts and more available for purchase online --  I can't wait to hear what you think of eeBoo's line of products once you experience them for yourself.  I know you will be impressed, and will become an instant eeBoo fan like I am. :-)

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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