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Pamper Yourself with Yardleys New Yardley Skin Indulgence Bath & Shower Collection (Review)



 Yardley Skin Indulgence Bath & Shower Collection

Iconic beauty brand and cult-favorite, YARDLEY LONDON, announces the launch of new Yardley Skin Indulgence Bath & Shower Collection. This new assortment of Bath & Shower Gels & moisturizing bath bars offer delightful new scents, rich lather and good-for-your-skin ingredients. The new collection launched in the U.S. this past Spring 2012.

Introducing… Yardley Skin Indulgence Moisturizing Bath Bars




Yardley Skin Indulgence Bath Bars offer specific skin conditioning benefits. The Body Butter Mango Cream Cleansing Bar, containing pure mango, avocado and olive butter, moisturizes while you shower for soft, healthy skin year round.  The Scrub & Smooth Sea Minerals Bath Bar exfoliates and smoothes skin as it firms and tones. Both varieties are created with 98% plant-derived ingredients in a natural, pure vegetable base. Yardley Skin Indulgence Bath Bars also feature eco-friendly packaging in the form of recyclable cartons.  

My Thoughts:

I was sent a sample of each of these bars from Yardley, and had a great time trying them out.  In past health and beauty reviews, I have shared that I have extremely sensitive skin.  So, I have to be careful what I use when cleansing my skin.   Depending on how a product is a made, the smallest drop of fragrance can cause me to break out.  Because of this, I usually stick with tried and true products that seem to agree with my skin, and one of these brands has been Yardley's of London.  With a fancy name like this, you would expect their products to cost you an arm and leg -- but, they don't.  They are not only affordable, but are made with natural and pure ingredients.  I am loving their use use the eco-friendly packaging!

Other bar soaps for the bath and face have left my skin with a film or didn't actually clean my skin.  Instead, I was left with dry and irritated skin.  When I first introduced to Yardley's back in college, I instantly switched, as I loved the rich lather it offered, and the scents (which I usually couldn't tolerate with other brands) were amazing.  When I recently heard that Yardley's was introducing a new Skin Indulgence Bath and Shower Collection for spring 2012, I could wait to try each product.  My positive experiences with both bars only reiterates why I love Yardley, and how well it works with my sensitive skin, leaving it feeling healthy and smooth.  Out of the two scents, I have to say I was loving the Body Butter Mango Cream cleansing bar the most.  It was the first bar I reached for in the AM and the last one in PM.  The combination of mango and avocado really went well together and awoke my senses.

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Priced at $2.49 - $2.99 per bar, Yardley’s new moisturizing bath bars are a great value, more affordable than other specialty store/natural bath bar alternatives and are available in drugstores nationwide.
Introducing…Yardley Skin Indulgence Bath & Shower Gels


Yardley Skin Indulgence Bath & Shower Gels were created for women who care about their skin and the environment. In a concentrated formula, with ingredients that are kind to your skin, Yardley’s new Bath & Shower Gels feature a gentle, paraben free, biodegradable formula and are packaged with 50% recycled materials in a convenient built-in pump for less waste.

Available in three delightful scents, Skin Smoothing Sea Minerals delivers the benefits of sea minerals and nourishing plant extracts to moisturize, rejuvenate and gently exfoliate in a refreshing bergamot lime scent, while Skin Soothing Lavender & Rosemary combines lavender and rosemary extract to wash away stress & soothe your mind. The Mango & Lily contains real mango butter, calendula extracts and essential oils to hydrate & soften skin and is scented with a luscious mango floral fragrance.

My Thoughts:

I was sent a bottle of Yardley's Skin Smoothing Sea Minerals bath and shower gel to sample, and like the bar soaps, it left my skin silky smooth, thanks to the gentle exfoliate.  Usually if I switch bath and shower gels, it will take up to a week for my skin to adjust and for me to begin to notice soft and healthy skin after washing.  But, after using this product for the first time, I couldn't believe how moisturized and smooth my skin felt, especially my legs.  I didn't even have to lather body lotion on afterwards, which saved me time in the bathroom.  

After receiving the Sea Minerals bath and shower gel to sample, I ended up going to the local pharmacy, where I usually pick up my bath and body products to buy the Skin Soothing Lavender & Rosemary gel.  I love the smell of lavender, and use it as a way to help relax me at night.  Since welcoming Arabella, I began showering a second time in the evenings, after a full day of spitting up, drool, etc.  Now, I would expect my skin to be dried up from showering twice a day, but not when I use these bath and shower gels.  And, I make a point to wind down the day with new Skin Soothing Lavender & Rosemary gel, which leaves my skin smelling great, and melts away some of the stress from the day, allowing me to fall asleep easier.  Next up to try will be the Mango and Lily bath and shower gel?  I can only imagine how great these two scents will smell like when paired together. :-)


Yardley Skin Indulgence Bath & Shower Gels are sure to make your skin super soft and silky smooth.  Available at the affordable price of just $4.99 per bottle, in drugstores nationwide.

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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