Friday, April 12, 2013

Arabella is Learning to Feed Herself with the Help of Nuby's Soft Tip Sound Bite Spoon (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views I share are mine and mine alone.


"Nûby™ soft tip Sound Bite™ weaning spoons are designed to make mealtimes fun. The soft tip spoon is perfect for delicate gums and the deep bowl allows mom to get just the right amount of food on the spoon. The Train, Cars & Airplane designs come with their own great sounds to help you keep your baby’s attention for longer while feeding."

One of the pluses of having children so close in age is that the can help one another out with new skills.  Savannah loves being a big sister to Arabella, and has taught her how to jump, dance, talk, and most recently how to feed herself.  Now they say not to compare children, but Savannah didn't hold her sippy cup herself until she was almost 9 months old.  People kept saying that the first born is spoiled and waited on, so they take longer to pick up on things like this, as they know you will do it.  But, when Arabella began holding her bottle as a few days old, and the transitioned to a sippy cup with straw (after stealing it from Savannah) at age 2 months old, I was expecting her to pick up on using utensils quicker, too.  But, this was the one area she chose to take her time.  

While Savannah doesn't like to get dirty, and has you wipe her hands while eating when something gets on them, Arabella is the total opposite.  She would rather use her fingers to eat, than pick up a spoon or fork.  Hoping to get her excited about feeding herself with a big girl utensil, I had request the Nuby soft tip Sound Bite weaning spoon to review, and see if this work make the transition a little easier.  Because she is teething right now and breaking in about 3-4 teeth at a time, I wanted to make sure the utensils I gave her were soft tipped, for her delicate and irritated gums.  

Upon receiving it in the mail, I showed the girls the spoon.  They both got excited when I pushed the button and activated the car sound.  I gave the spoon to Savannah to try, in hopes Arabella would watch and want to try.  And, she did!  But, before she could give the new Nuby Sound Bite spoon a try, Savannah had to play big sister and feed her. :-)  After a few tries on her own, Arabella, was able to bend her wrist and get the food in her mouth.  She did struggle at first to get her food on the spoon, as she was afraid the car would fall off. :-)  But, that didn't last long, and by dinner time, Arabella had given up using her hands to eat, and asked for her spoon. Thankfully, the Nuby soft tip Sound Bite spoon came with a second spoon (without the car), so I was able to give the spare spoon to Savannah to use, so she wouldn't feel left out.  She knew she was a "big girl" and didn't need the sound of cars, trains, or airplanes, to keep her attention, like a baby or beginner feeder does.  So, she was content with the spare spoon without sound.

The Nuby Sound Bite spoon is also playing double duty in our house, as it becomes the spoon of choice for the girls to use when feeding their babies. :-)  They pretend to be driving the car in circles before putting the imaginary food to their doll's mouth and saying "Mmmm, good!."

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You can purchase the Nuby soft tip Sound Bite weaning spoon, in either the train, car or airplane designs at for only $4.95 each.

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views I share are mine and mine alone.

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