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My Girls Are Building Confidence in the Water Thanks to SwimWays Swim Steps Program (Review)


Remember last month when I told you I was chosen as a Swim Steps Team Member for the SwimWays brand?  Well, I was sent some great products for Arabella and Savannah to use, when swimming this summer.  What I love about SwimWays is that they offer a Swim Steps line, which is set up to help build confidence in young children, while introducing them to the water.  The program is designed for children ages 6 months and up, and is made up of three steps -- (Step 1: Water Introduction, Step 2: Water Exploration and Step 3: Swim Training).

I was sent the following products in SwimWays Step 1 and Step 2 line for Arabella and Savannah to try out.

For Arabella who is 8 months:

Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy -- Step 1

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Help your baby become comfortable and have fun in the water in the SwimWays Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy. The Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy offers the security features of the SwimWays swim aid product line with adorable designs your baby is sure to love. The popular shielded baby swim aid includes an adjustable canopy that provides extra UV protection and easily folds up into a carry and storage bag to travel with you wherever your summer fun may take you! Available in three popular themes: Whale, Flower and Turtle.

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Ages 9-24 mos.

Swim Diaper -- Step 1

The SwimWays® Swim Diaper™ fits snugly over a regular diaper so baby can enjoy the pool without mom and dad worrying about diaper leaks. Available in three colorful styles and two sizes, small or medium. Pair with a matching Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy.
Ages 6-12 mos.

For Savannah, who is 2 years old:

Swim Sweater -- Step 2

Asked for by name, the Swim Sweater™ by SwimWays® helps kids explore and gain confidence in the water. The stable, circular torso design rides high on child's chest for extra stability while allowing them to practice their swim skills such as balancing, kicking and paddling. The toddler swim aid's classic design comes in blue/aqua, purple/pink and lime/orange, and the sleeves provide extra UV protection for hours of summer fun!
Ages 2-4 years.

Swim Vest -- Step 2 


When your little one is ready to splash and paddle the SwimWays® Swim Vest is there. The sturdy foam inserts provide balanced flotation while the adjustable side cords prevent the vest from riding up on your child. The vest is the perfect accessory for kids learning to swim, and provides the safety and stability new swimmers need while allowing them to practice their pre-swimming skills such as balancing, kicking and paddling. Features a front zipper with safety closure for easy on and off. Available in blue/aqua, purple/pink and lime/orange.
Ages 2-4 years.

Even though Savannah had been in a pool last summer, she was only small and didn't stay in long.  So, I was especially looking forward to her and Arabella getting into our pool, as well as the water at the local beaches, in hopes of developing a love of swimming with them.  I remember learning how to swim with my father.  The only thing I had back then was blow up floaties, which really didn't work, or a styrofoam tube to wear (which wouldn't stay around your waist and would push you out of the water or tip you to the side).  So, I learned like most kids, being plopped into the water and having to doggie paddle my way to the side wall of the pool.  How did you learn how to swim?

So, without attending swim classes and using fancy swim gear, I eventually learned how to swim.  But, when I began thinking about introducing my daughters to the water, I wanted to go a more safer and fun route.  This is when I stumbled upon SwimWays and their step swimming program.  Where were they when I was growing up.  If I had their swim floats, I don't think I would have been as reluctant to get into the water as I was.  And, learning how to swim would have been more enjoyable.

Prior to receiving these samples, I had a few swim floaties I had purchased, but ended up throwing out, as they didn't work.  For one, the sun canaopy float I had originally bought for Savannah last year, didn't keep the sun out, nor did it stay upright when I held or pushed on the sides of the float -- not good.  As I took the SwimWays products out of their boxes and read how to inflate them, I was amazed at how well they were made.    Not only were each of the SwimWays products stylish and comfortable for the girls to where, but they actually did what they were supposed to -- help keep them same in the water, and afloat.

I wish I had picked up the samples before traveling recently, as they would have come in handy at my parents pool.  But, we have been using them daily at our house, and love them.  My husband is not a strong swimmer, as he never learned how to swim beyond the doggie paddle.  So, when he gets in the water, he usually stays in the low end.  We have a 4-5 ft. above ground pool, which he can stand up in and feel comfortable. But, just the thought of taking the girls in the water with him, got him nervous.  Because he lacked the confidence one needs to enjoy and be successful at swimming, he didn't want  be in the water with them.  After watching me with each of the girls and their new SwimWays Swim Steps floats and gear on, he wanted to get in and take part in introducing them to the water.

Even though we have only been using the Swim Steps line for a short time, we have definitely seen improvements in Savannah's swimming ability.  And, both Savannah and Arabella are loving the water, thanks in part to their floats and swim gear from SwimWays.  Now, the whole family (including my husband) can enjoy the water on these hot summer days.  Each of the swimming flotation devices are easy to put on and take of the girls.  And, Savannah is loving the stylish colors of her swim vest. :-)

Stay tuned for more reviews on the Swim Steps line, as Savannah and Arabella progress to the next step in this 3-step program.  I can't wait to try out the Sea Squirts Swim Assist Vest with Savannah.  The speed in which she is progressing and getting used the water, she will be in the vest with fin attached in no time. :-)

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Click here to order any of the above SwimWays products for your children.  And, while you are there, why not pick up a float for yourself to enjoy? :-)

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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