Friday, November 11, 2022

Spirograph is Back at It...This Time with the Spirograph 3-D, Which Creates Eye-Popping 3-D Designs! -- A Must Have Toy This Holiday Season! (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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Thinking back to when you were a kid, what was one of your all-time favorite gifts that you got for Christmas or the holidays?  For me, it was the Spirograph. I can still remember waking up on Christmas morning back when I was 8 year old, and hoping that Santa got my wish list and had left a Spirograph under the tree for me.  My wish came true, as I opened one of the last gifts under the tree. As soon as I unwrapped my first Spirograph, I forgot that I had other gifts left to unwrap. I quickly ran to get white printer paper and then loaded it into my Spirograph, and gave it a whirl.  I was amazed back then at the awesome designs the Spirograph made, and remember filling our fridge with all my designs.

Flash forward to 2022, and Spirograph is still around, and now offering the Spirograph 3-D for kids of this generation to enjoy.  What is so cool about this new take on the classic Spirograph is that you can draw eye-popping designs and then put on the included 3-D glasses, and see your designs jump off the paper.  Usually when I am sent products for review geared towards my kids, I am eager to share them and get their thoughts. But, when I received the original Spirograph 3-D in the mail to review, I thought about keeping this for myself and reliving my childhood, by creating endless dimensional designs.  This would have been the case, if my oldest hadn't seen me looking at the back of the box with a big smile on my face.  

She was quick to come closer and see what I was holding.  When she saw the Spirograph 3-D box from Playmonster, she was quick to tell me all about it, and how it worked, as if I had never seen or used a Spirograph before.  After seeing it online, she was hoping to try it out firsthand, when she requested for the holidays.  

Together, my daughters and I started to create different designs using the 6 different wheels, rack, bar, and ring included with the Spirograph 3-D set. Then, we put on the 3-D glasses included in the box, and admired our unique artwork which jumped off the page. My girls thought this was the coolest thing, and never imagined they would be able to create such intricate designs like they made with the Spirograph pieces.  We ended up going through the 10 design sheets, adding stickers from the 2 sticker sheets, in an hour's time.  

I shared my love for the Spirograph with my girls, and how this product has been around since 1965.  It has been a popular wish list requests for many years, and now this year kids will be asking for this super cool Spirograph which makes 3-D eye-popping designs to admire with and without the included 3-D glasses.

I am so glad to see childhood toys like the Spirograph continue to delight kids today. It is always fun being able to share my favorite toys of my youth with my girls, and see them get just as excited as I did when I was their age. And, I have to admit, I find myself feeling like a kid on Christmas morning each time the girls pull out the Spirograph 3-D to play with. I can't help stop what I am doing to sit down and create amazing 3-D designs with them. We never make the same design twice, which makes this one of those toys you will never get bored with. :-)

With the holidays fast approaching, why not pick up the new Spirograph 3-D to gift your child?  Then, get ready to spend quality time together creating and enjoying all your unique Spirograph designs and art you make together.

More about the Spirograph 3-D:

"Few toys from our childhood are SO nostalgic that no matter your age they never get old. We know you remember Spirograph, HOURS were spent making the most colorful and intricate designs, and now, Spirograph racing to the future with Spirograph 3-D!

Combining the time-tested creativity with 3D- fun, Spirograph 3-D allows young artists to create amazing art that pops right off the paper! Make endless dimensional designs that will dazzle your eyes! 


Ready to inspire and entertain the next generation, Spirograph will always be there for creative minds everywhere."


Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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