Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Must Have Item for Families on the Go This Summer -- Tripoli Foogo® Vacuum Insulated Leak-Proof Straw Bottle (Review)


Tripoli Foogo® Vacuum Insulated Leak-Proof Straw Bottle

  • Thermos® vacuum insulation technology for maximum temperature retention
  • BPA-free unbreakable stainless steel interior and exterior
  • Push-button lid is leak-proof and hygienic; soft silicone straw is durable and easy to sip
  • Contoured body is easy to grip
  • Foogo® Phases™ interchangeable lid system
  • Sweat-proof, won't leave water rings
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Capacity: 10 oz
  • Dimensions: 2.9'' W x 5.3'' D x 7.5'' H

My Thoughts:

Now that the summer is here, we try to make the most of the weekends with day trips out.  When packing snacks and drinks for the car rides, I have been filling Savannah's sippy cup with ice, to try and keep her drinks cold.  With the heat we have been having lately, I want to make sure she is staying hydrated, while sitting in the past seat, as well as when she is out and about with us, running and playing.  The one problem I have been finding is that with the excessive heat, the ice cubes I add to the sippy cup melt quickly, and usually cause the juice or water I added to the cup to leak out the straw.  So, by the time Savannah goes to take a drink, the sippy cup is half empty.

But, thanks to a revolutionary unique thermos, I am able to skip adding ice to this cup, as the Foogo Leak-Proof Straw Bottle-SS with Tripoli will keep her drink fresh and cold for 10 hours.  Yes, you read that right -- 10 hours.  This vacuum insulated stainless steel thermos also inhibits dangerous bacteria growth.  Recently, when cleaning out her sippy cups and taking apart the straw pieces, I was noticed mold growing around the outside and base of the sippy cup after it had been in the sun or car all day.  Who wants to have their child drink from a moldy cup?  I sure don't.  This alone disgusted me, and made me want to search for a better solution for traveling with liquids, and keeping them cold for a long period of time.  Another feature I am loving about this product is how you can change up the lids for young children. Savannah never took to the spout cups.  She went straight from the bottle to the straw sippy cups.  But, her little sister, Arabella, is already transitioning to the step 1 training cups.  With this Thermos, instead of throwing it out once your child progresses to the next phase, you simply have to buy an interchangeable lid, and you will be good to go.

We will be heading to NH the end of this week for Savannah's birthday, and the Foogo Leak-Proof Straw Bottle-SS with Tripoli will be coming with us for this 3 hour ride there.  When Savannah is not catching a cat nap, she will be able to take sips from her easy to hold thermos, which will contain her cold and refreshing beverage of choice. :-)  My husband keeps begging me to pick him up a few of these, so that he can take along for his marathons and biking.  After seeing how well this thermos has worked for Savannah, I will definitely be buying more for the entire family.  This BPA-free bottle will come in handy when the girls go off to school and I begin packing their school lunches for them.  Gone will be the days of wrapping their plastic thermoses or juice boxes with aluminum foil.  Instead, I just have to chill this bottle and it will be good to go for 10 hours. How is that for convenience and peace of mind?


Click here to order the Foogo Leak-Proof Straw Bottle-SS with Tripoli, as well as other travel cups and mugs from Thermos.

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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