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We Are Breathing Cleaner Air Thanks to the Fellowes Quiet Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter (AP-300PH) - Review

Fellowes AP-300PH Air Purifier Product Shot

Improve the air quality inside your home or office with the Fellowes AP-300PH Air Purifier. Equipped with a True HEPA filter that safely removes the smallest dust and other particles, it also features PlasmaTrue technology for effectively neutralizing harmful germs, viruses, and bacteria. A carbon filter helps safely remove larger airborne particles and odors while a Sanitizing technology prevents the buildup of bacteria on the filter fabric. With a built-in filter change reminder and quiet operation, the Fellowes AP-300PH lets you enjoy cleaner air in any room up to 300 square feet.

 Safely removes 99.97 percent of airborne pollutants including:
·         Viruses
·         Allergens
·         Germs
·         Pollen
·         Dust Mites
·         Bacteria
·         Mold Spores
·         Odors
·         Cigarette Smoke
·         Chemical Vapors
·         Pet Dander


Fellowes AP-300PH
Air Purifier

At a Glance:
  • ·PlasmaTrue technology instantly neutralizes harmful germs, viruses, and bacteria 
  • True HEPA filter safely removes smallest particles for cleaner air
  •  Carbon filter with Sanitizing technology to prevent bacteria and fungi growth
  •  Ultra quiet operation for unobtrusive home or office use
  • Filter change reminder lights for easy filter changes
  •  Five-year limited warranty

4-Stage Purification System
Did you know that the air inside your home or office may be 2 to 5 times more polluted than the air outdoors? The AP-300PH Air Purifier uses an innovative 4-stage system to safely remove airborne pollutants as small as 0.3 microns from your air. Thanks to True HEPA and carbon filters, Sanitized technology, and PlasmaTrue technology, the AP-300PH is able to remove viruses, allergens, germs, pollen, odors, dander, and much more from your air.
Fellowes AP-300PH Air Purifier Product Shot
Carbon Filter Safely Removes Larger Airborne Particles
The AP-300PH's four-stage purification system lets you get the most out of your air purifier. The purifier's carbon filter removes odors and safely removes larger airborne particles from your room.
The carbon filter is equipped with Sanitized technology, which effectively reduces the development of bacteria, fungi, and dust mites on the carbon filter itself. This is important because, without this technology, microbes can settle on the filter and be re-circulated into the air.
True HEPA Filter Removes the Smallest Particles
Capable of filtering even the smallest microbes, the True HEPA filter is designed to safely remove 99.97 percent of particles as small as 0.3 microns from your home or office, including mold spores, pollen, dust mites, most airborne microbes, allergens, pet dander,viruses, germs, bacteria, and cigarette smoke. Yellow and red lights on the display panel indicate when the filter needs changing, ensuring that you change your True HEPA filter when needed. The filter is also cost effective--with normal usage, your True HEPA filter will last an average of 12 months.
PlasmaTrue Technology Neutralizes Germs and Bacteria
The AP-300PH utilizes PlasmaTrue Technology to instantly neutralize harmful germs, viruses, and bacteria in the air. The energized particles released by this technology purify the filtered air without producing ozone or other harmful pollutants.
Ultra Quiet Operation and Intuitive Display Panel
The purifier's ultra quiet operation makes it suitable for use in any home or office setting. The display panel includes a number of convenient features, such as filter change indicators to let you know when it's time to change your True HEPA and carbon filters and a manual speed adjustment so you can set the fan speed of your choice. The AP-300PH also comes with an air purity sensor that monitors and adjusts the fan speed according to levels of pollutants in the air.
 Fellowes AP-230PH Air Purifier Product Shot
Fellowes Air Purifiers have been certified by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) with three Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) numbers which indicate the volume of filtered air delivered by the air purifiers (measured in ft3/min). There are three CADR ratings - one for smoke, one for pollen and one for dust. The higher the number, the faster the air purifier filters the air.
The AP-300PH Air Purifier is backed by a five-year limited warranty.

What's in the Box

AP-300PH Air Purifier, True HEPA filter, carbon filter, and user manual.

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My Thoughts:

This review opportunity couldn't have come at a better time, as we have been suffering from a nasty head cold these past couple of weeks.  Don't you hate when you get a cold during the summer?  When we get a cold in the summer, it hits us hard.  With each member of the family suffering from year round allergies and asthma, head colds and congestion makes us feel worse and take longer to kick the cold.

