Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Last Minute Easter Basket Gift Ideas -- Tots Art Start from Alex Toys (Review)

  • Toddler's first art kit!
  • 6 works of art that your child can create!
  • Stick, scribble and collage!
  • Contains 2 pre-printed paper frames and 3 first crayons for scribbling, paper giraffe and tree with tons of stickers and 2 crack and peel collage boards with lots of doilies, tissue, fringe and crepe papers.
Suitable for age: 18 month(s)

My Thoughts:

Stand back everyone as you are about to see the next Picasso -- introducing Savannah Rose Ramirez and her one of a kind collages, in which she created and designed herself with the Tots Art Start kit from Alex Toys.  Don't ask me to put a price tag on these museum quality pieces, as they are priceless, and are hanging in our hall wall with pride. :-)

Instead, I wanted to let you know how great this kit is if you have young children, 18 months and older.  I was eager to see what Savannah would do when see saw the art kit, as she has begun coloring in coloring books, and sticking her favorite stickers all around the house.  Because she is too young for scissors, glue and other messy art products, I was having a hard time finding arts and crafts products that were designed for her age range, that was until I heard about Alex Toys' Tots Art Start Kit.  
Savannah completed all of the collages in one sitting, which amazed me, as with any toddler, they usually get distracted or bored after a short time.  But, when I showed her the kit and laid out all the art supplies and paper, I couldn't get her away from the dining room table.  After showing her how some of the collage paper was sticky and would hold the colored paper, doilies, etc., she was good to go and wanted to work on her masterpieces solo.  I loved being able to sit and watch Savannah created these beautiful pieces.  And, when she was done with each piece, the look of pride and accomplishment was priceless.  I wish I had more collage paper and art kits to offer her, as she enjoyed this Tot's Art Start Kit from Alex Toys so much.  With the help of the sticker tree activities, she is learning to add her stickers to her coloring pages and not our walls. :-)  Did I mention the cool tots first crayons that were included in the kit?  Well, if you have toddlers, this is a must have item, as it has helped Savannah grip the crayons with ease.  She continually chooses these crayons over the others I have bought for her.

This is the second time I have reviewed items from the Alex Toys product line, and hopefully will not be the last, as I am continually impressed with the exceptional quality and selection of creative products.  And, when it comes to buying fun products for my children, as well as for family and friends, Alex Toys is my first stop, as I know I will find something for children of all ages to enjoy.

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone. 

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