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Holiday Gift Giving Guide–Video Game Gifts for Kids: Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure (Review)





Have you ever heard about the Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure video game for Wii?  I bet you have it you have young children?  My nephew can’t stop talking about this game,that he hopes Santa will bring for me.  If you are one of the few who doesn’t know about this item, which is one of the must-have items this holiday season, I will share a little information about it with you.


What is Skylanders Spyro's Adventure?:

Skylanders Spyro's Adventure is an Action-Adventure game spin-off from the Spyro series designed for younger players that unlocks a whole new game universe while incorporating a unique gameplay mechanic utilizing more than 30 physical action figures that synch with consoles, creating a controllable in-game representation of that figure. The first release in the Skylander series, Skylanders Spyro's Adventure Starter Pack contains three action figures, an exclusive game peripheral as well as other items. Action figures are compatible with all versions of the game. The game features co-op and competitive multiplayer, mini-games and more.

The Skylanders Story

For generations, the Skylanders -- a diverse group of mythical creatures, each with their own powers, personality and tendencies -- have used their magical powers, weapons and levelable battle skills to protect their homeland, the Skylands. But now, an evil tyrant with the powers of a portal master has frozen and banished them to Earth. Only you, a portal master yourself, can physically put Skylanders on the Portal of Power -- a conduit between this world and theirs -- and bring them back to life in their world where they can battle to save Skylands forever.

Action Figures with Brains

Skylanders are special physical action figures that come to life in-game. Just take a Skylander, place it on the included Portal of Power, which is synched to your game console and a representation of your chosen Skylander will come to life in the video game and do your bidding. There are over 30 Skylanders in total - each with unique abilities and powers (three are included in your starter pack). Skylander action figures remember their in-game experiences and upgrades as they explore the mysterious world of Skylands, battle menacing creatures and collect treasures. Conveniently, it doesn't matter what gaming system your friends have at their house, the Skylanders work on and across all major video game systems. That means that you can take your Skylanders over to your friend's house, drop them on their Portal of Power and your Skylanders will come to life in the game.

Key Game Features
  • Everything Needed to Get Started - The Skylanders Spyro's Adventure Starter Pack contains everything needed to get started including: a game copy for Xbox 360, 3 Skylanders (Trigger Happy, Spyro and Gill Grunt), 'Portal of Power' peripheral, character poster, trading cards, sticker sheet, web codes and batteries).
  • Multiplayer - Put two Skylanders on the Portal of Power and battle with your friend as a team or pick a Battle Arena and go head-to-head against your friend to see who is the best Portal Master. Either way it's a fight to the finish.
  • Battle to Save Skylands - Use your character collection to battle KAOS and his minions. Each of your Skylanders has special abilities and powers. The more you play, the more powerful they become.
  • Adventures, Mini-games and Puzzles - There are different challenges and mini-games waiting throughout Skylands. Jump in a turret to fend off enemies and solve challenging puzzles to find secret areas and earn cool in-game rewards.
  • Play Online - Each Skylander comes with a unique secret code. Show off your collection to your friends and play fun new mini-games.
  • Expand Your Adventure - Pick up an Adventure Pack (sold separately). Each one includes an exclusive Skylander, 1-Location Piece and 2-Magic Items. Place the Location Piece on the Portal of Power to explore exclusive new worlds and embark on new adventures and challenges.


My Thoughts:

I had never seen a game like this on the market before.  But, after trying it out firsthand, I can see why most kids want it, and why it is flying off the toy shelves.  The Starter Kit includes the portal of power and three Skylanders. (Note: You only need 3 to play the game, but by adding more action figures, you increase game play and options).  The portal of power hooks up wirelessly to your game console.  Then, you simply place your action figure on the portal, and it becomes registered and will then remember all your game plays and where you left off. 


You can switch between action figures, as well as have friends bring their action figures over and still retain their stored information.  Gone are the days when a friend would describe a game level they got you, and that you were working towards getting to.  Instead, they simply have to add the action figure to your portal, and viola, you can see where they left instantly. How cool is that?  I definitely see this game becoming a collector’s item, as well as each action figure pack.

In addition to the unique game play concept, the graphics on this game are amazing.  So bold and colorful, your kids will go crazy playing it and raving about how cool it was.The game is easy to set up and in minutes your kids will be engaged and entertained.  I found myself getting into this game, and wanting to buy more action figures to increase game play options.  Don’t be surprised if Santa gets this for you children and by the of the week, you children will be begging you to go to the store and buy more action figures.  This is a cool concept for a game, but may become pricey for parents.  So, beware of the addicting nature of this action figure collecting video game.

---BUY NOW---

The game, rated E10+ by the ESRB, is available online and at most major retailers, in the following game platforms.  In addition you can buy Character Packs at these locations as well.

• $69.99 Starter Pack (X360, PS3, Wii) – Includes 1 copy of the game, 1 Portal of Power, 3 Characters & 3 Trading Cards
• $59.99 Starter Pack (PC, 3DS) – Includes 1 copy of the game, 1 Portal of Power, 3 Characters & 3 Trading Cards
• $19.99 Adventure Pack (All SKUS’s) – Includes 1 character, 1 location piece which includes a new gameplay area, 2 additional magic items which work as power-ups & 4 Trading Cards
• $19.99 Character 3-Pack (All SKUS’s) – Includes 3 Characters & 3 Trading Cards
• $7.99 Character Pack (All SKUS’s) – Includes 1 Character & 1 Trading Card

For more information, be sure to visit the official Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure game website located at

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review. The views above are mine and mine alone.

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