On the day I noticed my daughters coming down with a cold -- sneezing, runny noses and a fever, the Fellowes AP-300PH Air Purifier with True HEPA filter arrived at our doorstep. We began purchasing and using air purifiers after doctors suggested that we use them to try and reduce indoor allergens.  After spending a whole fall and winter with head colds, sinus infections and severe asthma attacks, we went as far as remove all the carpet in the house when we lived in our condo.  Then, when we moved into our home a few years back, we made sure we didn't buy a house with wall to wall carpeting.  We thought that without carpet, our allergies and asthma would be better.  But without carpets, we noticed more dust balls and dirt on the hard wood floors. And, working 40-50 hours a week, my husband and I couldn't clean the house until the weekends.  By that time, we would inhale all the household pollutants and chemicals from the cleaners, and would spend the remainder of the weekend laying around due to aggravating our allergies and asthma.

I can't tell you how many air purifiers we have gone through over the years, and how much money we have spent on them.  We thought that the more you pay for an air purifier, the better is works -- but, this was rarely the case.  For two of the recent air purifiers we purchased, they are longer made and we can't buy replacement filters for them.  So, they can't do anything for us, except for taking up space in the basement.

But, with two young children at home, I wanted to make sure I had a air purifier that would do what it was meant to do -- clean and purifier the air.  Because I have been disappointed in the past, I didn't get my hopes up.  Even though I had read about the air purifier and read rave reviews before receiving, I wanted to see firsthand how it worked.  And, with everyone suffering from head colds, it would be put to the test for sure.

In the past when we would get sick, you could smell the stale air in the house.  With everyone coughing, sneezing and sniffling, I wanted to make sure I was removing as much pollutants as possible from the air.  And, with the Fellowes AP-300PH Air Purifier, it did just that.  

Now that we are feeling better, and continue to use this air purifier, I can see an improvement in how everyone's allergies have diminished.  We have two rescue dogs and usually don't allow them upstairs due to everyone's allergy to pet danger.  And, with the recent rain we have had here and not being able to bath the dogs for the week, we began to smell the wet dog smell that comes along with their playing and rolling around outside, not to mention the pollen and other outdoor allergens they bring indoors.  But, when we finally brought them upstairs to bath them, everyone began to sneeze.  So, while we were bathing the dogs, we ran the Fellowes AP-300PH Air Purifier, and under an hour, the air was smelling fresh and clean once again.

We have had the Fellowes AP-300PH Air Purifier for almost a month now, and love it.  I couldn't get over how clean the air smelled (when we could finally smell).  And, I can personally say that I haven't had to reach for my inhaler since we began using the air purifier.  This is amazing, as I would usually have to use it 2-3 times a week.  Now I know how it feels to not have to deal with allergies on a daily basis, as the household substances that would trigger my asthma and allergy symptoms are gone thanks to this air purifier.

Because this machine is lightweight and can be moved easily from room to room, I have been using the Fellowes AP-300PH air purifier in each room on the main level of the house, as well as in the lower level where the dogs are.  This machine will work with rooms up to 300 square feet, so with larger sized rooms, we just run the machine longer, for it to remove all airborne pollutants and get the air clean.   And, its size makes it easy to store in closets or fit in small enclosed spaces. This is great, as we have had other air purifiers which took up half the wall space or couldn't be moved once we set it up due to weight. 

In addition to making the air fresh and making our overall allergy and asthma conditions better, I have to say my favorite thing about this machine is how quiet it is.  I can keep the machine running while the girls nap, and not have to worry about it kicking on and waking them up with a loud muffling fan, like other air purifiers we have used in the past.  When the machine detects pollutants in the air and the fan turns on, it remains quiet, while it goes to work purifying the air.

If you or someone in your home suffers from allergies or asthma, and you haven't found relief with other air purifiers, you should really consider giving this exceptional air purifier from Fellowes a try.  Have pets or smoke, then this machine will make the air quality in the home better for others.  So, what are you waiting for?  Pick up a Fellowes AP-300PH today, and begin experiencing what fresh air should smell like. :-)

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Fellowes AP-300PH has a suggested retail value of $199.99, and can be purchased at Amazon right now for only $119.99, by clicking here:

Disclosure:  I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Fellowes and received a product sample to facilitate my review.

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