Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Gift Giving Guide– The SCRUBLE CUBE, a 3D Word Game the Entire Family Will Love Playing Together (Review)



Do you like Scrabble or word games?  If so, you will love this 3D word game for 1 to 4 players. 


Object of the Game:


In SCRUBLE Cube™, players form words on the cube using letter pegs of
different values. The letter pegs rotate to allow for easier pattern recognition.

In SCRUBLE Cube, words can begin and end anywhere on the cube and
are formed in a single line. Words may be formed around the cube surface using adjacent letters so that more than one cube surface is part of the word formed. The SCRUBLE Cube game contains premium pegs for added word and letter point scoring. Diagonal words are not permitted.

The game ends when one player exceeds a target number of points or a
predetermined number of rounds have been played. A typical SCRUBLE Cube target is 100 points or 10 rounds.


My Thoughts:


My family loves games, especially ones that are not only challenging, but are also educational.  The SCRUBLE CUBE fits this bill on this one, as it is a puzzle game, as well as a great teaching tool for both children and adults to build upon their current vocabulary levels.  I was sent a sample of this game and ended up trying it out with family over the Thanksgiving holiday.  What a blast we all had.  With a variety of ages playing, from 8-66 years old, this cube game was challenging to say the least.  With 96 individual rotating letters, players have to spell words, with a minimum of 3 letters, on a single plane, or over several faces (3D).  Like in Scrabble, each letter had a different point value, and players are awarded points at the end of each round.  The first player to 100 wins (or 10 rounds). 

Overall, we had a great time with this game.  Like in Scrabble, we needed to keep a dictionary near us to confirm words that were created were "real" words.  over the course of the holiday weekend, the SCRUBLE CUBE remained on the playing table the entire time -- minus the few occasions were people grabbed the cube to get in a few individual practice rounds before group play resumed.

If your family loves challenging games, like Scrabble, then you will love the SCRUBLE CUBE.

---BUY NOW---

Head on over to the official SCRUBLE CUBE website to buy a cube today for only $24.95. This would make for a great holiday gift for puzzle and game lovers, or just to have on hand for “Game Night.”

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review. The views above are mine and mine alone.

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