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Make Your Holiday Season Bright with the New 2023 Klarborg Elf Releases -- Or, Start a New Collection/Tradition Today with These Whimsical Characters! (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

After decades of filling Scandinavian homes with holiday hygge, Danish design house Klarborg is bringing its whimsical characters to American homes — from mischievous elfs to cozy-loving animals — making your space a happy place. 

I love this time of year, as I love to pull out all our bins of decorations and ornaments and go through them before decorating the house from top to bottom with everything. Last year we had so many new ornaments and decorations that were passed down from my mother from relatives as she has started the process of downsizing as she nears retirement.  My girls wanted everything up in and on display, so we ended up picking up two additional Christmas trees, and the girls each had one in their room. They added their favorite ornaments from the ones that have been in my family for years, as well as filled the tops of their bookcases and end tables with village pieces and knick knacks they found in the boxes and wanted to display and enjoy.  While my husband may think otherwise, I don't think you can have too many holiday decorations.  Am I right?!  While they do take up space in storage in the off season, once everything is up and twinkling and looking festive, it just feels right and the home is so warm and filled with the magic of the holidays.  Even my husband likes how it looks once everything is in its place. :-)

Even though I was gifted a bunch of things from my mom to now cherish and display, I also started a new collection, I can't wait to continue to add to each year, and eventually pass down to my girls once they get their own places and decorate for the holidays.  I was introduced to Klarborg, a women-owned business started in Denmark back in 1986.  Each year, the talented artist, Etly Klarborg, designs and creates new whimsical characters and holiday pieces which she releases through her website:, for fans to collect and add to their collections.  Each of her characters are based on real people, and add to the fun for collectors to find which Klarborg character you most identify with personality wise.  


About Woman-Founded Danish Design Klarborg and Its Designer, Etly Klarborg:

"Woman-founded Danish design brand Klarborg has one main goal — to spread joy, happiness, and hygge through its whimsical cast of characters. From its quirky elfs, each with their own personality traits, to its tiny, lighthearted Nisserikker ornaments, collectors can encapsulate a year, a specific event, an anniversary and so much more. 


Artist Etly Klarborg loved elfs and their significance in Danish folklore long before she started her company in 1986. She grew up with a vibrant imagination and created her first elf at just 4 years old, crafting it from mud while playing outside. The creatures helped connect her with her own mother, a storyteller whose personality shone bright.

It is the childlike quality of the elfs that have endured for all these years. When her oldest son, Martin, was young, he would play in his pajamas, his small belly popping out. So, too, then, did Martin the elf’s midsection. 

Keeping memories alive is what Klarborg is all about — the characters can be used in place of a family member who lives far away and therefore not at the holiday table, or in honor of a loved one who is no longer alive. 

Children can grow alongside their Klarborg elfs, and adults can keep the hygge spirit alive at home (you’re never too old for fun, Etly is the perfect example of staying fantastical even after becoming a parent — or grandparent!)." 


Thanks to Etly Klarborg, I had the opportunity to check out a few of her new 2023 holiday releases. What a great way to be introduced to the Klarborg brand for the first time. As soon as the samples arrived the end of October, I quickly got excited for the holidays ahead and couldn't wait to get my tree and other holiday decorations up, just so that I could add my new Klarborg figures and ornaments to the mix. And, this year, in addition to our countdown advent chocolate calendars, I am excited to be lighting the charming Klarborg advent candle as we snuggle up close on the couch under warm blankets and watch a few holiday movies.  While the candle is almost too cute to burn, my girls are really excited about starting this new tradition thanks to Klarborg of lighting the night and burning down the advent calendar, as we countdown the days until Santa's arrival.

Below are some of the new 2023 Klarborg pieces I was sent to review and enjoy.  Note: as soon as I saw these figures up close, I ended up going on the website and ordering a few of the previous years' ornaments and figures, as they were just too cute. Collectors will understand. :-)

Buy now for only $12.99

"With a lovely Klarborg advent candle, you can spread the festive spirit and enjoy the tradition of counting down the days until Christmas Eve. Bertram advent candle fits all Klarborg advent candleholders."

Height: 9,8"
Burn time: 56 hours.
Material: Fully refined specialist wax


"This year's nisserikker are looking forward to spreading cozy Christmas joy in all homes, where they can celebrate the holiday with all the other elfs in the klarborg elf family."

