Friday, July 27, 2012

Say Goodbye to "Are We There Yet?" with New Apps From Disney (Review)

When the weekends roll around, we make it a point to be outside as much as possible.  With the flukey New England weather, you never know what the weather will be, or how many warm summer days we will have.  So, after breakfast each morning, I package up a cooler and get the diaper bag ready, then we are out the door.  Well, let's just say that within the hour, we are out the door. :-)  If you have young children, then you know how difficult it is to just get up and go.  If we are out the door in a half hour, then I feel we accomplished a great feat.

Now that Savannah is getting older, she rarely naps in the car.  Instead, she is kicking my seat, dropping her toys to have me reach behind the seat and pick up, or just gets frustrated and acts out, waiting for us to get to our destination.  That was until we began loading the iPad with fun apps for her to play with.  For the most part, you don't need Wi-Fi to run many of these apps, so she is able to stay entertained for the duration of the car ride.  On occasion, I will find her sleeping, if we are traveling over two hours. :-)

So, when I heard about the recent release of Disney Classics, Bambi and The Jungle Book, I had to download and add them to the iPad for Savannah (and I) to enjoy.  We already had Peter Pan, which Savannah loves.  She enjoys when the story is read to her, as well as being able to tap on the screen to make the storybook come to life.  And, having recently been introduced to The Jungle Book on video, she fell in love with Mowgli and the music.

As she slept last night, I loaded the iPad with these two Disney Classics, and the recent Minnie's Bows, to surprise Savannah with when she got up in the morning.  Like clockwork, upon rising from bed, she usually heads out in the living room with me, and grabs the iPad from the table.  As I check my morning emails on my computer, she will watch a streaming video or play an app.  You should have saw her eyes light up when she turned the iPad on and saw these new apps to enjoy.  She especially loved The Jungle Book app, and couldn't stop dancing around the room to the Bare Necessities song.

An hour passed and she was content having Bambi and The Jungle Book read to her.  I joined her, and together we enjoyed the interactive games each offered.  We both enjoyed the drums activity and shell shuffle game from The Jungle Book app.  Based upon Savannah's reaction and how she stayed engaged throughout the morning, I know that these apps will come in handy when we head out for day trips this upcoming weekend, and the few remaining weekends this summer.

If you have young children who find it hard to sit still in the backseat during summer car rides, why not download these two or other Disney Classic apps for them to enjoy?  If your little girl loves Minnie Mouse like mine does, then she will get a kick out of Minnie's Bow Maker.  This app lets you enjoy a story or create bows alongside Minnie, which can be added to save photos of your child.  Savannah couldn't stop smiling, as she played with this app, as she just adores Minnie Mouse.  And, when I placed her bow masterpiece of a photo of her, she was in awe.  Disney really knows how to make a child happy, and light up with joy.

---BUY NOW---
The “Bambi: Disney Classics” app is available for $3.99 for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch on the App Store:

"The Jungle Book" app is available for only $3.99 for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch on the App Store 

The Minnie Bow Maker app costs $3.99, and is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices, and can be purchased at the iTunes store.

More About the Bambi: Disney Classics App:

This is the 4th app in the Disney Classics series that joins The Aristocats, The Jungle Book and Peter Pan.  “Bambi: Disney Classics” features include:

  • A rich story:  Bambi learns about the wonder of nature and the power of friendship and family through an immersive digital storytelling experience. 
  • Classic Disney illustrations and charming animation throughout.
  • Professional narration, music, and whimsical sound effects.
  • An interactive Coloring Book, Matching Game, and Musical Activity!

More About The Jungle Book: Disney Classics App:

Follow the classic tale of a boy named Mowgli and his jungle friends as they face the dangerous tiger Shere Khan and the unknown world of the humans.

Features include:
  • Reading modes for all ages: Read to Me or Read By Myself!
  • Coloring Pages and Interactive Puzzles throughout the story!
  • Play a challenging Memory Game or tap a song on the Bongo Drum!
  • Sing along to “The Bare Necessities” with your pal Baloo!
  • Beautiful illustrations, professional narration and sound effects!
A modern twist on the timeless story, The Jungle Book: Disney Classics combines delightful storytelling with unique interactive elements!

More About the Minnie Bow Maker App:

No matter what the occasion, Minnie has a bow for every situation, and now you can become her helper!

Choose the material, color, shape, pattern and type of bow, then watch your bow take shape in Minnie’s Bow-Maker!

Create and customize bows for Minnie and her friends, and place them on your own photo!


· Three all-new stories inspired by the Minnie’s Bow-Toons series!
· Play with lots of possible Bow-Maker customizations!
· Personalize your own photo and share it with your friends!
· Enjoy a 3D Bow-Show featuring your creations!
· Features music and voices from Minnie’s Bow-Toons!

Disclosure:  I was sent codes to download the above apps free of charge from the vendor, in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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