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Arriving on DVD, Feb. 5th -- The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!: Safari So Good (Review and Giveaway)

"Did you know that The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! Is based off of the Random House Cat in the Hat Learning Library book series?  That’s right.  Each Cat in the Hat episode teaches kids cool science facts, like how whales communicate or why penguins can’t fly.  

Cat in the Hat: Safari So Good 
NCircle's newest DVD, Safari So Good, is based off of the book with the same title.  Explore the jungle and learn about African wildlife when you and your child read together, and then see the book come to life on DVD!  Martin Short is the voice of the Cat, and the DVD is filled with music and funny antics.

Brand-new from The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! comes a jam packed DVD full of adventures to exotic savannas and jungles for some monkeying around!"


More about the new DVD:

"Join the Cat in the Hat on this brand-new safari adventure! Help him find the missing stripes for his hat, swing with silly monkeys and discover how footprints are made!

 Cat in the Hat: Safari So Good         

It's time for safari, so come and explore with the Cat and his friends on adventures galore. We will reach for the treetops and swing through the trees, When we walk like giraffes and swing like monkeys!
 Safari, So Good!: All About African Wildlife (Cat in the Hat's Learning Library Series)

The Cat takes Sally and Nick to Africa--where they learn how animals are either predators or prey, that elephants tend to favor one tusk over the other, how to tell the difference between a white and black rhino (both of which are gray!), and much, much more!"

·         SRP: $12.99  
·         Available at, Wal-Mart, and Barnes & Noble


My Thoughts:

I recently had the opportunity, thanks to the folks at NCircle Entertainment, to review both the new Safari, So Go DVD and book show above with girls.  As you know, they are both huge Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! fans, with Savannah even knowing the whole theme song.  So, you can only imagine how excited they were when I put this upcoming release (available on 2/5) to watch over the weekend. :-)  As they both stood front and center in the middle of the living, they couldn't take their eyes of the screen for the duration of the DVD, which is an hour in length.  Well, they did break from staring to dance around the living room, when their favorite song, "Here We Go, Go, Go, on an Adventure..." came on.  Savannah sang all the words in the song, as she flapped her wings, pretending she was flying along the with the Cat. :-)  

This DVD is made up of 5 fun filled adventures that include the following episodes:

  1. Treetop Tom
  2. Stripy Safari
  3. King of Swing
  4. Elephant Walk
  5. Follow the Prints
Out of the five episodes, Savannah's favorite was "Follow the Prints," in which she learned about different safari animals and their unique footprints.  She kept turning to me and asking "What's that?" in hopes I would tell her whose prints they were. But, I made her wait until the Cat, Nick and Susie found out whose they were. :-)  As for Arabella, she enjoyed the "Elephant Walk" episode, especially when she learned that the elephants use their trunks, just like humans use their hands for things.  Both Arabella and Savannah pretended to have elephant trunks and swung their arms in front of their faces, after Daddy showed them how to pretend.  And, for the majority of today, they walked around the house, showing us their trunks and how they could pick up or move their toys with a swoosh of their long trunks. :-)

As for the storybook with the same time, we read this to the girls last night, as a way to get them excited about watching the DVD today.  Savannah is at the age where she likes learning about new things and adding new words to her vocabulary, so she had a blast having my husband and I point out the different safari animals and tell her their names.  And, when it came time to watch the DVD today, she was able to point of the elephant, monkeys and giraffes to her little sister and tell her what they were.  You should have seen how proud she was of herself for knowing what they were, and for being able to share this new knowledge with her little sister.

So, overall, we had a blast with these two Safari, So Good! items, and will definitely be watching the DVD and reading the book again and again.  If your children love the Cat in the Hat (who doesn't?), then you will want to make a point to pick up this new DVD from NCircle Entertainment, when it becomes available on Tuesday.


 Cat in the Hat: Safari So Good

Want to win a copy of Safari, So Good! on DVD?  The folks at NCircle Entertainment have kindly offered to give one lucky reader a chance to win this new DVD, to share with their family.  To enter, please complete the entries on the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck!

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Disclosure: I was sent samples of the book and DVD from the folks at NCircle Entertainment, in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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