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Looking for a Healthy and Natural Cooking Spray Without the Added Chemicals? Look No Further Than Winona Pure (Review)



Winona Pure natural cooking spray oils use exclusive technology to eliminate chemicals and propellants as well as alcohol, silicone, soy and any other artificial additives. Other cooking sprays use these additives to make the oil spray, but Winona Pure finally offers an all natural alternative.

Inside the Winona Pure can is a bag filled with pure oil, the same high quality and natural taste as bottled oil, and a valve inside. When you press down on the nozzle, air rushes in to squeeze the bag, forcing natural cooking oil into a steady spray. Oil without chemicals can be used in just the amount you need, and applying lighter pressure will even allow you to use the cooking oil in a drip or a stream. Unlike pumps you fill yourself, this cooking spray oil nozzle won’t clog or require soaking and cleaning to maintain.

Winona Pure is the only cooking oil on the market today to use this technology, and it’s the only true choice for healthy and natural cooking!


How the can is filled

How bottles of Winona Pure are filled

Winona Pure is available in variety of flavors, each with unique uses and cooking styles. Try all of our natural and healthy cooking oils:

Winona Pure Sunflower Oil spray – Buy Online
From America’s Heartland, this pure sunflower oil is high in oleic acid and vitamin E, an antioxidant linked to strong immune function and healthy arteries. Also low in saturated fat, this healthy cooking oil can be part of a plan to lower cholesterol.

Winona Pure Olive Oil spray – Buy Online
Known as a versatile Italian classic, this cold press extra virgin olive oil has also been shown to help improve cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease or blood clots in some people. It is also a natural source of Omega-9, Omega-3, and Vitamin E. Pure olive oil has a rich and robust taste is ideally suited for many uses, including spraying over pastas and salads or grilling.

Winona Pure Canola Oil spray – Buy Online
This pure canola oil is high in Omega-3, which has been shown in studies to have a protective effect on arteries and a role in the reduction of heart disease, as well as other benefits. The healthy cooking oil makes an excellent choice for pan frying and is great for high temperatures.

Winona Pure Balsamic & Olive Oil spray – Buy Online
Tangy, tart balsamic vinegar mingles with pure extra virgin olive oil for the classically healthy flavor of your favorite vinaigrette in a spray form. For extra flair, use in place of plain oil over salads and for marinating meats and vegetables.

Butter Flavored Oils

Winona Pure Butter Flavor Oil spray – Buy Online
Spray on the buttery taste you love without the guilt! Lower in saturated fat than spread or stick butter, this naturally flavored oil spray is perfect for adding classic American taste when baking or pan-frying.

Winona Pure Garlic Butter Flavor spray – Buy Online
The flavor of strong and aromatic garlic cloves and creamy butter taste mix in this oil blend for a bold accent with delightful balance. Bake easy homemade garlic bread or use on pasta, meats and vegetables.

Winona Pure Popcorn Butter spray – Buy Online
It’s movie night done right! Pass on saturated fat but keep your popcorn tub full of delicious and natural buttery taste. Spray lightly over hot popcorn for a taste that takes top honors on date night, family night and every night of the week.

Winona Pure Lemon Butter spray – Buy Online
Fresh fish and crab shouldn’t be weighed down by thick and unhealthy stick or spray butter. Keep your seafood sensation light and full of zesty lemon taste with this natural spray. Also try grilling with chicken and vegetables.

My Thoughts:

After reading a press release about Winona Cooking Sprays and the new technology these use no eliminate unnecessary chemicals in the can, I had to try it out for myself.  Who knew that other cooking sprays contained chemicals?  But, thanks to Winona Pure, you will only receive a natural cooking spray without harsh chemicals or additives. 

Thanks to the folks at Winona Pure, I was sent a can of each of their products above to try when cooking and baking.  I especially loved the butter sprays,which I sprayed on popcorn, over vegetables and when grilling chicken.  Each of the flavored butter sprays added a new dimension of flavor to otherwise all-right meals.  I saw a big improvement in my chicken piccata dish with the use of the Winona Pure Lemon Butter Spray.  Instead of dredging the chicken with unnecessary oils and butter to give it a lemon butter flavor, I was able to achieve a more pleasing and healthy flavor with a few sprays of the can.  And, best of all I don’t have to skimp on the olive oil or butter sprays, as they are low in calories, compared to other spray cans and oils on the market.

As for the cooking sprays (canola, sunflower, olive oil and balsamic and olive oil, these all worked great when grilling or frying up meats and vegetables on the stovetop.  I never ran into a problem with foods sticking to the pan because the oil was not made for high temperature cooking.  My husband loved the ease of grilling thanks to these sprays.  And, he also liked not having to run back in to the house to grab additional marinade, butter or seasonings to add to the meats and veggies.  Instead, with one can, he can prepare the grill for grilling, and then follow up with another flavored oil or butter spray to add increased flavor and bite to the dishes.

Now that I know there are exceptional cooking sprays out there by Winona Pure, I will not be going back to the old, unhealthy cooking oils ever again.


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Please check with your local retailer to find out if Winona Pure healthy cooking oils and butter flavored oils are available in your area, or feel free to contact them for help finding a store. They also sell their natural spray oils and butter flavored oils online.

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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  1. I've not used cooking sprays because of the added ingredients to them - I'm so happy to find this product and look forward to trying it!