Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holiday Gift Giving Guide–Still Treasures, Customized Photography of Still Objects: A Unique Way to Capture and Create Family Keepsakes

I was recently introduced to the work of Brian Marcus, a famous wedding photographer who photographed Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner's wedding, Kelsey Grammar's wedding, as well as that of various NYC socialites. He recently co-founded Still Treasures, a visual arts company that specializes in customizable photography of still objects, along with Sami & Charlotte Cohen.

A still treasure…a still object, but with an important story to tell. Still Treasures brings keepsakes, monumental gifts and the memories they hold to life by filling walls with beauty and hearts with happiness.  Look at how they turned a child’s favorite stuffed animal into a work of art, to be cherished in their bedroom.  Instead of having to give up your favorite stuffed animal as child, why not capture your love for that item in a still photo, which can grow with you?  I think this is a novel idea, and one that I wish was around when I was young, so that my parents could have captured a still image of my favorite stuffed elephant growing up.  
Below are some other samples of work done by the amazing Still Treasures photographers, Brian, Sami and Charlotte.  In addition to prized toys, they also takes photos of other items, like the Hershey Kiss below.  This really shows the depth and skill of their photography work.
"I have been fortunate to be able to work amongst various professional photographers but none have been as special as two girls who yearned to learn more about the art of photography and had the passion and devotion to turn to their hobby into a business," says Brian Marcus, co-innovator and co-creator of Still Treasures. Marcus continues, "For one of our photography lessons, I had asked Sami and Charlotte Cohen, ages 16 and 10, to bring along some of their most prized possessions. I didn't imagine how unique their treasures would be, such as a blanket given to them by their grandmother, their first doll, a set of Old Maid cards and more. Without even noticing it, we had spent the entire day learning different ways and angles to photograph these still items. Upon completion of the final images, Sami and Charlotte couldn't wait to tell me that their friends loved seeing their Still Treasures hanging on their walls and couldn't wait to have them done for themselves. These items have become keepsakes that contain and evoke emotion from a significant time in someone's life."

Still Treasures provides a way in which people can see their treasures come to life. "There is something truly magical about watching a little girl open a box only to find a Still Treasure of her favorite stuff animal. To her, the animal is her greatest treasure, and now she can have a photograph that will forever serve as a reminder of her dearest and warmest childhood memory.  While her animal may not stand up to the test of time, her Still Treasure will."

It is an extremely unique concept and great because it demonstrates that high-end photography shouldn’t be saved just for special events or milestones. So, with the holidays around the corner, why not surprise your loved one with a customized still photo of their prized possession, which they can then adorn their walls with.  The final product makes for a great conversation piece, gift to give your child who recently bought them own place, or a young child transitioning into a “big kid” room.  Click here to visit the Still Treasures website to learn more about services offered, as well as view more photos of still objects that Brian, Sami and Charlotte have taken for clients.

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