Sunday, December 2, 2012

Holiday Gift Ideas -- -- Serving Up Wine by the Glass (Review)

With so many online wine shops, which ones are the best?  I have been fortunate to try a sampling over the years, and have only found a few that are worth talking about with friends.  And, recently, I had the opportunity to try out Tasting Room, and can now add this to my list.  What is the Tasting Room and how does it differ from others out there?:

" revolutionizing the way people experience wine by offering wine lovers an innovative new way to discover, taste and acquire wine that expands and enriches the wine-drinking experience. Their service lets you discover and consume wine in a variety of exclusive formats delivered directly to your home.

They partners with top wineries to rebottle high-quality wines into smaller formats using a revolutionary transfer technology. Their Wine Samplers let you try wine before you buy the full-size bottles. Wines by the Glass let you enjoy a single serving of world-class wine whenever and wherever you want. And, when you find a great tasting wine, they offer full-size bottles from the world's finest wineries at great prices. Whether it's by the taste, by the glass or by the bottle, lets you enjoy wine your way."

Now I have repeatedly shared here that I am not savvy when it comes to choosing or pairing wines.  Usually I will purchase a bottle based on the label (I know...) or pick one that is in the medium price range of other wines on the shelf at the liquor store.  But, time and again, I choose the wrong one and end up pouring out most of the bottle, as it wasn't worth saving.  I always wished that there was a service or option out there for people like me who love drinking fine wines, but don't have to study up on the wines or struggle at the stores to pick just the right one.  And, with Thanksgiving at my house, I always make a point to have a sampling of wines on hand for guests.  I can't tell you how many times in year's past, that my guests would pass on a bottle of wine, or worse, bring their own.

A few days before Thanksgiving I received a box from to review.  I had stumbled across this site when trying to find just the right wines to pick up for my holiday dinner. I loved the concept of offering wines by the glass to sample and choose the ones that taste the best to my palette.  And, when I opened the box, this was what was inside:

Michael Chiarello ... Napa Wines for Festive Meals 

Neat, huh?  I had chosen to review the Michael Chiarello ... Napa Wines for Festive Meals sampler, which retails for only $39.95.  If I only had known about this site sooner, I would have saved myself a lot of headaches and money. :-)  I enlisted the help of my husband to sample the single serving wines that were included in the box.  He is like me, and not one to ask advice or recommendations about wines.  So, it was an even playing field, as we filled our wine glasses, swirled the wine and then smelled it (we see all the wine savvy folks doing this) :-)  And, then we each took a sip.  We continued this down the line, trying out each bottle that was included in the sampler.  And, when we were through, we compared notes on which ones we liked the best.  I couldn't believe how we agreed on the wines, and how we could actually taste different notes in the wines.  Who knows, maybe we will become wine connoisseurs after all?  Either way, I was able to find a selection of wines for Thanksgiving dinner that everyone enjoyed (for once).  I will definitely be buying more samplers from TastingRoom, especially now that I have been put in charge of bringing wine to my parent's Christmas dinner. :-)

So, if you are looking for a unique gift to give that special someone, or want to sampler a wonderful selection of wines by the glass, why not head on over to the and learn more about their product offering?  Not only is their services affordable, but the wines are noteworthy.


Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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