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Give the Gift of a @BlendJet Portable Blender This Holiday Season -- Enjoy Smoothies, Lattes and More on the Go - So Many Designs to Choose From Including the New Disney and Pixar Line #BlendJet

 Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

It always seems like when the holidays roll around and I have my holiday gift guide to roll out, one of my girls gets sick.  Well, that is what we have been dealing with since last weekend when my youngest daughter started to complain of a sore throat.  At first we thought it was allergies as she was sneezing.  But, by the next morning, we knew she was sick.  After taking her to the doctor, they diagnosed her with the flu and double swimmer's ear infections.  Double Whammy!  She is on a handful of meds to help her feel better.  But, with her being under the weather, she lost her desire to eat.  Even with bribing her with her favorite foods and even take out, she still says, "No."  The one thing I can get her to get down and keep down are smoothies.  So, we have been putting our new BlendJet2, the original portable blender to good use during this time.  

We have made smoothies using the JetPacks that were sent with our sample BlendJet 2.  What is so cool about these packets is that they make juice bar quality smoothies and barista-worthy lattes at the touch of a button.  Plus they are small enough to show one or two in your gym bag or purse, along with your BlendJet 2, so you will always be ready to blend up and enjoy a smoothie or latte on the go, without having to rush to a shop and pay $$$ for a mediocre drink to get your fix.. And, I don't know about you, but I have noticed that drink cups at popular coffee shops are getting smaller and thinner, but the price is still increasing.  If you reach for your BlendJet 2 and a JetPack, you will not feel like you are breaking the bank each time you want a delicious smoothie or latte.  The JetPacks cost less than a small drink at these high end shops, but taste so much better!

In addition to the JetPack packets that were sent with our Lisa Frank Rainbow Leopard BlendJet 2, we have also been trying a few of the recipes from the recipe section on the BlendJet website.


Our favorite recipe from BlendJet recipe section so far is the Blackberry Cobbler Smoothie, which you can see made using the BlendJet 2 below in a YouTube video.

See how easy it is to blend up a delicious tasting smoothie at home in no time at all.  And, you can drink the drink in the container you blended it in, or pour in a glass. My daughter likes how she can make her own smoothies and that they taste like and most times better than ones we would buy at a smoothie shop.  She likes the envelopes that you can buy from BlendJet site when she doesn't want to gather up supplies, as you only have to add 10 oz. of milk and the JetPack packet, and then hit the button to blend it up. I am so happy she is staying hydrated while sick, and is loving this personal blender.  

It is giving her something to look forward to when she feels better, as she says she wants to try a new recipe from their website a day. And, she can't wait to bring her BlendJet 2 to the gym to make a smoothie and enjoy after a workout with her dad and sister.  She know all eyes will be on her, and will get people talking about how cool it is that you can have a smoothie on the go without a hassle of prepping ingredients, or needing another cup to pour it into.

BlendJet 2 Features:

  • PORTABLE -- Perfect for jetting around town. Lightweight & durably constructed. Stash it in your bag & drink straight from the jar.
  • POWERFUL -- Big blender performance, compact size. Patented TurboJet® technology powers through anything in 20 seconds flat: ice, frozen fruit, leafy greens & more.
  • USB-RECHARGEABLE -- Lasts for 15+ blends & recharges quickly. Water-resistant USB-C charging port. Reversible cable included.
  • SELF-CLEANING -- Just add water, soap & blend. Rinse & you’re ready to go!
  • BPA-FREE -- Mindfully designed to help you live well.

After seeing how easy it is to use the BlendJet 2, I am planning to pick up a few more, so that everyone in my family will have their own.  Next to it being a portable blender, I like how the BlendJet 2 is self-cleaning, so no need to worry about needing to scrub out or get a bristle brush to deep clean. I showed my daughter the new Disney and Pixar BlendJet 2 line, and she is loving the Woody and Olaf ones.  Which one do you like?  I like the Toy Story alien crane game one.

If you aren't a Disney and Pixar fan, but want a BlendJet 2 of your own, you will be happy to see all the different colors and designs available, perfect for both men, women and kids.  I chose the Lisa Frank one as I am an 80's kid and was reminded about my trapper keeper covered in Lisa Frank stickers.  When I saw the Lisa Frank Rainbow Leopard BlendJet 2 I knew that was the one for me...that was until my youngest daughter got sick and now claims this as her own.  

Maybe I will get one of the other two Lisa Frank designs available -- a tie dye one or a rainbow fade -- they both give off 80's love!

With the holidays fast approaching, and then people gearing up for the new year and thinking about resolutions they hope to keep, the BlendJet 2 would be the perfect gift.  It will help keep you hydrated at home, on the go, at the gym, on a hike, etc. Wherever you go, the BlendJet 2 can go with you.  How is that for convenience?!  And, the best part about this hold in your personal blender is that you can blend up practically anything.  

You can blend up fresh vegetables and fruit into a smoothie or frappe, or even make your own salad dressings. The possibilities are endless. And, when you browse the recipes shared on the BlendJet website, you will be inspired to come up with your own creative ways to use your BlendJet 2.  For right now, we are using our BlendJet2 to make refreshing smoothies and cold drinks for my daughter to enjoy and help soothe her sore throat while she gets over the flu.  But, I know when she is back to her old self that she will be coming up with some signature drinks that she will be serving up for all to enjoy.

To learn more about the BlendJet 2, and browse their difference colors and designs available, head on over to  These are also the perfect size for a fun stocking stuffer, too! Right now you can score a deal with your BlendJet 2 with some crazy Black Friday Deals happening over at

Act fast as these Black Friday Deals end 11/30th

Just be sure you pick yourself up one if you buy some for your family, as once they make their first BlendJet drink, they will not want to share their BlendJet 2 with you -- I learned that the hard way, and am not waiting for my husband and daughter to decide on a design/color choice for themselves, so I can place an order for three more. I want to get my order in before the craziness of the holiday shopping season sets in, as I know this will be one of those must have gifts, that will be used over and over again, and not be a novelty gift collecting dust.

 Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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