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Holiday Gift Giving Guide–Christopher and Christina Marie Pop-In-Kins: Hide and Seek Family Fun with Santa’s Christmas Elves


A Family Tradition Begins...


Many years ago, a little elf named Christopher Pop-In-Kins asked Santa if he could visit children during the holiday season. This was a very strange request for no elf had ever been to the Children's World before. After much thought, Santa granted the elf's wish and appointed Christopher Pop-In-Kins to be "Santa's very first Children's Elf".

Since, then Christopher Pop-In-Kins has been "popping" into homes around the world to visit children and share in the excitement of the holiday season.

Now in his 26th year, Christopher Pop-In-Kin leads the way as one of the oldest, most loved elves available in stores today.


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My Thoughts:


With 2 young children of my own now, I am always looking for wonderful traditions I can start with them, that will provide lasting memories.  So, when I heard about the Pop-In-Kins Elves, I knew this would make for a great tradition to start and carry out each Christmas. 

There are two Pop-In-Kins available – Christopher Pop-In-Kins, Santa’s first Christmas Elf, and his little sister Christina Marie Pop-In-Kins.  Both Elves come with a storybook, which shares their story about being a Christmas Elf.  I absolutely love the colorful illustrations in each of the storybooks.  They really pull together the stories, and bring them to life.  And, with the accompanying doll, children will love to snuggle up on the couch, while parents share the Elves story, and begin the tradition of having children look for the Elf, which hides in the house once the Christmas tree goes up, and head back home on Christmas Eve to report back to Santa about their visit with the children. and how each child behaved.  The only rule is that children cannot touch the Elves if they come across them.  If they do, then the Elves have to return home to have their magic restored.  The main reason for the Elves visit is to watch over young children, to make sure they are good, little boys and girls, and that they are trying their best to be the best they can be.

Isn’t this a great idea and tradition to start in your home?  I think so.  And, this year after we put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving, I sat down with Savannah and read her both books.  Then, the next day, we spent time in the AM after she got up, searching high and low for Christopher and Christina Marie Pop-In-Kins.  We haven’t found them yet, but know that they are here hiding and watching over Savannah and her sister, so that they can report back to Santa, letting him know prior to his visit on Christmas Eve, if  Savannah or her sister are good or bad, and deserve gifts this holiday season.  Even though Savannah is still too young to really comprehend the true nature of this tradition and the story of the Elves, I know that once she and her little sister get older, it will be even more fun to see them searching high and low for Christopher and Christina Marie Pop-In-Kins, Santa’s Christmas Elves.

So, if you are looking for a fun way to welcome in the holiday season with your little ones, and make sure that they are on their best behavior and making sure to try their best at everything, then you should pick up one of the Pop-In-Kins Elves gift sets.  Then, let the family fun begin with the initial story reading, to the daily hide-and-seek of the Christmas Elf in your home.  Just imagine what fun your children will have year after year, and look forward to putting up the Christmas tree, as they know this is when Christopher or his little sister, Christina Marie, come to visit and stay through the holidays!




Each Pop-In-Kins Book Set includes:

1) Either the Christopher or Christina Marie Pop-In-Kins Elf, with posable arms and legs

2)  An Illustrated, Hardcover Storybook that goes along with each doll and their story about becoming one of Santa’s Christmas Elves.

3) Sturdy Storage Case 

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Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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