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Be a Knight, Do It Right! -- Introducing a New Children's Book Series for Mike the Knight Fans (Review and Giveaway)

"Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing would like to present MIKE THE KNIGHT (Simon Spotlight), a brand new series for preschoolers based on the hit TV show from Nickelodeon. Set in the medieval land of Glendragon, MIKE THE KNIGHT takes you through a world of castles, quests, dragons, and trolls! Mike is a young knight-in-training who is always looking for knightly adventures with his trusty steed, Galahad and his best friends, the dragons Sparkie and Squirt. 

No situation is too big or too small to be tackled as a knightly mission! Mike is a great role model and new friend for the target audience of boys and girls 3-5. With gentle lessons and tons of rollicking fun, Mike is sure to be knighted #1 by new generations of preschoolers!"

Meet Mike!
Simon Spotlight
ISBN: 9781442474291
Pub Date: 1/1/13
Paperback 8X8: $3.99

"Mike the Knight gives a tour of Glendragon that’s worthy of a king. And Mike’s father is the King of Glendragon, so he would know! Meet Mike’s sister, Evie, and his two best friends, Sparkie and Squirt—who happen to be dragons! Visit Ma and Pa Troll and their son, Trollee, who also wants to be a knight. Then stop by the castle and the arena, where Mike trains for jousting tournaments! So grab your sword, shield, and trusty steed and join in this adventure that’s perfect for young knights-in-training everywhere."

Mike the Knight and the Good Deed
Simon Spotlight
ISBN: 9781442474338
Pub Date: 1/1/13
Paperback with Stickers: $5.99

"When Mike and Evie discover that knights who perform good deeds receive beautiful scarves from the Queen, they set out to perform good deeds for everyone in the kingdom. But since they don’t work together, instead of being perfect helpers, they end up making a perfect mess! Then Mike and Evie realize it’s time to ―be a knight, do it right—and when they work together, they make a great team. A team with beautiful scarves!"

Mike and Trollee in Trouble
Simon Spotlight
Ready to Read – Level 1
ISBN: 9781442473355 (HC)/ 9781442473348 (PB)
Pub Date: 1/1/13
Hardcover: $15.99; Paperback: $3.99

"In this Level 1 Ready-to-Read story, Mike the Knight is trying to help his friend Trollee the troll. Trollee is stuck in a tree, and Mike wants to use his knightly skills and come to the rescue. How will he get Trollee unstuck? Find out in the very first Mike the Knight Ready-to-Read!"

Mike and the Dragons
Simon Spotlight
ISBN: 9781442474130
Pub Date: 1/1/13
Shaped Board Book: $6.99

"A knight-in-training like Mike needs loyal, fun, adventurous friends….and that’s just what he has in his best friends Sparkie and Squirt! This board book has sturdy pages that are perfect for Mike’s youngest fans."

Welcome to Mike’s World
Simon Spotlight
ISBN: 9781442474543
Pub Date: 1/1/13
Coloring Book w/Poster: $4.99

"The medieval kingdom of Glendragon comes to life with this activity-packed coloring book that introduces Mike the Knight and all his family and friends. Along with Mike you’ll meet his mother, the Queen; his sister, Evie; and best friends Squirt and Sparkie. This book includes a full-color, pull-out poster that Mike the Knight fans can use to decorate their rooms in their own kingdoms."

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My Thoughts:

When I was recently contacted to review the new Mike the Knight series from Simon & Schuster, I couldn't say "No," as I have two huge fans in my home.  Now you would think a show about a little boy who is a knight-in-training would be just for boys, but if you have seen this show, which airs on Nickelodeon, you will see how girls will fall in love with Mike the Knight and his little Evie.

We stumbled upon this show by chance one day looking for something to watch when the girls were sick.  As soon as Savannah has Mike the Knight, she told me stop flicking through the channels, and sat up to watch the school.  When the episode was over she asked for more.  And, so we began tuning into daily to watch this popular show.  Do your children watch Mike the Knight?  What do you think about the show?  I have to say I also became an instant fan of this cute show about a little boy in training to be a knight, who has a little sister who is practicing her magic skills.  The episodes are short in length, which is great as it keeps even the youngest of toddler's attentions, and the story lines are easy to understand, and usually offer a lesson that you can talk about like teamwork, helping us, and never giving up.

I knew that it would only be a matter of time before children's books would be available for this series, as it is one of the most talked about shows in our local mommy and me meet ups, and even my 6 and 8 yr. old nephew and niece enjoy the show, and watch with my daughters when they are over.  So, last week I received the books described above from the folks of Simon & Schuster, to share with the girls.  If only I had them prior to Easter, as they would have made great Easter basket gifts. :-)  As soon as Savannah saw the books, she began yelling and dancing around the house yelling out "Mike the Knight; Be a Knight, Do it Right, and Huzzah! (what Mike likes to say).  Even Arabella got excited about the books, and couldn't wait to flip through one.

I gathered up the girls, the sippy cups and blankets, and we nestled on the couch to reach each book.  I love how this new Mike the Knight series comes in both hard cover and soft cover books, as well as has board books for even the littlest of fans who like to chew on books or try to rip pages like my daughter, Arabella does. :-)  Not familiar with this animated Nickelodeon series?  No worries, as the Meet Mike! book is a great introduction to the show, introducing you and little ones to all the characters of the show.  My girls loved pointing out the characters and telling me who they were before I was able to read the short text on each page. That just shows how much they love the show are fans of Mike the Knight! :-)

While Savannah loved the Meet Mike! book with stickers, Arabella took to the Mike and the Dragons board book (which she deemed "Mine!").  But, both girls had a blast with the activity/coloring book.  You should see my refrigerator as it is covered in their Mike the Knight coloring pages for all to admire.  Oh yeah, I forget to mention that the Welcome to Mike’s World book includes a nice size color poster of Mike the Knight, which fans of the show will want to have you hang on their wall.  Right now the poster is hanging on Savannah's door, and she greets Mike the Knight every time she enters and leaves her room, and even wishes him a good night at bedtime. :-)

I can't wait to pick up additional books that will be released in the Mike the Knight series from Simon & Schuster, as they are a must have for fans of the show.  They are not only easy to read, but are filled with coloring illustrations that keep fans and little ones engaged through the entire reading/bonding experience. :-)

Oh, and more thing -- I recently learned that Mike the Knight has joined the NCircle Entertainment family, and will have DVD's available soon for purchase.  I know two Mike the Knight fans who will love a collection of DVDs based on this popular Nickelodeon animated series. How about you?


Thanks to the kind folks at Simon & Schuster, one lucky reader will win a Mike the Knight book of their choice, from the books listed above.  To enter this giveaway, please complete the entries on the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck!

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Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.


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