Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday Gift Giving Guide–Flashcar Friends™ New Wooden Toy from Brainy Baby


Meet the Flashcar Friends

These unique and adorable wooden vehicle characters have very special cargo - flashcards on academic topics like letters, numbers and more! 

Each Flashcar Friends™ vehicle is made of wood, including the flashcards too!
  • Sadie the ABCs School Bus has beautiful, real world images on each of her flashcard inserts that introduce every letter of the alphabet. Whether you roll her around or take her on-the-go, learning the ABCs has never been so fun.
  • Flash the Animals Fire Truck‛s flashcards are filled with cute pictures and interesting facts on lots of different animals that your child will love to discover.
  • Rudy the 123s Recycling Truck has real world images on each of his flashcard inserts that make counting to 20 enjoyable and even has cards to start simple math skills.
These awesome additions to the Brainy Baby® line of products are especially designed to help your child develop a love of learning for a lifetime®. Please CLICK HERE to view the Flashcar Friends in action. 

My Thoughts:

I just love these wooden toys.  Thanks to Brainy Baby, I was able to try out each of the 4 Flashcar Friends toys with my daughter and couldn’t believe what a great teaching tool these toys were.  

Even though Savannah prefers to dump out the cards from each of the trucks and laugh, I know that these toys will be a great teaching tool in a year or so, when she begins to really learn and absorb information like colors, numbers animals, etc.  Each Flashcar Friend is bright and colorful, which attracts a child to want to play with it. And, the sturdy flashcards will withstand rough play, as I have seen by my daughter throwing them around and stepping on them.  I prefer this version of "flashcards" over the paper ones, as this is more interactive and fun.  A child would prefer this method of flashcard use of the older paper version any day.

And, when a child is not practicing their ABC's or 123's, they can push around these cute vehicles.  With the use of gender neutral colors of these 4 vehicles, the Flashcard Friends can be enjoyed by both boys and girls alike.

So, if you are looking for a great teaching tool, that is also a toy, why not check out the Flashcard Friends today, and make learning fun for your child.  The Flashcard Friends have become one of Savannah's favorite toys in the house.  And, each morning we practice her ABC's and 123's, as well as learning to pick up (as she has to put away all 20 cards after she is done dumping them out of the vehicle.  Now, instead of mommy playing the pick up game, the tables are turned and Savannah has to pick up things she has dropped. :-)

---BUY NOW---
For a limited time only, each wooden toy is only $19.99, marked down from $34.99.  Click here to order one or more of these great educational toys today, just in time for Christmas.
Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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