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Chia\Vie -- Delicious, Low Calorie Chia and Fruit Blend Smoothies (Review)

Ground Chia Seed Beverage

Chia\Vie ( - More than ever before people are realizing the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and staying active. Based on recent functional food and beverage trends, consumers are embracing a “back to basics” mentality that favors simple, healthy foods and beverages.[1] Bare Nutrition is responding to this growing demand for natural ingredients with the company’s line of delicious, low calorie chia and fruit blend smoothies, Chia\Vie® ( The world’s first bottled chia smoothie, Chia\Vie®, is a vegan, gluten-free, and overall healthy beverage alternative for health conscious and active people everywhere. 

chia seed drink

My Thoughts:
I was recently sent a sample of each of the three flavors of Chia\Vie to try, which included Banapple-Berry, Acerola-Pina and Mango=J.  Both my husband and I love making and buying fruit smoothies, and after I heard about this unique beverage, I couldn't wait to try them out and see how they tasted.  Prior to receiving samples in the mail, I researched the Chia\Vie website to learn more about this smoothie and how it differed from others on the market.  This drink contains Chia seeds, which are full of fiber, have 3 times the amount of iron that a serving of spinach does, have 5 times the amount of calcium that is in a serving of whole milk, and is a complete protein thanks to all the essential amino acids it contains.  So, how did this healthy drink taste?  

Out of the 3 smoothie flavors sent, I found the Mango-J to be my favorite.  You could taste most mango and orange juice with each sip. My husband the health nut, however, tried each of the flavors, but couldn't get past the gritty/seedy taste of the chia seeds.  He liked the flavors of the juice combinations, but didn't like earthy undertone and texture the chia seeds lent to the drink.  I, too, at first agreed with him, but after drinking the first bottle, the gritty taste of the chia seeds weren't bad.  

So, who are these smoothies for?  Well, everyone in the family can enjoy them.  Chia/Vie can be used as a refreshing drink, brought along when you go running or hiking, as a meal replacement, or as a treat for a child.  y daughter, Savannah, usually only drinks milk, water and apple juice. We have tried to offer her flavored milks and other juice flavors, but she would take a sip and walk away, or just look at it in her cup and say, "No."  But, after taking the first sip of each of the three samples sent, she asked for more.  My husband and I were both shocked, as we filled her juice cups each time.

Since reviewing these smoothies, we have purchased a variety case which we are almost done drinking.  My husband ran a 5k race this past weekend and brought along one of these smoothies to drink.  Even though he didn't like the chia seeds in the drink, he did say that they felt more energized at the halfway mark, and that we would drink again when it came to running.

Why not give this unique smoothie a try?  I can't wait to hear what you think of it.

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Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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