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Give the Gift of Fitness and Fun This Holiday Season with the GiBoard -- Perfect for the Whole Family (Review) #GiBoard #balancetraining #balance #fitness #slackline

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Even though we have a family membership to our local YMCA to swim and use the gym, I have found that once the cold temps and winter months set in, going to the gym becomes a struggle, as no one wants to go outside in the cold, especially if it is snowing out.  So, I have to find creative ways to keep my family, especially my two girls active when they just don't want to go to the gym and workout.  And, now that the girls are teens, trying to get them to doing fitness activities in the house is a struggle, as they are not as willing as they were when they were younger.  Unless I am bribing them with gaming time, they are reluctant to get up and move about.  Well, that has all changed recently, thanks to the GiBoard we were recently sent to review.  This truly is a game changer in our house and is the only thing that will have my girls put down their phones or game controls and get moving -- or, should I say balancing.

So, what is the GiBoard, and why is perfect for the whole family?:

"The Giboard is a fun, challenging, and safe balance trainer for everyone! One look and you’ll feel like a kid again and ready to try your hand at this cool new product, arriving just in time for holiday gift-giving. You’ll turn any place into an adventure.

This modern take on a balance board is eye-catching and never boring! Strengthen your posture, fitness, and creativity - all while looking pretty cool doing so. The never-ending freestyle tricks and movements you can do are great for confined spaces, rain or shine.

Made of high-grade, durable maple from sustainable cultivation in America, see why we people everywhere are adding Giboard to our wish list."


When I first introduced my girls to the GiBoard, they really weren't interested in trying it out. Then, I made a game of it, to see who could balance on it the longest. Both of my girls are competitive, so they were up for outdoing everyone in the house. Then, the real fun occured when they tried to stand on the GiBoard for the first time.  My oldest thought it would be a piece of cake, and lasted a couple of seconds.  She was afraid that she would break the board as it didn't look that strong to her. But, I reassured her that the GiBoard was made of high-grade, durable maple from sustainable cultivation in America and that it would hold up to 400 lbs., so she had nothing to worry about.  Then, my youngest gave the GiBoard a go, and she couldn't get on it for the timer to start.  But, she was determined to do it, and after a few more attempts she was up and on the GiBoard and balancing until my husband started to tickle her.  We had so much fun trying out and getting a feel for the GiBoard, which you can use right out of the box -- no need to assemble anything!

After we got the hang of the GiBoard, we tried out the different exercises shown on the FREE GiBoard exercise cards you can sign up and get in email.  

I liked the way the exercise cards were set up with step by step full color photos, so you could see how the different exercise steps are done.  I am a visual person and like to see things in photos, beyond just an explanation of words.  Also, I could so the cards to my girls and they could understand better what I was saying as I was explaining the different exercises that could be done using our new GiBoard.

In addition to using the free exercise cards, my husband practiced his daily yoga routines using the GiBoard and liked how this added a challenge to some of his yoga poses. He said he could really feel this new way of balancing helping to build foot, let and core strength with each daily use of the GiBoard.  My girls really took to the GiBoard and are having fun creating games and challenges and coming up with their own tricks that they challenge everyone in the house to do.  And, because I leave the GiBoard in our living room where their video game consoles are, I have found the girls and even my husband will lay the GiBoard on the floor and balance on it while they are gaming. So, not only are they getting their gaming in, they are also working on strength and balance training, too!

There are so many benefits to balance training, especially for aging adults.  From improving your balance and control to also helping with your mindset as your work to control and stabilize your balance when standing on the GiBoard, this board will help improve your health and also help reduce the risk of injury and falls.

With the holidays fast approaching and cold winter temps setting in for many in the states, now is the time to think about ways to get a little fitness in daily, if you find yourself staying in.  Kids can use the GiBoard while gaming or talking on their phones and adults can add it to their daily exercise routines, or use the free exercise cards to come up with quick workouts to do to start your day, or as a way to unwind after a busy day.  I never expected a balance board to be so much fun and provide so many benefits for the whole family.  This is definitely one of those gifts that will be used daily and never get old. Plus it will grow with you. 

Right now, GiBoard is offering 25% off all their balance boards, as well as FREE SHIPPING, for a limited time.  If you have been searching for the perfect family gift to gift everyone in your house, or are struggling to find a gift for your tweens/teens, or just want a gift that will help with your upcoming annual new year's fitness and weight loss resolutions, then consider picking up a GiBoard today.  It will make fitness and getting fit and staying healthy fun for the whole family.  We loved having balancing contests to see who can stay on the board the longest, as well as coming up with difficult poses to do to challenge everyone in the house.  Even my girls' friends who come over and have tried the GiBoard love it, and now want one of their own.  

So, be ready for everyone in the house and all your kids' friends wanting a turn of the GiBoard once you introduce it in your house.  You can learn more about the GiBoard and browse their different board designs here: Each GiBoard is backed with a 2-year warranty and 30-day returns if you are not satisfied with the product, which I highly doubt.  We love our GiBoard, and I know you and your family will, too! 

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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