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#GoingBananas: NEW Glazed Banana KREME Pies From Krispy Kreme (Review)

 #GoingBananas: NEW Glazed Banana KREME Pies From Krispy Kreme
New Krispy Kreme Glazed Banana Kreme™ Pies at participating grocers. Just in time for National Banana Cream Pie Day-March 2. 

"Love banana cream pie? Then you’ll love Krispy Kreme’s sweet and creamy take on this classic homemade treat. Krispy Kreme GlazedBanana KREME Pies are available for a limited time at participating mass merchants, grocery and convenience stores. While supplies last. Not available at Krispy Kreme Doughnut Shops. 

“We are always working to bring new and exciting flavors and treats to fans of our snack products,” explains Mark LaBrecque, Krispy Kreme’s Senior Director - U.S. Marketing Activation. “The Glazed Banana Kreme Pie is the perfect seasonal complement to our popular chocolate, apple and cherry- filled pie assortment.”

Glazed Banana KREME Pie blends fresh banana tastes with smooth KREME filling inside a crust topped with Original Glaze. SRP $1.09.


March 2 is National Banana Cream Pie Day! Follow @KrispyKreme and tweet #BananaKREME throughout the day for a chance to win a sweet treat from Krispy Kreme. Get National Banana Cream Pie Day updates and pics from Krispy Kreme on Facebook.

Krispy Kreme’s signature Original Glazed®, Iced, KREME™ filling, and cake doughnuts, as well as, a variety of honeybuns, mini-crullers, fruit pies, and other snack-sized doughnuts are available at over 10,000 grocery, convenience and mass merchant stores in the United States.  

Look for the NEW Glazed Banana KREME Pie, and the popular Glazed Cherry, Glazed Chocolate and Glazed Apple pies on Krispy Kreme displays at participating grocery stores, convenience stores and mass merchants. Glazed pies are not available for purchase at Krispy Kreme doughnut shops.
For more info, visit"


My Thoughts:

One of my sweets weaknesses has been Krispy Kreme donuts.  Since trying them a few years back down South, I was hooked.  And, then when we moved to CT and saw one at the local casino, I knew I was in trouble. :-)  Even though my husband and I don't go as often to the casino, when we do, we make sure to park in the garage that leads you to the Krispy Kreme store on the way into the casino.  And, like a kid in a candy store, I can't help but look to see if their "hot donuts" sign is lit up 

Either way, the smell of fresh glazed donuts lures us in and we always walk away with a dozen assorted donuts.   :-)  But, like I said, now that we have the girls, we don't have the luxury we used to, to enjoy a night out at the casino.  So, when a craving for Krispy Kreme donuts hits, I head to my local grocery store and pick up an assortment of Krispy Kreme products to enjoy. :-)  

It must have been hard on my husband while I was pregnant with the girls, as I always craved Krispy Kreme, and even had him drive me to the casino late at night on a few occasions, just for donuts, or hit up our local 24-hour supermarket to satisfy my sweet tooth and cravings. :-)

So, when I heard the other day that Saturday, March 2nd, is National Banana Creme Pie Day, I first thought, Mmm, sounds tasty, and then wondered why I didn't know about it earlier.  Then, the news got even sweeter, as I found out that the folks at Krispy Kreme would be offering a limited edition Glazed Banana KREME Pie, in honor of this national observance.  These pies are only available in participating mass merchants, grocery and convenience stores, while supplies last.  Thankfully, I don't have to track down these tasty pies, as I was sent two today to try out.  Mmm, were they good.  Yes, I know that I am on a diet, but I couldn't resist -- it is National Banana Cream Pie Day coming up and all. :-)  The girls even got in on the fun and helped me with the taste test after lunch, as we split one pie.  You should have saw them both licking their fingers to get up every last drop of the banana KREME.  And, just like Mommy, they loved sucking the banana KREME out of the glazed pie, before devouring the crusty pie outside. :-)  I surprised myself in that I didn't sneak and have the second pie sent.  Instead, I saved it to share with my husband, who also loved it!

So, when you are out and about this Saturday, why not take a few minutes to stop in at your favorite  grocery or convenience store and see if they have these limited edition Glazed Banana KREME pies from Krispy Kreme available, and join the masses in celebrating National Banana Cream Pie Day? :-) 

About Krispy Kreme®
Krispy Kreme is an international retailer of premium-quality sweet treats, including its signature Original Glazed® doughnut. Headquartered in Winston-Salem, N.C., the Company has offered the highest-quality doughnuts and great-tasting coffee since it was founded in 1937. Today, Krispy Kreme can be found in more than 730 locations around the world as well as approximately 10,000 grocery, convenience and mass merchant stores in the U.S. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Inc. (NYSE: KKD) is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Visit us at

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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