Friday, April 12, 2013

We Have Fallen in Love with the Cute, Lovable Wompkees? Have You? (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

Have you heard about the Wompkees?  I hadn't until I stumbled across their website a couple of weeks ago.  Days before I searched the web for these cute elfin-like creatures, my husband had found clips from their two movies on You Tube and was watching them with the girls.  The girls instantly fell in love with these cute, furry creatures, and wanted more.  Having never heard about them, I asked around to moms in my mom's group.  No one seemed to know what I was talking about.  But, as I described the Wompkees, they all grew intrigued, and ended up going home to check out the clips we had been watching on You Tube.  They, too, fell in love with the Wompkees.


I wasn't expecting to find anything about then online, as I noticed that their first Wompkees movie was released in 2003, titled "A Very Wompkee Christmas" and the second, "The Hidden Treasure of Wompkee Wood" released in 2009.  But, I has surprised and happy to find an official website, where I could not only learn more about these big eared lovable creatures, but also purchase the two DVDs, along with plush toys and a finger puppet.  I dropped the vendor a line sharing how much I loved their animated program, and how I would love to share more with readers.  Within a few days, I had a response back from Con Fullam, co-creator of the Wompkees.  He had just gotten back from the Annual White House Easter Egg hunt, where Twig, Con Fullam and his wife and co-creator, Maura Clark were present.  

 PHOTO: Co-creators Maura Clarke and Con Fullam join Twig, one of the Wompkees, at the White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday. (SHNS photo courtesy Con Fullam)

Con said he would send me the DVDs and plush toys to review, and within a few days, they were on my doorstep.  As soon as I opened the box and took out the plush Wompkees. Boy, are these little elfin-like creatures cute.  The faces alone with melt your heart.  I was happy to see that two plush toys were included, as I didn't know what I would do once the girls saw these plush toys and wanted on.  And, when they got up from their naps, I led them into the living room, where I had "The Hidden Treasure of Wompkee Wood" waiting to play on the DVD player, and the two Wompkee plush toys sitting on the floor pillows, waiting to greet them. Arabella caught site of these plush toys first, and started to run towards them. Savannah followed her, until they had swiped up these green furry creatures into their arms, giving them hugs and kisses. I showed them how the big ears could be velcroed together to cover their faces.  They had a blast with the ears, which on the animated programs flap like butterfly wings, and help the Wompkees fly.  The girls had a blast pretending that the Wompkees were flying, as they ran around the house, flapping their ears. :-) 

Having already seen snippets of the two Wompkees films, they had a basic understanding about this animated program, which centers around the Wompkees, who live in a magical Wompkee World and go on magical, fun adventures.  Each Wompkee has their own personality, making they unique in their right.  Through teamwork and perseverance, the Wompkees work together to tackle problems that arise along the way.  Children learn that through the use of words and caring, you can solve any problem that you may encounter in life.  I love this about the show, as it opens up a line of communication with the girls to talk about what the show was about and what they took away from it.  Even though my oldest is almost 3 years old, she understood the concept of the Wompkees programs, and could talk about what she learned.

I am so happy that we stumbled upon the Wompkees and that I had the chance to review the two full-length movies with the girls.  And, I can't wait to see what is in the works for 2013, as I read this on the Wompkees Facebook page ( "Dear Friends. The Wompkees have been hibernating, but there is a new buzz in Wompkee Wood. We've made some new friends: The folks at Lawless Entertainment, who are going to help us. It's not easy being little sometimes, and now with their help, we're looking to grow again. More to come! Happy New Year!!"  We will definitely be staying tuned, anticipated news of hopefully more movies. :-)

To learn more about the Wompkees, or to order the two DVDs, plush toys and/or finger puppets, visit the official Wompkees website here:


Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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