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The Dreaded Search for a Bathing Suit Make Easier Thanks to Newport News

Newport News

Fun In The Sun
If you are mom, who recently gave birth, or gave birth even a year or longer, are you dreading choosing a bathing suit this summer?  We will be heading on vacation this Friday for the weekend, to celebrate our daughter's birthday.  On the schedule will be a water park and visit to the local beach.  Everyone is excited, but me.  This means I have to find a new bathing suit that fits and looks good.  Since having my daughters back to back, I am still looking for the time each night to go to the gym or work out at home.  As such, I still have the pouch and extra baby weight.  Don't you hate that?  I don't mind the stretch marks on the belly, as they are a reminder of my daughters and how lucky I am in becoming a mother after undergoing cancer treatment and being told I would never have children.

Just the other day, I took Savannah shopping for last minute birthday party supplies and shopping for her birthday dress.  As I walked past the swimwear aisle, I cringed, as I knew I had to buy a bathing suit for our upcoming trip.  I knew I would need either a one piece or a tankini with a wrap skirt to hide the baby weight.  As I quickly browsed the selection, I was disappointed at they didn't have anything flattering. I would really like to sit down with swimwear designers and see if they are moms.  Most of the bathing suits were made for model-type bodies, or those looking to show off skin.  But, as a new mom, I am looking for as much coverage around the belly and upper thighs. :-)  The few one piece outfits I did find, reminded me of ones I would see older women (I am talking 20-30 yrs.) older than me, wearing on the beach.  Nothing wrong with this, but just not my style.

After picking up my daughter's stuff, I browsed the swimwear section once again, but left empty handed.  With only three days left until we leave, I am still without a bathing suit.  So, has begun my online shopping pursuit to find a flattering bathing suit that will fit and arrive in time.  This has led me to the Newport News website.   I remember my mother used to shop from this catalog when I was younger, and was impressed with how she would be able to buy stylish clothing.  There are so many other catalog stores that offer unflattering clothes.  What drew me to the Newport News website was that they are running a "Fun in the Sun" promotion, where they are offering swimwear that moms like me would actually buy and wear.

I have narrowed down my options to the following:

Control One-Piece Halter Swimsuit with Lattice Detail by Shape fx®Shirred Halter Swim DressOne-Piece Bandeau Control Swimsuit Dress by Shape fx®

What do you think?  Which do you like better?  I am leaning more towards the Control One-piece halter swimsuit with Lattice Detail by Shape fx, as it has a front and back power-mesh lining flattens midriff and tummy, cinches waist and lifts rear.  This swimsuit offers help where I need it most.  I wonder if a mom designed this?  :-)

Well, I will have to think about it and decide fast, as I need to place an order tonight, in order to get it in time.  So, if you have issues finding swimwear and dread taking the kids to the beach or local pool, as you would not want to be caught wearing an unflattering bathing suit, why not give Newport News a shot.  Compared to what I have seen in stores, their selection is more mommy-friendly.  Not only will you have a stylish bathing suit, but most importantly, you will feel comfortable wearing it.  What are you waiting for, click here to check out the "Summer of Fun" promotion and pick a bathing suit today, so that you can enjoy the final weeks of summer with your family.

You can visit the Newport News page here:

Disclosure:  I was compensated for my time in writing up this post.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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