Friday, June 8, 2012

Pretty Little Liars: The Complete Second Season Now Available on DVD -- And, Only a Few Days Left to Enter the "Find the Pretty Little Lies" Contest for Great Prizes

 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 2 DVD Review: A Pretty Good Release

Did you get your copy of Pretty Little Liars: The Complete Second Season  on DVD this past Tuesday?  Luckily, I pre-ordered a copy, so when I went to get the mail, it was waiting for me.  Guess what I am doing this weekend when the girls are asleep?  You guessed it...watching Season 2 all over again, for the drama, lies and twists and turns in the plot, which let up the season final episode where PLL fans finally found out who A really is.  Did you know all along?  When did you first begin to piece the puzzle pieces together to find out who A was?  Every time I thought I knew who A was, the plot took a turn and the characters I thought were A weren't.  I think this is why I love this show so much.  You are taken for a ride each and every episode, and just when you think you know what is going to happen next, bam..things change.  Who would have known that A was Mona all along -- or is she? Even though fans are to assume that Mona is A, who was the person dressed in the red coat that approaches her.  Mona tells her that she has done everything that was asked of it, leading us to believe that the person in the red coat is really A.  Argg, why do shows do this -- pull us in all different directions?  Yes, it will get me to keep watching, but I wish I knew who A was?  All through the series, I kept going back and forth thinking A was Lucas, Jenna or Melissa.  Only once did I suspect Mona.  Now, I am left to question if Mona is really A.  I guess I will have to watch Season 3 and see if A is really revealed.

And, now with Pretty Little Liars return for Season 3 on the ABC Family channel, I am in my glory every week..  Since it began recently, I told my husband he would be on baby duty, as I didn't want to miss the show, or have to watch it on Tivo.  Usually if I record a show, I can never find the time to watch it.  So, I  make a point each week to watch my Pretty Little Liars fix, and am loving it!  What do you think so far of Season 3?  Never seen Pretty Little Liars -- Shame on you :-).  Don't worry, as you can pick up  Pretty Little Liars: Season 2  on DVD, as well as Season 1, to catch you up on what you have missed.  Be warned, this show is addicting, and will have you hooked after the first episode you watch, just like it did with me. 

Want to prove that you are the ultimate Pretty Little Liars fan that you think you are?  Then, head on over to "Find the Pretty Little Lies" and take the challenge (Contest ends on June 12th, so hurry on over now!).  WB is hosting this online promotion for fans, and if you win, not only will you get bragging rights, but you will also win a gorgeous Heather Belle handbag!  

So, what are you waiting for?  Click here to take the PLL challenge today.  All you have to do is guess who said certain lines or find hidden characters within the season for your chance to with the Heather Bell Bag, and other PLL accessories, signed DVD and more.

And, don't forget to order your Pretty Little Liars: Season 2 DVD, which arrived on DVD this past Tuesday, June 5th.  Tune in every Tuesday at 8/7c on ABC Family to catch the new season of Pretty Little Liars.

Disclosure:  I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for Pretty Little Liars.

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