They both sit in their bags and have a great time."


Buy now for only $23.99

"Introducing Klarborg Baby penguins – Futte & Gumbi...

Futte loves wandering across the cold ice. Together with Gumbi, he fumbles away on his little legs to head off on an adventure. Gumbi is a little lazier, and his steps tend to be heavier. As soon as he finds a small slope, he immediately plops down on his belly and glides down, easily and elegantly. After all, it’s not as tiring as walking."

Height: 1,5"


Buy now for only $62.99

"This year's annual couple sit and enjoy themselves, and Cirkeline reads aloud to Sylvester, who sits with his duvet and snuggles. 

Height: 5,3"

Cirkeline reads so lively and imaginatively and she uses her whole body to tell stories. Sylvester thinks it's wildly exciting, but he also struggles with his heavy eyes, which will probably fall in at the end."


I really liked the playful penguin figures, and have already added them to the Christmas village we have set up in our bay window. Just like shown above, Futti and Gumbi are enjoying frolicking in the snow together, and really bring the village to life.  I plan to leave a snowy scene up after the holidays and through the winter months so that I can enjoy these Klarborg penguin figures a little longer -- just enough, until the new 2024 spring/Easter baby animals release. :-)

If you love elves, then you will definitely love the nisserikker release for 2023.  The two elves are nestled in their sacks and are ready to be hung on your Christmas tree to admire.  We no longer have an elf come to visit and move about leading up to the holidays, as my girls are older now.  But, it is nice to welcome these cute little Klarborg into our homes and add more elves to our collection going forward. I am thinking once I have enough of them, they would look cute displaced on a tabletop tree in one of our bay windows. For now, though, I am enjoying these two little elves and stop each and every time I walk by the tree in the living room.  And, whenever friends and family come to visit, they always surprise me by pointing out these two Klarborg elves and saying just how much they like them, too.  Even though they are a simple ornament, you can feel the love and joy that went into designing them, right down to their little blue mittens and red caps.

The real treat from all the Klarborg samples sent my way to enjoy were the Klarborg Annual Elf Couple 2023 - Cirkeline & Sylvester.  Having never heard of Klarborg or seeing these collectible figures up close, it wasn't until I held the elf couple in my own hands that I could see why so many love and collect pieces from Klarborg, and why their annual releases always sell out.  They are just so darling and will melt your heart.  I ended up putting Cirkeline and Sylvester on our mantle, and looked right at home as I stepped back to admire them.

If the Klarborg Annual Elf Couple 2023 - Cirkeline & Sylvester doesn't get you into the holiday spirit I don't know what will.  The detailing of these two figures is amazing, right down to the creases in the duvet blanket, and the cute little white mice who snuck on Cirkeline's lap to enjoy the holiday story, and one who is snuggled up resting in Sylvester's sack of goodies.  The little fluff of white hair on both of these figures really caught my eye and had my heart melting just looking at them.  They truly are a joy to look at, and will have you wanting to snuggle up with your family and enjoy a good holiday story together as you wait for Santa's arrival.  This 2023 Klarborg Annual Elf Couple is what got me hooked on this brand and has me wanting to collect more and add each new release to my collection as the years go by. And, eventually, once my girls are off on their own and celebrating holidays with their families, I will be able to pass down my Klarborg collection to them, so they can enjoy for many more years.  But, in the meantime I am cherishing my time being able to collect these and forthcoming Klarborg pieces and displaying them each year the holidays roll around.

Looking to start a new holiday tradition? Check out the annual couple elf sets or annual Nisserikker ornaments, and begin your life-long collection of these stunning yet playful sets, ornaments, figures, advent candles and more, released every year as part of the annual Klarborg holiday collection.  You could start with the advent calendar and maybe the elf ornaments, and then go from there.  Once you set your eyes on these whimsical Klarborg characters, your heart will melt and you will want to collect them all.  The Christmas season is now in full swing in our house thanks to these Klarborg goodies.  And, I can't wait for more family and friends to stop by and visit and admire them, too.

You can learn more about Klarborg and see their annual and past releases over at their website -  And, be on the lookout in spring, when Klarborg releases their annual Spring/Easter collection as well, which include playful spring baby animals to collect and display.

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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