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Holiday Gift Giving Guide -- Gifts for Kids -- Games from Super Duper Inc. (Review)

I am always looking for great games that can be packed and brought on the go.  That way, when we are at the doctor's office waiting, or at a restaurant, I can pull out a game and entertain my daughter.  So, I was excited to review the following games from Super Duper Inc., which came in metal tins, and were small enough to fit in my diaper bag.

Homonyms for Me 1-2-3 Secret Decoder Fun Deck -- Buy now for only $24.95

After putting the bait on the hook, he tried to ___ his fishing line. Ms. Trotter picked the ___ for the play. He is wearing a soft ___ on his ankle.
Which word fits all three of these sentences? Find out in Homonyms for Me 1-2-3 Secret Decoder Fun Deck!
Use this 180-sentence, 60-card, multiple meanings deck to increase your students’ vocabulary. Each card has three fill-in-the-blank sentences—plus three word choices! Only one word makes sense in all three sentences. Be careful, because some words will fill in two blanks, but not all three. Students can self-check their answers with the Super Duper Secret Decoder!

My Thoughts:

My daughter was too young for this game, so I ended up using it with my nephew.  I had heard that he was having trouble with homonyms in schools, and I thought this would be a fun way to help him grasp the concept, while increasing his vocabulary.  

At first he was reluctant to play, but after I showed him the Super Duper Secret Decoder, he wanted to try it out.  What a  great way to teach children with these multiple choice cards.  And, with the added secret decoder, it makes them want to play more and see if they chose the right word.

I can't wait to use this game with my daughters when they are old enough.  It definitely is a great teaching tool.

120 Pronoun Fill-in Sentence Cards Super Fun Deck -- Buy now for only $24.95.

I or me? We or us? He or him? Which pronoun should you use in this sentence? 120 Pronoun Fill-in Sentence Cards Super Fun Deck has 120 fill-in-the-blank, illustrated, sentence cards to help students learn the proper use of subjective, objective, possessive, and reflexive pronouns. Players read the cards and then choose the pronouns that match the illustrations. As an option, players can use the Pronoun Cue Cards to help them select the correct pronouns.

  • 30 Subjective Cards – I, you, he, she, it, we, you (plural), they
  • 30 Objective Cards – me, you, him, her, it, us, you (plural), them
  • 30 Possessive Cards – my, your, his, her, its, their, our, mine, yours, theirs, ours
  • 30 Reflexive Cards – myself, yourself, himself, herself, itself, ourselves, yourselves, themselves
  • 5 Cue Cards – One of each type plus a combo card
  • Game Ideas and Answer Key

My Thoughts:

Again, I used this game with my nephew, who absolutely loved it.  He got so excited when he chose the write words.  As a parent, I loved the extra game ideas that are offered in the deck, as well as how the deck is broken down into subjective, objective, possessive, and reflexive pronouns.  Not to overwhelm a child, you can break down the deck and teach and play with each type of pronoun. Then, when the child is ready, you can incorporate all the cards.

Overall, these two learning decks from Super Duper Inc. are amazing teaching tools.  I was so impressed at how they made learning about homonyms and pronouns so much fun.  Each deck of cards were colorful and playful, which will keep a child's attention, and the added secret decoder for the homonyms deck is so much fun for kids to use.  I will definitely be buying more learning tools and games from Super Duper Inc. as my girls grow. And, for all my homeschooling friends, I now have a great company to refer them to for teaching aids and games.

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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