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The Perfect Gift for Anime Fans Who Love to Bake -- "Oishisou!! The Ultimate Anime Dessert Cookbook" - Over 60 Recipes for Anime-Inspired Sweets & Treats! (Review)

 Disclosure: I was sent a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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My youngest daughter was so excited when this cookbook arrived at our door, as she a huge Anime fan, especially Demon Slayer and Studio Ghibi movies.  She grabbed the book and started to go through the index in the back of the book to see which shows and popular Anime movies were included in this dessert cookbook. Her eyes lit up as she read through the list and saw many of the shows and movies she enjoyed included. Then, she started flipping through the pages to look at the desserts, before going back and flagging all the recipes she wanted to make and try.  By the time she was done flagging recipes, she had almost all 60+ recipes flagged.  The fun part came, though, when she started to bake up these delectable treats for us all to enjoy. We have been enjoying banana milk (my personal favorite), melon pan ice cream sando (sandwiches), don-don donuts, and even Japanese-style hotcakes.  Everything she has made so far is so delicious! She is having a blast making all these tasty treats, and learning how to cook up these Japanese treats based on some of her favorite Anime shows and movies.

If you have an Anime fan in your life who loves to bakes, or is always looking to try out different Japanese sweets and treats, then I highly recommend you check out the "Oishisou!! The Ultimate Anime Dessert Cookbook.  It would make for the perfect holiday gift, too!

More about this cookbook:

"The world of anime comes to life in your kitchen with this adorable cookbook featuring over sixty recipes for desserts and treats inspired by the unique culture and motifs of this iconic Japanese art form. 

Recipes include traditional Japanese favorites (such as taiyaki and melon pan), memorable dishes depicted in popular shows (such as Rare Cheesecake from Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card and Hishi Mochi from Shirokuma Cafe), and foods inspired by classic anime tropes and imagery (such as Valentine’s Day Chocolates and Christmas Cake). 

Fans will be delighted to create and savor sweets and pastries featured in their beloved shows, as well as learning about the origins of these iconic confections. Featuring gorgeous food photography, Oishisou!! The Ultimate Anime Dessert Cookbook is the perfect gift for foodies, lovers of Japanese culture, and anime fans everywhere.


 60+ RECIPES: Dozens of recipes for delicious desserts and pastries featured in a wide variety of anime series, all drawn directly from the unique confectionary cultures of Japanese festivals, bakeries, candy shops, cafes, and more!

AUTHENTIC ANIME INSPIRATION: Learn to make the same mouth watering treats enjoyed by fan-favorite characters in some of your favorite Japanese animated shows and films.

FOR BEGINNERS AND BEYOND: Easy-to-follow instructions make it simple for chefs of every skill level to make anime-inspired sweets.

FILLED WITH GORGEOUS PHOTOS: Oishisou!! (pronounced "OH-ee-she-so") means “That looks tasty!” The stunning photos throughout this cookbook celebrate the artistry of these recipes, highlighting unique treats and sweets that look absolutely delicious.

PERFECT GIFT FOR ANIME AND MANGA FANS: Oishisou!! The Ultimate Anime Dessert Cookbook is a fantastic gift for anime and manga enthusiasts, as well as fans of Japanese-inspired pastries and sweets."

About the Author:

Hadley Sui is a Brooklyn-based food stylist, pastry chef, and recipe developer. A gap year spent living with host families and attending high school in Yoshikawa, Japan, resulted in her lifelong love of Japanese culture and prompted her to earn a degree in International Studies from the University of Chicago as well as a certificate from that city’s French Pastry School. Her pastry brand, Hadley Go Lucky, has been featured in pop-ups throughout New York City, and she has also appeared as a guest chef for the Japan Arts Foundation’s Tokyo House Party program. Oishisou!! The Ultimate Anime Dessert Cookbook represents the culmination of Hadley’s favorite pastry recipes inspired by both anime and her own experiences in Japan. Learn more about Hadley at

About the Illustrator:

Monique “Mo” Narboneta Zosa is an LA-based graphic designer and (more recently) illustrator by trade. From selling fan art at anime conventions in 2012 to publishing her first printed “doodles” in DC Comics’ Harley’s Little Black Book in 2017, illustration has been an enduring aspect of her design career. In 2021, Mo helped to elevate the voice of Sakura Kasugano in Insight Edition’s Street Fighter: The Official Street Food Cookbook by sprinkling her emoji-style illustrations and other drawings throughout the book. Oishisou!!: The Ultimate Anime Dessert Cookbook marks Mo’s official debut as an illustrator, giving her the opportunity to combine her love of anime, design, and illustration into one delicious publication. Fun fact: Mo’s favorite anime of all time is Tiger and Bunny! Check out more of her work at:

 Disclosure: I was sent a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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