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Holiday Gift Giving Guide– Max Brenner, the King of Chocolate (in my books) and His Holiday Chocolate Offering (Product Review)


Where are my chocoholics at?  You need to read this post, as it contains important information about Max Brenner and his fabulous chocolate product line.  If you are lucky enough to live a location like NYC or Boston, then you have the opportunity to dine in one of Max Brenner’s restaurants.  I have to say, each and every time I dine at a Max Brenner restaurant, it is like I am sampling their foods for the first time, and loving each bite.  I first stumbled across Max Brenner and his product line a few years back when my husband and I went to NYC for the weekend, for the sole purpose of sampling various foods and dining at restaurants that we both had read about or heard about from friends.  A few friends of mine who live in NYC always raved about this restaurant and how they serve to-die-for desserts.  Once I heard the word “Chocolate,” they got my attention, and I was making a mental note to visit Max Brenner when we went to NYC.  So, as soon as we drove over the bridge and entered NYC, our first stop was Max Brenner’s.


As soon as I walked into the restaurant, I was in love with the chocolate décor and product offers.  I thought I had just walked into a scene from Charlie and Chocolate Factory and was waiting for Willy Wonka to walk out. 


But, instead, I was lucky enough to see the man behind this great restaurant and product line – the bald man as he is referred to. 


We had to wait for a table, as other tourists and locals knew about this place and also flocked there to have both dinner and dessert.  A person can get overwhelmed with their menu selection, especially their drinks and desserts.  I felt like I was handed a book to read, instead of a menu.  But, I didn’t complain, as I sat there reading the menu cover to cover a few times, pausing as they described each chocolaty drink and dessert.  Eventually I ordered a frozen hot chocolate and their signature awful mess (which is now a kid’s menu item – and my daughter Savannah’s first taste of the chocolaty good stuff, as we celebrated her 1st b-day at the Boston location).  Once I food came, I couldn’t stop eating – it was so good!!!!!!  Right now writing this post, I am reminiscing about that day and how wonderful the dining experience and food was.  Makes me want to head into Boston tomorrow just for a treat.  But, I can’t, as I went last week to get my chocolate fix, and re-stock up on their hot chocolate mix and “fresh” chocolate.


Well, enough about my dining experience.  The main reason I wanted to share Max Brenner’s with you, is that if you don’t live near a restaurant (where you can shop their gift store), you can order Max Brenner gifts and chocolate online, just in time for the holidays.  Now, if you have never heard of Max Brenner, or read about him in popular print magazines, then you are truly missing out.  The selection of chocolate is out of this world! 


Recently, I was sent samples to review and include my thoughts for my holiday gift giving guide.  When I received the samples, I didn’t wait to take out my Max Brenner mug and make a cup of hot chocolate with his European Chocolat - Milk Chocolate powder.  It is easy to make – scoop 5 heaping teaspoons into a mug and then add just enough hot water to create a thick chocolaty paste, but not too watery.Then, you pour hot milk over this and stir.  Viola, you have a hot, steaming cup of hot chocolate that is to die for.  In addition the milk chocolate powder, you can also buy Hazelnut Nougat powder or iced chocolate powder (to make frozen hot chocolate drinks with)  Don’t forget to check out Max Brenner’s line of ceramic cups to serve your hot/cold drinks in.  I was sent his Kangaroo cup, which has a divot in the top for you to add a piece of chocolate.  So, when the cup is filled with hot liquid, the chocolate begins to melt and drips into your drink – again…heaven!!!!


In addition to the hot chocolate powders, I was also sent a sampling of Max Brenner chocolate treats, which come in fancy tins and gift boxes.  The samples included Chockies and Snowies.  Don’t you just love the names?  I am not going to bore you with an in depth review of these treats, as you know I will just continue to repeat myself and say how tasty they were – only to make you want to pile in the car and drive to your nearest Max Brenner restaurant.  So, I will not be cruel in this respect.  But, yes, they were delicious and only lasted mere minutes in the house before both tins were empty.


I was good, however, as I left the Holiday 2011 Gift Set #1 intact until my husband got home.  I wanted to share these sweets with him, as he, too, is a Max Brenner fan.  Within a half hour of opening the gift box filled with Max Brenner products, we had happy belly’s and were left with a beautiful gift tin to remind us of Max Brenner.

So, as you can see from my review (sorry for the length, but I can’t stop raving about Max Brenner, Chocolate by the Bald Man products), this product line (and restaurant) should be added to your holiday wish list, as well as visited to order treats for your family and friends this holiday season.  Click to visit the Max Brenner website and to learn about and buy products online, as well as find a Max Brenner restaurant near you.  Who knows, you may plan a trip to another state like we did, just for a great dining experience at Max Brenner’s.

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Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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