Thursday, November 10, 2022

Family Game Night Just Got Better -- Spoof and Don't Go Boom Were Both Instant Hits in Our House, and Will Be in Yours, Too! (Review)

 Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Last weekend we had a blast playing a few new games that were recently sent my way for review, as part of our weekly family game night.  Two games that were instant hits with my family were Spoof and Don't Go Boom.  They were both quick to learn, and ended up being played a few times each, as we couldn't get enough of them.

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Spoof is a fun game where you have to fool your friends with trivia questions in hopes they choose the wrong answer, and then you are able to choose the right one.  You score points for fooling others into choosing your answer, and score points for choosing the correct one.  We had so much fun trying to read each others faces, trying to figure out who was bluffing.  After awhile though it was hard, as everyone was coming up really good explanations on why their answer to a trivia question was right, even though it wasn't.  Average game time is 30-45 minutes, and this game is made to be played with 4-8 players.  After playing it last weekend, I can say that this is definitely going to be pulled out and played when family and friends come for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, and then stay for desserts and games.  

About this Game:
  • Family Board Games for Kids and Adults: Spoof is the hilarious bluffing board game that will have you talking and laughing all night. Provides the best party games for adults and family.
  • Easy to Learn: Learn how to play Spoof in just 5 min. Ages 10 plus but younger players may play by teaming up with an adult.

  • Best Games for Groups: For 4-8 Players. Playtime is 30 min.
  • Great for Kids and Adults Alike: Perfect for group games, holidays parties, vacations, & more. Spoof is great for any gathering of friends and family.

  • Be Creative & Fool Your Friends: "Spoof" your friends by making up clever, fake answers to fun trivia such as "_______ is the national bird of Japan." "_______ is illegal to have on your porch in Arizona." Be careful with the correct answers!

  • Makes a Great Gift: Spoof is the perfect birthday gift for boys, girls, parents, adults, friends, teens, grandparents, or family as well as any game enthusiast in your life.


In addition to the Spoof game, we also played Don't Go Boom, an explosively good time card game.  Perfect for ages 7+, this game is played with 2- players, and lasts about 25 minutes. 

This is not only fun and addicting to play, but it also helps kids practice their math and counting skills.  As a homeschool mom I love it when is stumble upon games that are not just for family game nights, but can also be used with our homeschooling to make it more fun.  We usually do a Fun Day Friday once a month where we play games or go on a field trip.  This is definitely one game I will be pulling out and playing with the girls, as it really helps with mental math and adding up points in their heads.  Plus, this game really brings out the competitiveness in our family, and my girls always have their thinking caps on when they are playing, in hopes to be the one who scores the lowest possible score.  Yes, you read that right...the object of this game is to get the lowest possible score, and not the highest.  It is easy to learn and great for kids and adult play.  And, it is small enough that it can fit into a Christmas stocking -- hint, hint!!!

About this Game:

  • Your Mission? Don’t Go Boom! Get the lowest score in 3 rounds by totaling up the numbers on each player's minefield cards. Watch out for Big Bad Bomb cards, they’re worth 15 points each. Explosively fun card games by Inspiration Play. Inspired by the parlor card game, Golf.
  • Have a BLAST - Other kids games on the market move slowly and can’t keep attention. The Don’t Go Boom card games for kids keep you and your kids guessing down to the last card. Approx. 25 mins. (2 - 6 players)

  • Easy To Learn & Play Anywhere - Don’t Go Boom is easy to learn and is perfect for kids ages 7 and up. Action cards help players strategize the best moves and create a fun, engaging vacation, travel, car, recess, or classroom card game your family will love!

  • Explosive & Calculated Fun - Family card games are where it's at! Improve your kids counting and math skills while having fun and ditching virtual play. Our travel games for kids help teach your child social skills, math, and the art of kicking some serious butt.

  • Memorable Gifts Kids Love - Your kids will be mesmerized by our unique and exciting children's games. Looking for kid stocking stuffer ideas? Teen boy stocking stuffer ideas? Card game stocking stuffers? Kids gifts for Christmas or a birthday? Look no further! Don't Go Boom is the perfect gift for Christmas, birthday gifts, and more. Contains 104 cards & instructions. Have an explosively good time!

Right now, if you buy the Spoof game off of Amazon (be sure to also clip the 10% coupon) and add Don't Go Boom to your cart, by adding the coupon code FREEBOOM3 at checkout, you will score this Don't Go Boom game for FREE.  Act fast as this offer will not be around for long.  Both of these games would make a great addition to your family's game collection, and will be played time and time again.  We are looking forward to this upcoming Saturday night family game night, as we will be playing both of these games again, as we couldn't get enough of them last weekend.

 Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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