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Gift a Basket Full of Wash & Whips Car Care Interior/Exterior Products to the Car Enthusiast In Your Life This Holiday Season (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

It seems like almost every day lately has been rain here in New England.  The temps are up in the 50-60's one day, and then back down to low 30's the next.  While I would rather take the rain over snow and having to shovel, it would be nice to get a nice stretch of sun or at least no rain in the forecast.  My husband has been trying to weeks now to find a day to bring the cars to the car wash to clean the exterior and interior. He wanted to get in a good clean before winter sets in and then we deal with the salt and mucky snow slush getting kicked up on the cars.  Today was a surprise no-rain day, so he took advantage of it by taking the cars up to get washed.  He was not alone in that the lines at the two car wash places in our area were around the building.  So, he just cleaned the interior with their vacuum and then came home to try out the Wash & Whips exterior cleaning products I was sent last month to try out.  He pulled out the house, bucket and car wash mitts, and had the girls join him in the driveway to give our cars a good clean.


While he rinsed and then lathered up the car with the Silverstone car wash shampoo (in forest pine scent), which he said smelled good, and created a lot of foam and lather in the bucket, he had the girls clean the tires, so that once he was done rinsing off the car shampoo, they could tackle the tires with the Wash & Whips Daytona tire coating & shine spray (in lavender scent) we were also sent.

When using the Wash & Whips Daytona tire coating & shine spray, a little goes a long way. You only need 3-5 sprays of the product on each tire, making sure to avoid the brakes. Then, you let it sit for 5-10 minutes, before wiping off any leftover residue.  He ended up doing two layers of this one each tire, and by the time he was done, the tires sparkled and looked brand new, next to the clean and shiny car's body.


In addition to the Silverstone car wash shampoo and Daytona tire coating & shine spray, I was also sent a package of their Pit Stop glass cleaner.  

The envelope contained five tablets, which makes up to 40 bottles of product. All you have to do is add water to a milk jug or container, add water and then pour into a spray bottle. Then, you are ready to clean the exterior and interior glass windows of your car.  If you look for products that cut down on waste and help protect the planet, then you will want to grab this glass cleaner.  I couldn't get over how much cleaner you make with one small tablet.   

You can make 1 whole gallon (think a milk or water jug) or fill 8 16 oz bottles of glass cleaner.  If you want an extra strength cleaner, add a tablet into a 16 oz. reusable bottle.  

We went with the leftover milk jug and this glass cleaner really made the windows shine. I couldn't believe how it finally got off some sap we had on the windshield from our summer travels up north. Our attempts at getting it off at the car wash in early fall didn't work.  But, with a few sprays of this glass cleaner it was finally gone.  This Pit Stop glass cleaner is perfect for cleaning glass, mirrors, screens and lenses, and can be used for the car, as well in the home and the office.  It easily removes dirt and grime, and doesn't leave streaks or spots behind.  I ended up using this cleaner tonight to clean the bathroom mirrors in our bathrooms and couldn't get over how clean it got them. All other glass cleaners I usually use seem to leave a fine film or dull look once done, but this really got the mirrors clean and sparkling.  And, knowing that this product is helping to reduce pollution, I am going to be using this to clean glass in our house with it for now now.

In addition to these three exterior car cleaning products, the folks at Wash & Whips also offers interior cleaning products for your car, too.  So, if you like cleaning your car to make it shine inside and out, then you will love these car care products from Wash & Whips. They are also affordable, and much cheaper in the long run and better for the environment, than heading to the car wash.  My husband loves taking care the cars and seeing them shine, and was impressed at how well the products worked.  They were easy to use, and got the job done, leaving our cars looking like they were just driven off the car lot for the first time.

With the holidays fast approaching, why not consider picking up some Wash & Whips products and create a little car cleaning basket for that car enthusiast in your life.  My husband loves when I gift him car cleaning stuff, as he loves seeing the cars clean and shining.  And, right now, Inspired by Savannah readers can save 20% off their orders over at Wash & Whips when using coupon code "Inspire20" at checkout.  Act fast, as this discount is only valid for a limited time.  Head on over to to browse their selection of car cleaning products today.  Then, get ready to see your car shine like never before, inside and out!


3 Weird Ways a Clean Car Can Save You Money

"It can be tough to keep a car clean. Kids, pets, and our own piles of junk messing up the interior, while weather and birds conspire to ruin the outside.  In today’s busy world it can be easy to skip the regular maintenance to keep a car looking spiffy.  If you find yourself with a consistently messy ride, don’t despair; the motivation you need to keep that car clean might be in your wallet.


Cleanliness is next to aerodynamic-ness

Most of us will wait until the end of a road trip to get the car washed, but you may want to consider scheduling that hot wax job  a bit earlier.  It’s been shown that driving a clean car can improve fuel mileage by as much as 2 MPG –a number that can really add up over time! One episode of the show Mythbusters demonstrated this by caking an old car in mud and testing it on the road, then having the same car detailed – and the results were stunning! Saving even a few miles per gallon can soon cover the cost of having your car detailed, or better yet, clean it yourself and pocket even more!


People can “smell” pictures of your car

As more people turn to the internet to sell their cars, some of the basics of getting the most for your old vehicle are starting to be forgotten.  It may be tempting to skimp on cleaning the car if you’re selling it to people several states away. But some researchers have shown that buyers can pick up on even the tiniest clues about cleanliness when perusing photos online.  A dirty looking cup holder, minor as it seems, can be enough for a prospective buyer to drop their offer by five percent or more.  Used car sales experts recommend spending special attention to the interior.  Use a vinyl or plastic restorer on the dashboard and make sure to treat any spots on the upholstery before taking pictures.


You are paying for the junk in your trunk

A book, a Jacket, a bag of gym equipment, and so on – think of all the stuff shoved into the various nooks and storage spaces after a few years driving a vehicle. In fact, a survey of UK motorists found that over half wouldn’t live in a house as cluttered as their car! More importantly, every extra hundred pounds of junk in your vehicle can reduce fuel efficiency by 1 percent or more.  Taking the time once a week to declutter your car will really add up in the long term. Besides, there is no good reason that your stinky old sneakers need to be road tripping with you every day!"


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Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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