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Things To Do In The Holidays As A Family


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The holidays are a festive and magical time and also a time when families come together and spend more quality time together. Winter is a time of dark evenings, cold weather and spending more time indoors. So it is the perfect time for cosy nights in, coming together over comfort food and spending time together. 

Movie Nights

One of the best things to do is to snuggle up on the sofa under a cosy blanket and watch some films, it could be a movie marathon over the weekend of something you love like Harry Potter or Lord Of The Rings, or it could be a festive Christmas film, there are so many to choose from so you have a good amount of movie nights over the summer. Some of the top Christmas films could be Elf, The Grinch, White Christmas or Christmas Oranges the movie.  

Visit Your Local Church

For a lot of people, Christmas is a religious time of the year, people come together and sometimes churches will do things like fairs and plays as well as carolling and just coming together for prayer. They also will do what they can to help those in need, this could be giving food to the homeless, raising money for a charity or getting presents to children who won’t get much on Christmas day.

Bake Christmas Goodies

Something a lot of people love to do in Winter is cook and bake more. You can do the classics like gingerbread houses, Christmas cookies or mince pies. Then you could also be more experimental and find recipes on places like Pinterest and YouTube. It is a great way to know what is in your food as well as teach the younger generations in the family the recipes so family recipes can be passed down. Children love baking and making things as well so it is also really good for their development. 

Make and send Christmas cards

An act at Christmas is to send Christmas cards to those in our lives, it is to show that we are thinking about them and sending them well wishes for the holiday season. A great way to make this more of a family affair especially if you have younger children is to make the cards and get creative and crafty with them, the kids will enjoy it and grandparents will love the work the kids have put into it. Don’t forget to give cards to those in your community as well like posties and bin men. 

Decorate Your Home

Transforming your home into a winter wonderland is something that you can do as a family. If you go all out you can get the family involved to help, and let the kids decorate the tree as it is something they love doing, even if you will be re-doing it after they go to bed so it is more your standard. You can get them involved with festive window stickers and if you have the budget you can even get them a tree and decorations for their bedroom so they can also feel festive in their rooms. 

Make A Christmas Eve Box

This German tradition seems to have been adopted by many who celebrate Christmas. It is where you create a box, whether a wooden one to reuse each year or simply a cardboard one you decorate and fill with goodies for Christmas Eve. It makes the day before Christmas just as special. You could fill it with matching Christmas pyjamas for all of the family, Christmas craft or colouring packs for the kids, hot chocolates, festive treats and a movie to watch together as a family. 

Drive Around Your Local Area To Look At The Lights

Some people really go all out for Christmas and decorate very extravagantly, a good tradition and free activity is to make some hot chocolates and put them in a travel cup and walk around the neighbourhood so you can see all of the wonderful decorations people have put on the front of their house, it is something that children will enjoy. 

Write A Letter To Santa

If you have kids you need to have this on your to-do list. There are certain places that you can send your letter to for Santa and your child will get a reply. It also gives you a good idea of what they want for Christmas too. You can get some Christmas stickers out, get them to do some drawings on the letter and make it a special activity. 

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